SHOT Show 2024 – The Extra Day: new and extravagant products

The SHOT Show 2024 is over, but the wave of news and products presented in Las Vegas will be felt for a long time to come. Already on the horizon are EOS Show in Verona, Italy, and Enforce TAC and IWA Outdoor in Nuremberg, Germany, and our team is already preparing to cover these events. But as always, our correspondents went above and beyond their assignments and photographed many more guns and accessories than we had planned to publish. In order not to waste their work and to share it with our readers, we decided to create this additional page where we will post photos and texts collected at SHOT Show 2024. Definitive information on some of them is still on the way, therefore we will update this article in the coming days as data comes to us. So, we encourage you to bookmark this page and come back from time to time to see updates. Enjoy!

SHOT Show 2024: 9mm Kahr X9 

The new 9mm Kahr X9 pistol is designed for personal defense. It uses 10- or 15-round double-stack magazines.

Kahr Arms introduces the X9 compact semi-automatic in 9x19mm, designed for concealed carry and self-defense. It is a novelty being shown to the public for the first time at SHOT Show 2024. Built on a polymer frame, the striker-fired Kahr X9 is fed from a double-stack magazine with a capacity of 10 or 15 cartridges. Not only that, the Kahr X9 can use SIG Sauer P365 magazines. The slide is red dot ready and has front cocking serrations as well. The slide front is also milled to reduce the weight of the gun. The iron sights are dovetail mounted and can be adjusted laterally. The barrel is 3.54”/90 millimeters long. The trigger assembly has been modified, and now in addition to the standard one, a version with shorter travel and reset is available upon request. Other interesting details include the takedown lever present on both sides of the frame, the DLC finish of the slide, and the sust cover Picatinny rail. The U.S. retail price of the 9mm Kahr X9 is about $550. 

SHOT Show 2024: Springfield Garrison 4.25 1911

The Springfield Garrison 4.25 is a Commander-style semi-auto with classic but not outdated lines, chambered in both 9x19mm and .45 ACP calibers.

Not everyone likes guns with polymer frames, particularly in the U.S. where the devotion to the Colt 1911 is still very much alive. Springfield Armory has understood this perfectly, and with its pistol family called Garrison it pays homage to the Forty-Five par excellence with a series of Government versions strictly built from forged steel and where the best of the past coexists with the best of the modern. The one you see in the photo is the 4.25 stainless in 9x19mm caliber. Built on a frame with a straight backstrap, the Garrison 4.25 is a Commander-style 1911 that, like all models in the series, combines traditional elements with more modern and functional features, such as the Wilson-style grip safety, extended beavertail, and Novak-style three-dot low-profile sights. The wooden grips have the same imprint as the classic ones but are thinner, making the gun more comfortable to carry in a concealed holster. The barrel is a forged steel Match type, and measures 4.5 inches, or 107 millimeters, with 1:16  twist. The magazine is single-stack, with a capacity of 9 cartridges while the hammer and trigger are lightened. The weight of the gun unloaded is 936 grams. The Springfield Garrison 4.25 is also available in a blued finish and chambered in .45 ACP. In this case the magazine capacity is 7 rounds. The U.S. retail price of the stainless version in 9x19mm caliber is $917. 

SHOT Show 2024: Stoeger STR-9 Combat X

From Stoeger, the latest addition to the 9mm STR-9 pistol series is the optics-ready STR-9 Combat X.

Stoeger introduced the 9mm STR-9 semi-auto pistol series a few years ago, and several variants are available, including micro-compact, sub-compact, compact and full-size models. At the SHOT Show 2024 the Turkish manufacturer showcased the latest iteration of the STR-9 family, namely the STR-9 Combat X, which now also features an optic-ready slide configuration. 

The latest polymer-frame, striker-fired handgun is built around Stoeger’s rugged and reliable platform to provide enhanced control and accuracy and is intended for the needs of defense professionals. Besides being optics-ready, the STR-9 Combat X has standard adjustable three-dot fiber-optic sights, enlarged mag well, and ambidextrous slide release. STR-9S Combat's grip is textured for a safe hold in any condition, while the enhanced magazine well is beveled for quick magazine changes. Among the STR-9's integrated safety features is a tactile loaded-chamber indicator that automatically raises when a round is chambered. According to the manufacturer, this 9mm gun is validated for 10,000 rounds of continuous fire without failure. Slide Finish is nitride-hardened matte black. Priced at $599 on the U.S. market, the Stoeger STR9 Combat X comes with four different mounting plates for easy mounting of various sight systems, three interchangeable backstraps (small, medium, and large), cable lock and key for safe storage, and three 17-round extended magazines (10-round magazines are also available).

