SHOT Show 2024 – Day 3: Our highlights from the third day of the largest gun fair in Las Vegas

In the evening, every visitor to the SHOT Show would like to pick up their coat at the cloakroom and put their feet up: traditionally, the long trade fair aisles with their overly soft carpeted floors are extremely tiring, even though nowadays you don't have to lug around kilos of brochures in plastic bags, rucksacks and suitcases like in the past. Today, a logo discreetly displayed on the stand with a QR code, which in turn forwards the smartphone to a website, is enough. This saves energy, but unfortunately also knowledge, because in recent days it has often become apparent that neither the press material in the Press Centre provided sufficient information about the new models, nor did the stand crew have much time to explain them. Or there was simply no homepage at all, or an outdated one.

Nevertheless, we have endeavoured to capture the highlights of this year's SHOT Show in Las Vegas, here at home in the editorial office and also together with our back office team in Italy. You will also find many of the highlights as longer articles on and, the quickest way is to use the links at the end of this article. But now we won't keep you from reading and watching any longer...

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SHOT Show 2024: Savage launches new bolt-action rifles in all series and in various price ranges

Savage Klym
Savage introduced new models from several series: here the Savage Impulse Klym with the typical Impulse straight-pull action, carbon fiber thumbhole stock and forend, as well as the barrel wrapping.

At the Industry Day on Monday, U.S. manufacturer Savage was able to impress many experts in test firing with the Savage 110 Ultralite Elite, a handy and lightweight hunting repeater for hunters who are walk a lot in the field (only 2,600 to 2,800 grams, depending on the caliber). Weight-saving measures include 18- to 20-inch carbon fiber barrels and a skeletonised carbon fiber stock. Available in six popular calibers, the recommended retail price in the USA is $3,330. At the other end of the price scale within Savage's 110 series is the Trail Hunter rifle, for just under $700. Available in an impressive choice of 15 calibers, with a textured forest green Hogue stock, Cerakote-coated action in tungsten/tungsten grey, sling swivels and Weaver-style mounting bases. Klym is the name of a new variant of the Savage "Impulse" straight-pull bolt-action rifle, but is also otherwise distinctive thanks to the modern carbon fiber thumbhole stock, carbon fiber wrapped barrel and carbon fiber forend. Here you can find our full article on the Savage 110 Klym.

SHOT Show 2024: Henry Lever Action Supreme, the lever-action rifle compatible with AR-15 magazines

Henry Lever Action
The Henry Lever Action Supreme rifle features an enclosed internal hammer and feeds from AR15-type box magazines.

Certainly the SHOT Show 2024 will be remembered for the great return of interest in lever-action rifles, particularly those of classic design such as the Pedersoli Droptine Classic in .30-30 or the Smith & Wesson 1854 in .44 Magnum. However, there was no shortage of firearms with a more crossover flavor such as the Henry Lever Action Supreme, chambered in .223 Remington and .300 Blackout calibers. The originality of this lever-action gun is in several features, starting with the internal hammer system with rotating bolt. The rifle is fed from 10- or more round magazines used in AR-style semi-auto rifles. The lack of a rear opening for the hammer makes the Henry Supreme's receiver extremely rugged. In fact, one could describe this gun as a manual-repetition AR-15. The trigger pull weight is adjustable, and this is another unique feature of this lever action firearm. Other details now essential in a gun in this category are the Picatinny optics rail and the muzzle thread for suppressor mounting. For now, the Henry Lever Action Supreme's estimated price is about $1,200.

SHOT Show 2024: with the Browler, Rossi showcases a single-barrelled break-action pistol that can fire both shotshells and bullet cartridges

Rossi Brawler
SHOT Show 2024: Rossi Brawler break-barrel pistol in .410 bore and .45 Long Colt caliber.

Rossi (a pistol and revolver manufacturer from Brasil) can be credited with the most unusual offering of the show. The Brawler single-shot handgun, which features a break-action and is hammer-fired, is chambered for .410 bore/.45 LC caliber, meaning it can swallow both shotgun shells and the classic .45 Long Colt revolver cartridge. The nine-inch barrel is equipped with front and rear sights. Despite its almost gigantic size (36-cm long and weighing just under a kilo), Rossi has fitted the Brawler with a thick rubber grip for easy handling and a Picatinny rail, which allows the desired optic to be mounted. The Brawler is, so to speak, the little brother of the well-known Contender break-action pistols from Thompson/Center, which were built from 1967 to around 2000 in numerous calibers and with interchangeable barrels and are often sold at high prices today. Now Rossi is bringing out a new handgun that is at least large for a small price (just under $240 in the USA).

SHOT Show 2024: F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige De Luxe side-by-side

F.A.I.R offers American hunters a special version of the Iside side-by-side shotgun, with long folders and refined engravings, the Prestige De Luxe.

The successful F.A.I.R. side-by-side Iside series includes some versions that stand out for their elegance of details, such as the Iside Prestige De Luxe, well known to American hunters. 

