The big snake is back: here is the “new” Colt Python!

New Colt Python in stainless steel left side view
The Python 2020 is made from stainless steel, with a semi-bright finish.  

Santa Claus is late sometimes, but gifts are still welcome: after a 20-year hiatus, Colt announces that the Python is back. One of the most appreciated revolvers ever, the legendary colt Python had been discontinued in 1999 following a controversial – and questionable – decision, with just some “special-order” pieces being made by the Colt Custom Gun Shop until 2005. Now, the Hartford-based company has just introduced the 2020 generation. 

The “new” Pythons are stainless steel and available in 4.25” / 108 mm and 6” / 152 mm barrel lengths. Needless to say, caliber is the .357 Magnum with a cylinder capacity of 6 rounds as per tradition. Below, a Colt’s video explains some details.

The Python 2020 in a video

The frame has been reinforced and the adjustable target rear sight has been re-designed, with thirty percent more steel beneath it to give you “a stronger revolver and more robust shooting experience,” according to the manufacturer. 

Other features include a recessed target crown, user-interchangeable front sight, and walnut grip with the iconic Colt medallion. All this to “make this a gun you’ll want to shoot and show off” . Price in the US  is 1499 USD. We hope to get our hands on the new Python as soon as possible to see how it compares to the classic Python revolvers of yore. Stay tuned!

Colt Python 2020 specs 

Barrel twist: 
1:14LH, 6 groove
Barrel lengths:

4.25” / 108 and 6” / 152 mm 

6 rounds
Frame material:

stainless steel


walnut target stocks

5.5”/ 140 mm
1.55”/ 39 mm
46 oz / 1304 g (6” barrel version)


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