The Dark Storm's Featureless is designed specifically to be sold even in U.S. states with the most restrictive gun laws.

“Every law has its loophole”: the proverb fits perfectly for Dark Storm Industries, a U.S. company that specializes in the production of "compliant" rifles, that is guns that comply with the often convoluted and stringent laws in some U.S. states where there are very strict limits on the legal classification and functional features of firearms intended for civilians. 

Apparently, the Dark Storm DS-15 M4S Fixed Magazine Rifle is just yet another AR15, but looking closer...

These include California and New York State, where in fact 20 percent of the entire U.S. population resides. A prime example of these "smart" guns is the Dark Storm DS-15 M4S Fixed Magazine Rifle we see in the photos, intended in particular for sale in New York State and California. Looking at the lower receiver you will notice that the magazine release button is missing: magazine is in fact fixed. turns out that the magazine release button is not present. The reason is explained in the text.

To reload  you must open the upper receiver, an operation that is certainly more laborious, but legally unassailable. The magazine is irreversibly welded to the receiver, but it is guaranteed for life by the manufacturer. In case of failure it is repaired free of charge. Since some features are allowed if other features are not present, the fixed magazine makes almost all other features allowed in some U.S. states...

Next we see the DS 15 M4 Featureless model, so named because it does not have any of the "features" that according to the draconian Assault Weapon Ban characterize "assault" weapons: pistol grip, telescoping/folding stock, buttstock separated from the grip (note: thumbhole stocks are banned anyway), flash hider, removable magazine, barrel shroud. In this case the magazine is removable, but with a capacity of only 10 rounds. Let's talk about prices, just to give you an idea: both of these curious semi-automatic rifles cost $1,095.

SHOT Show 2024: Great Lakes GL-10 LA

It might look like the usual AR-10 aesthetically revised and corrected, but the GL-10 LA (meaning Long Action) manufactured by Great Lakes Firearms and Ammunition actually has a voice of its own. Thanks to a patented system, it can handle even extremely powerful calibers, such as the .300 Winchester Magnum. This semi-automatic rifle designed for long range shooting has a magazine capacity of 5+1 rounds and features a stainless steel barrel 24 inches long, or 61 centimeters, equipped with a radial ported muzzle brake. The stock, manufactured by Hogue, is made of polymer, while the 20-inch-long forend has M-Lok slots for mounting accessories of all kinds. An extended Picatinny rail allows optics mounting while a second rail on the front upper section of the forend is designed to receive a flip-up type sight. The receiver finish is Cerakote, available in a variety of colors and camouflage patterns. The other calibers for which the GL10 LA is chambered besides the aforementioned .300 Winchester Magnum are the 7mm Remington, the .30-06, an unspecified .270 and the 6.5 PRC.
Also interesting is the price, which is low thanks to a shrewd selection of components: the Great Lakes GL-10 LA costs only $999, which for such a gun is not that much.

SHOT Show 2024: Palmetto State Armory X57

Presented as a "concept gun," the Palmetto X57 is a PDW in 5.7x28 caliber intended for the civilian market. The magazine has a capacity of 40 rounds.

Palmetto State Armory unveiled a non-functional, but no less interesting, PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) prototype in 5.7x28 caliber. The concept brings back to the origin the role of this interesting cartridge that was born precisely to be fired in compact-sized machine guns with superior performance and engagement distances longer than those offered by submachine guns in 9x19mm caliber. In the military field the experiment was not very successful, while in the civilian field success seems to have come, albeit years later, for this interesting munition. Palmetto State Armory already has in its catalog a semi-automatic pistol in 5.7x28, the 5.7 Rock (read our article here), and now it takes a further step by introducing the X57 whose intended use, at least in the civilian market, seems to be home defense. At the 2024 SHOT Show Palmetto submitted mock-ups of several firearms to visitors to have them decide by poll which will be produced first, and the X57 came out on top in terms of liking. The Palmetto X57 has the appearance of a classic PDW with the magazine inserted in the grip. The stock developed in collaboration with SB Tactical is telescoping and spring-loaded so that it can be opened automatically at the push of a button, while the T-shaped charging handle is an AR-15-compatible type. The polymer receiver features Picatinny rails for mounting red dots and mechanical sights of any type. The double-stack magazine has a maximum capacity of 40 rounds, while the trigger assembly, extractor and ejector are the same as the 5.7 Rock pistol. Since this is still a gun in the design phase, details such as the retail price are still far from being finalized. 

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