SHOT Show 2024 – Day 1: Highlights from the first day of the largest gun fair in Las Vegas

This year 2024 the SHOT Show is taking place from January 23 to 26. As usual, the show was preceded by the Industry Day at the Range, which has already reported on. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is once again sponsoring the trade fair this year. In 2024, over 2,500 exhibitors will present their products on around 74,000 square metres of exhibition space at Venetion Expo and the Caesar Forum. This area was visited by 52,000 trade visitors last year, including around 2,000 journalists.

The SHOT Show has a long history. This year marks its the 46th edition. The first edition took place in 1979 in St. Louis, Missouri. Unknown to many, the SHOT Show has not always been held in Las Vegas, with the gambling town in the Nevada desert being the most common venue to date. The city will be pleased to know that the SHOT Show contributes over $88 million in non-gambling revenue to the local economy.

SHOT Show 2024: Hera H6 bolt-action rifle with side magazine

The new Hera H6 bolt-action rifle is characterized by the magazine mounted on the left side. This allows the rifle stock to be supported more easily and handling is also simpler.
SHOT Show 2024: the Hera H6 bolt-action rifle is available in black, olive or sand colour, currently in .223 Rem. and .300 BLK

German firearms and accessories manufacturer Hera inotroduces the new Hera H6 bolt-action rifle for the first time at the SHOT Show. The unusual rifle fearures a one-piece steel receiver, a laser-welded bolt handle, a trigger developed by Recknagel, and the magazine is inserted from the left. 

This makes the rifle easier to handle, for example when firing supported or in PRS competitions. Available in three colour variants, with a folding stock and initially in .223 Remington (18-inch barrel) and .300 BLK (13-inch barrel) calibers. You can find a detailed presentation of the gun, which costs just over €1,400, here.

SHOT Show 2024: Keltec R50 Defender in 5.7x28mm

Chambered for the 5.7x28mm cartridge, the Keltec Defender is an extremely compact semi-automatic gun with a large capacity: as many as 50 rounds.  

The 5.7x28 cartridge that originated with the FN P90 submachine gun has never been widely used because of the high cost of the very few firearms capable of firing it. In recent years, however, there has been a resurgence of interest in this small but powerful cartridge, particularly in the U.S. Today, pistols and carbines chambered for the 5.7x28mm are much more numerous, so much so that companies such as Hornady have developed specific shooting and defense loadings. Admittedly designed for personal and area defense, the Keltec 50 Defender is a semi-automatic gun featuring a magazine with a reassuring capacity of 50 cartridges. Equipped with a side-folding stock, this small carbine (or large pistol) fires in semi-automatic mode only and is fed from an FN P90-style magazine placed parallel to the 244-millimeter-long barrel. The overall length of the Defender 50 with extended stock is 640 mm, which is reduced to 416 mm by folding the stock to the left side. The charging handle is T-shaped in AR15 style, thus ambidextrous. On the top of the action we find a long Picatinny slide for optics mounting, while a short section on the dust cover allows the attachment of a flashlight or other accessories. The weight of the Keltec Defender is 1.95 kilograms. Retail price in the U.S. is expected to be around $700. 

SHOT Show 2024: "The new era of tactical riflescopes" – World premiere of the Kahles K328i

Premiere at the SHOT Show 2024: the Kahles K328i tactical riflescope, which is also available in a sporty version as the K328i DLR.

The latest generation of tactical riflescopes from Kahles, the K328i, is designed to offer a new experience in the upper-class riflescope segment. The model is characterised by a 40 percent wider field of view and an 8x zoom, which is intended to ensure consistent and outstanding image quality over the entire adjustment range. It also features an eyebox that sets new standards in terms of comfort, according to Kahles.

The second model in this series, the K328i DLR, differs from the K328i mainly in its special DLR elevation turret, which comes with 100 clicks per rotation and features easy-to-read turret lettering. This riflescope was specifically designed for dynamic long-range competitions where speed is essetial. The K328i DLR is available with the new SKMR+ and SKMR4+ reticles, which have been specially developed and optimised for the requirements of sport shooting. The SKMR4 reticle, already familiar from other models, has been adapted to the wider field of view of the K328i. In addition, the new SKMR+ has been precision-adapted for dynamic shooting sports such as PRS and DLR in collaboration with its inventor, Shannon Kay. The established and illuminated AMR and MSR2/Ki reticles in the first focal plane are also available for the K328i.

SHOT Show 2024: Optics, thermal and night vision technology

Pulsar: 4 new models in the Telos thermal imaging monocular line, and Thermion 2 LRF XL50 HD thermal imaging riflescope. European manufacturer Pulsar introduces four new thermal imaging monoculars in the Telos line: the Telos XQ35 and LRF XQ35, and the Telos XG50 and LRF XG50; essentially, two models, but each with the option of a Laser rangefinder module built in. Also showcased, the HD 1024x768 sensor equipped Thermion 2 LRF XL50 thermal imaging hunting riflescope.