The Iside Prestige De Luxe is appreciated for its round-body action with rounded lines.

Available in all gauges from 12-ga to the smallest .410 bore, this shotgun is appreciated for its round-body action with rounded lines and proportions scaled to gauge. Machined from solid steel stock, the receiver has a very classic and sleek appearance, chrome finish and golden inlaid triple depth laser engravings. The subjects of the engravings vary according to the different gauges and show floral motifs, hunting scenes and wild birds in flight.

The gold-finished trigger is single selective, but the more traditional double-trigger is also available at the hunter's request. The locks have coil springs and hammers with a double half-mount system and the gun is locked into battery with a double Purdey-style underbolt. Shell ejectors are long-stroke, automatic and selective. The 76-millimeter magnum chambered barrels allow to fire different loads and ammo types, and are 28 inches (71 cm) long. As always in F.A.I.R. firearms, the bore is chrome lined to prevents lead deposits and ensure durability and accuracy over time.

The Iside Prestige De Luxe side-by-side shotgun also features a set of Tecnichoke Hunting XP50 internal and interchangeable chokes that make the shotgun even more versatile in different hunting situations. The stock and forend are English style with fine-pitch Scottish-style laser checkering. The wood used for the Iside Prestige De Luxe is premium-quality select European walnut and finished with the special High gloss treatment that enhances its luster. 

The overall weight of the shotgun is about 2.8 kg in the larger 12-gauge and is lower in the smaller gauges, so it can be considered well-proportioned for the rugged characteristics of the Iside side-by-side shotgun.

SHOT Show 2024: is the Burris Eliminator 6 riflescope the optic highlight of the gun show?

Burris Eliminator 6
Riflescope and smartphone work together for the shooter: With the Burris Eliminator 6 riflescope, which was presented at the SHOT Show 2024, a laser rangefinder is all that is needed to select the aiming point in the innovative reticle together with the ballistic data of the ammunition, weather and altitude information.

The latest riflescope from U.S. specialist Burris was launched at the gun fair to great acclaim: the Burris Eliminator 6 (Laserscope) in the 4-20x52 version is said to "eradicate" all the preliminary work before releasing a hunting shot and only requires the pull of the trigger. At the touch of a button, it displays the target distance and quickly calculates the exact aiming point and wind data, all within the scope. The goal is to allow the shooter to concentrate fully on the trigger and exectute flawless, precise shots every time. Technically, the scope, which is advertised at a whopping $3,000 (in the USA),  works with the scope's illuminated X177 reticle to display the precise holdover aiming point for the ranged distance. The special X177 Eliminator reticle (automatic or manually dimmable in nine settings) is located in the 2nd focal plane inside the 34-mm main tube. The adjustment range in both elevation and windage is 40 MOA, the parallax adjustment (from 25 yards) is located on the left. At the touch of a button, the Eliminator 6 offers instant and precise rangefinding up to 2,000+ yards on reflective targets and 1,400 yards on game. The Eliminator 6's ballistic solutions are built from user data uploaded using the BurrisConnect app and take into account range, environmental, weather and ballistic data. Combined with the reticle's windage, the Eliminator 6 offers a massive 177 aiming points with 1/5 MOA precision to ensure reliable point of aim/point of impact performance.

SHOT Show 2024:  GPO Compact Rangeguide 10x40 LRF binoculars and GPO Passion SL binoculars for beginners

SHOT Show 2024: The smaller GPO Rangeguide 8x40 binoculars are easier to hold in front of the camera on stressful trade fair days than the newer Rangeguide 10x40.

The new Rangeguide 10x40 was already on display at the GPO USA stand at SHOT Show 2024. The 40-mm objective lenses of the 10x magnifying binoculars with integrated laser rangefinder feature the proven GPObright coating, which is designed to ensure an exceptionally bright image, even in difficult lighting conditions. The new GPO Rangeguide 10x40 has a magnesium housing protected by black rubber armoring. With dimensions of 132x127x58 mm (LxWxH), the extremely compact Rangefinder binoculars weigh just under 740 g. Eye relief is 16 mm and the interpupillary distance can be adjusted from 58 to 78 mm. They have a field of view of 110 m at 1,000 m and a diopter compensation of +/- 4 diopters. The maximum measuring range of the integrated laser rangefinder is up to 3,300 meters. At close range, objects can be measured from a distance of around 5 meters. The laser rangefinder has a response time of 0.25 seconds and therefore also enables precise measurements in scan mode for moving objects. The GPO Rangeguide 10x40 also has a counterpart with 8x magnification, the Ranguide 8x40.

GPO is also expanding its proven Passion line of binoculars with the introduction of the Passion SD line. The new series is designed to offer hunters and outdoor enthusiasts on a budget an excellent price-performance ratio and comprises the following six models: GPO Passion SD 8x26, 10x26, 8x34, 10x34, 8x42 and 10x42.

