Pedersoli 86/71 Droptine Classic, back to basics for the lever-action rifle in .30/30 Winchester

The receiver of the Pedersoli Droptine Classic has a color case hardened finish. The rear sight is a height-adjustable classic buckhorn type. 

Introduced in 2023, the Pedersoli 86/71 Droptine lever-action rifle takes its name from an abnormal and very rare feature in a deer antler, characterized by the downward-angles growth of one or both tines. This feature is typical of extremely long-lived animals to which a special cunning and ability to evade the sights of predators is attributed.

The first model in what has become a full-fledged line featured a polymer stock with an elevation- and drift- adjustable cheekpiece, suitable for use with scopes, which can be mounted thanks to a long Picatinny rail. The mechanical sights consisted of an adjustable notch and a front sight with a high-visibility fiber optic insert. The loading lever of the Pedersoli Droptine is particularly ergonomic and oversized to ensure maximum comfort of use both bare-handed and while wearing protective gloves.

The Pedersoli Droptine is chambered in .30/30 Winchester, a cartridge that especially in the U.S. is used daily and with great satisfaction for hunting ungulates. The .30/30 was introduced to the market by Winchester back in 1895, intended to be fired in the Mod. 1894 lever-action rifle and was the first American cartridge to use smokeless powder. Given the great popularity of this cartridge in the U.S., its updating has been continuous for nearly 130 years, and the commercial cartridges in this caliber available on the market today offer the hunter enough stopping power and variety of loadings to successfully deal with most American and European ungulates.

The new Pedersoli Droptine Classic, walnut stock and more

The stock of the Pedersoli Droptine Classic is made of oil-finished walnut wood. The Match type barrel is 19 inches (483 millimeters) long. 

The Pedersoli Droptine Classic in .30/30 Winchester was made in response to the demands of more traditionalist users and features fine materials and typically old-style finishes. The oil-finished walnut stock is finely set on a hand-polished receiver protected by a particularly vividly mottled color case hardened finish. The PMG (Pedersoli Match Grade) barrel measures 483 millimeters (19 inches), retains the muzzle threading and is drilled and tapped for the dedicated Picatinny rail assembly. It is finished with a bright bluing and equipped with a classic buckhorn rear sight and a front sight with a brass insert. The barrel twist rate is 1:12", with six grooves.

The safety level of the Pedersoli Droptine remains unchanged – that is, very high – thanks to the flying firing pin, the hammer half-cock notch and the slide safety that acts by locking the hammer in the uncocked position.

Now let's talk numbers: the Pedersoli Droptine has an overall length of 950 millimeters with a weight of 3.8 kilograms. The tubular magazine has a capacity of five cartridges. Retail price is 1,807 euros (price may be different in your country due to VAT and import duties).

Pedersoli 86/71 Droptine Classic specs and price

Pedersoli Davide
86/71 Droptine Classic
.30/30 Winchester
Lever action
Barrel Length:
483 mm
Overall Length:
950 mm
Magazine Capacity:
5 rounds
Color case hardened receiver, blued barrel
Front sight with brass insert, buckhorn notch, dedicated optic rail
3.5 kg approx.
Retail Price:
1,807 euro

On the occasion of the SHOT Show 2024, we from also asked why Pedersoli is exhibiting at the world's largest gun fair and what makes it so special. Stefano Pedersoli (see photo at the top) sums it up succinctly: "Again this year we are at the SHOT Show, a fair that I personally appreciate very much because here we can meet our distributors and
armories, of course, being an event for insiders. But here we also meet a selected, specific and interested audience, and this gives us the opportunity to talk to both intermediaries and end customers, collecting ideas and even some criticism, but we know that this is the basis of our work."

For more information plese visit the Pedersoli website.

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