Pulsar Telos thermal imaging monocular line expansion

The Pulsar Telos thermal imager now comes in six different variants. The warranty now covers five years instead of two.

The Telos is the flagship thermal imaging monocular from Pulsar, featuring sleek lines, great ergonomics, an elegant appearance, and a modular construction which allows upgradeability; it is now available in three basic models, each optionally available with a LRF module, so the Telos line now includes six models. The Telos XP50 (and the XP50 LRF) is already on the market, with a top-of-the-line 640x480, 17μm, <18mK NETD sensor and 50-mm lens; the new monoculars are the Telos XG50 (and the XG50 LRF), with a 640x480, 12μm <40mK NETD sensor and 50-mm lens – this model, due to the smaller pixel pitch and sensor to objective lens diameter ratio has a higher native magnification of 3.5x (digital zoom of 14x) and increased detection range of 2300m; and lastly, the Telos XQ35 (and the XQ35 LRF), with a budget but still very capable 384x288 17μm, <25mK NETD sensor and 35-mm lens. Prices start at a very affordable 1,890 euro for the Telos XQ35 all the way to 3690 Euro for the Telos LRF XP50. All will be immediately available.

Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XL50 HD thermal imaging riflescope

SHOT SHow 2024: The Pulsar Termion 2 LRF XL 50 HD thermal imaging scope. The "flagship" of the series with integrated laser range finder

Showcased at the Pulsar booth, the Thermion 2 LRF XL50 HD with flagship hunting riflescope featuring top of the line HD 1024х768 resolution 12μm <35mK NETD sensor and a laser range finder built in the objective bell. This riflescope is the pinnacle of performance in many specs including resolution and sports a premium set of advanced functions and features making it one of the most coveted hunting opto electronic riflescopes on the market. It’s already available at a suggested retail price of 6,590 euro.

SHOT Show 2024: Smith & Wesson Model 1854 in .44 Magnum – The manufacturer's first lever-action rifle

The new Model 1854 is proudly presented at the Smith & Wesson booth. The limited special edition with walnut stock can be seen in the background.
The Smith & Wesson Model 1854 comes in .44 Magnum calibre. Among other features, it has a polymer stock and an oversized underlever.

At the SHOT Show 2024, U.S. manufacturer Smith & Wesson presented its first lever-action rifle. It goes by the name of Model 1854 and comes in .44 Magnum caliber. According to the manufacturer, the outstanding feature of the lever-action rifle is its particularly smooth action. An oversized lever has also been fitted to the rifle to ensure a pleasant cycling. The standard model comes with a polymer stock with front M-LOK interfaces at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions. The rifle also features a pre-mounted Picatinny rail and XS ghost-ring rear sight and bead front sight. The capacity of the tubular magazine is 9 cartridges. In addition to the standard model, a special edition  with walnut stock limited to 1,854 pieces is also available. Here you can find our detailed article on the new S&W Model 1854. It is not yet known whether and which models will be available in Europe.

SHOT Show 2024: Benelli A.I. – Advanced Impact Technology for Ethos Performance Shop shotguns

With A.I. technology: the Benelli Performance Shop Ethos Supersport AI semi-automatic shotgun.

Italian manufacturer Benelli will be presenting the semi-automatic shotguns from the Ethos Performance Shop series with A.I. technology at the SHOT Show 2024, thereby expanding its range of guns with this technology. But what does A.I. mean at Benelli? It stands for Advanced Impact and represents a patented system consisting of shotgun barrel and choke. For this purpose, the internal profile of the shotgun barrels was completely redesigned and the inner diameter increased to between 19.6 and 19.8 millimetres. The corresponding chokes have also been completely redesigned. They are available as internal 10-cm and extended 10+2 cm versions. These changes are intended to ensure that shot fired from guns equipped with the A.I. system is always faster than shot fired from conventional barrel-choke combinations. This also leads to a longer range and greater penetration of the shot. This should also be a major advantage when using steel shot: the difference between steel shot from an A.I. gun and lead shot from a standard gun should be significantly reduced. Whether and when the Performance Shop Ethos A.I. models will also be available in Europe is not yet known to the editorial team.

SHOT Show 2024: the Benelli Lupo HPR in action – the only bolt-action rifle with a recoil absorption system integrated in the stock.

Also brand new, the Benelli Lupo HPR (High Precision Rifle) is a hybrid bolt-action rifle that can be used for long-range shooting and hunting up to 500 meters (and more). The stock is equipped with an easily adjustable comb and adjustable LOP: the distance between trigger and butt plate can be varied between 350 and 385 millimeters. Adaptability is one of the most outstanding features of this rifle, which offers no less than 672 possible combinations. The Lupo HPR is the only bolt-action rifle equipped with a recoil absorption system integrated in the stock that intervenes progressively depending on the ammunition used, ensuring the best control and maximum comfort of the shooter. The pistol grip is interchangeable and the rifle comes with both a hunting grip and a professional shooting grip. The forend with M-LOK slots allows the use of a wide range of accessories from the aftermarket. Quick-detach attachments for sling are on the buttstock and forend. The trigger is adjustable and has a pull weight of 0.92 to 2 kilograms. The Benelli Lupo HPR has an integrated Picatinny rail with 30 MOA inclination, which compensates for ground curvature and widens the field of view of the optics, for maximum accuracy even at very long ranges.