SHOT Show 2024: new Sordin Supreme T2 – a modular communication headset for all tactical applications

SHOT Show 2024: this Sordin Supreme T2 headset is waiting for its user at the trade fair stand.

Swedish hearing protection specialist Sordin will be presenting its advanced communication headset for demanding tactical applications, the Sordin Supreme T2, for the first time at SHOT Show 2024. According to the manufacturer, every component has been developed to perfection to ensure the extremely high reliability required in  critical situations. The new Sordin Supreme T2 headset is based on the SordinFLEX modular design platform and is therefore available in many versions or can be converted to the respective requirements by the user in a few simple steps and without tools using optional SordinFLEX accessories such as separate headbands or suspension kits. 

With the Supreme T2, Sordin relies on the HEAR2 audio system developed in-house and presented last year, which enables a total of four different audio profiles. In the tactical version, these are the "Tactical", "Dual", "Comfort" and "Ambient off" profiles. Tactical is the nromal profile that can be used in most situations and is designed to strike a balance between situational awareness and comfort in the field.  Dual amplifies sounds in quiet environments for high situational awareness, but can also be used in conjunction with earplugs to help hear relevant ambient sounds in high-noise scenarios. Comfort can be used in noisy environments where communication is prioritized over ambient sound. In the Ambient Off mode, the Supreme T2 effectively becomes a passive hearing protection that muffles all environment noise, enabling the best possible team communication. 

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SHOT Show 2024: Canik with the TTI Combat semi-automatic pistol

By professionals, for professionals: The Canik TTI Combat is the product of a co-operation with the US company Taran Tactical Innovations.

At the SHOT Show, manufacturer Canik is presenting the TTI Combat, a sporty semi-automatic pistol with a comprehensive range of features. The TTI in the model name stands for Taran Tactical Innovations: the gun is the product of a co-operation between Canik and the well-known U.S. company, which also equipped and trained Keanu Reeves as "John Wick", for example. The gun is intended to offer a unique package for sport shooters. Canik himself describes it as "built by the best for the best". It is correspondingly striking: a combination of classic black and a gold tone on the slide, controls, backstrap, jet funnel and magazine base.

Technically, the pistol comes with an aggressive grip texture, a ported and fluted barrel, an integrated compensator, a trigger with "Diamond Cut" and 90-degree release angle, TTI +3 magazine follower and a newly designed slide stop. The pistol is also optics ready and therefore accepts the in-house sights from the Mecanik line or Trijicon SRO and other optics. The pistol comes to the customer with a holster and a hard case. It is available in .380 ACP, 9mm Luger and .40 S&W calibers. Prices and availability in Europe. Further information on the gun can be found on the Canik website.

SHOT Show 2024: the return of the Colt Python in a blued version

By popular demand, the Colt Python revolver in .357 Magnum is back to the market in a blued version, with a 4.25- or 6-inch barrel.

The Colt Python in .357 Magnum is surely one of the two or three most beloved and recognizable revolvers made in the 20th century, and when its production was discontinued for good in 2005, after 50 years of mixed fortunes, it left an unbridgeable void in the hearts of enthusiasts. The Python's final exit from the Colt catalog was the end of an era, that of steel, and the dawn of polymer frames. In 2020, the twist: Colt announced the return of the Python revolver in a revamped version, built in stainless steel. For many Colt enthusiasts it was a half-hearted return, because the Python is inextricably linked to the gorgeous "Royal Blue" bluing that characterized it, at least in the early years of production. In 2024 Colt, which in the meantime has been acquired by the CZ Group, is finally putting all the pieces of the puzzle back together, introducing to the market a blued version of the Python.

The ventilated rib and the ejection rod  protected by the full barrel underlug: two Colt Python details that have entered the imagination of enthusiasts.

The new Blued Python is faithful to the original in many ways, but it has also been updated to adapt it to modern production methods while further improving its proverbial reliability without having to resort to the manual adjustments that made the original version a decidedly expensive gun. The heart of the revolver, entirely made from carbon steel, remains the iconic V-shaped hammer spring, but the frame has been reinforced in some places. According to Colt's statements, as soon as the Python "Generation II" was introduced four years ago, requests for a blued version began pouring in. “The classic carbon steeled Blued Python serves as a passport to a bygone era, where firearms were not just tools but also exquisite works of art,” said Justin Baldini, Vice President of Marketing.

The Blued Python retains the six-round cylinder capacity in .357 Magnum and is available with barrel lengths of 4.25 and 6 inches (107 and 152 mm, respectively). The rear sight is adjustable, while the front sight uses a set screw for retention, so it can be easily replaced by the user. The double-action trigger is the same as the stainless version, characterized by great smoothness and a very clean release. The grip is the classic Colt sport shooting type, made of finely checkered and bell-shaped walnut wood, embellished with the classic gold medallion representing the Colt ramping pony. The U.S. price of the  Colt Blued Python is $1,599.

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