The metal parts (bolt handle, upper receiver, bolt lock lever, barrel and muzzle brake) are coated with the specially developed Benelli B.E.S.T. coating, which is particularly weather-resistant. The Lupo HPR is initially available in .308 Winchester and 6.5 mm Creedmoor calibers and has a 61-cm long fluted barrel with a 22-mm diameter. The uniquely designed muzzle brake stabilizes the rifle at the time of firing by evenly dissipating the exhaust gases. The specified accuracy is 0.75 MOA at 100 meters. The Benelli Lupo HPR bolt-action rifle is fed from a 5-round double-stack magazine; 10-round magazines are also available as an option. The list price of the Benelli Lupo HPR in the USA is 2,949 US dollars.

SHOT Show 2024: Browning X-Bolt 2 bolt-action rifle series and the new Browning A5 Hunter semi-auto shotgun in 20 gauge

The Browning X-Bolt 2 Speed is just one of the models in this series that was presented at the SHOT Show 2024.

Browning presented new products by the dozen – the new X-Bolt 2 bolt-action series, for example, which offers an "even smoother" action and the DLX trigger, as well as a greater choice of barrels (e.g. carbon-wrapped or with Cerakote coating). The new Vari-Tech synthetic stocks can be customised by the user, for example by changing the pistol grip. Of course, various colours and coatings can also be ordered. 

The 20-ga version of the A5 Hunter semi-automatic shotgun that was presented at the SHOT Show 2024.

The 20-ga version of the A5 Hunter semi-automatic shotgun, which was the subject of much speculation in advance, is brand new too: small-format receiver that makes for a slim, lightweight shotgun. The new A5 Hunter in 20 gauge has only the name in common with the Browning classic A5. According to the manufacturer, it is "the most reliable, fastest cycling, best performing and softest shooting recoil-operated autoloader on the planet," which is also reflected in a 100,000-shot or 5-year guarantee. The recoil-operated Kinematic Drive System utilises kinetic energy to load a variety of factory cartridge types in all weather conditions. Other innovations include the Invector-DS choke tube system and Inflex II recoil pad. You can see the 20-gauge Browning A5 "in action" here on YouTube. Further information is available on Browning's US website.

SHOT Show 2024: F.A.I.R Carrera One, the sporty over-and-under shotgun with modern technology

State-of-the-art technology in a classic design: the F.A.I.R. Carrera One Sporting, a 12-gauge over-and-under shotgun, presented here at the SHOT Show 2024 by Rebecca Rizzini, the "junior boss" of F.A.I.R.

With an essential but sleek design, the F.A.I.R. Carrera One Sporting over-and-under features a receiver machined from solid steel billet and black polished bluing, where the model name is inlaid in gold. The barrels are 76 centimeters long, with the X Cone system featuring lengthened, smooth forcing cones to improve velocity and effectiveness on the target to the shot pattern while reducing felt recoil on the shooter's shoulder. The barrel bore is chrome-lined to prevent residue buildup over time and ensure greater durability  and performance.

The barrels come with a set of 5 interchangeable Technichoke Sporting chokes that can also be used with steel shot. The trigger is single selective – useful in the sporting disciplines. The center rib is ventilated as is the 11-millimeter-wide anti-glare top rib that ends with a red optic fiber sight. Shell ejectors are automatic and selective. The Carrera One's stock is selected European walnut wood and oil-finished, and the XR-Stock has adjustable comb and rubber recoil pad with double ventilation. The overall weight of the FAIR Carrera One over-and-under is standard for the shotgun category and is around 3,600 grams.

SHOT Show 2024: Franchi USA presents the Affinity 3 Sport Trap semi-automatic shotgun for sport shooting and hunting

As a reliable and durable entry-level model, Franchi USA presented the 12-ga Affinity 3 Sport Trap at the SHOT Show 2024 for ambitious recreational shooters and novice hunters.

Franchi USA launches the Affinity 3 Sport Trap semi-automatic shotgun, which is particularly geared towards American trap shooting, as an ideal entry-level model for amateur sport shooters and hunters. Designed primarily for the U.S. market, the Affinity 3 Sport Trap has a 76-cm (30") barrel with a ventilated sight rib and is offered exclusively in 12 gauge with 76-mm chamber. The black, hard-anodized receiver houses the proven Inertia system and is complemented in color by the matte black blued barrel and black synthetic stock. The gun comes with a total of 5 interchangeable extended chokes and drop and cast adjustment steel shims, so that the shotgun can not only be individually adapted to the shooter, but also to all hunting and sporting requirements. You can find out more about the Affinity 3 Sport Trap on the Franchi USA product page.

Here in our report from Beretta USA Range Day 2024 you will find information on other SHOT Show new products from Beretta, Steiner, Tikka, Sako, Langdon Tactical, Burris and Norma.

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