SHOT Show 2023 – The world's largest gun show in Las Vegas has ended, here is a first assessment

The editorial team hardly dared to ask our two SHOT Show reporters Tanja and Marijan Loch about the number of kilometers they ran during the four days of the trade show at the Venetian Expo and Caesars Forum directly on the legendary Las Vegas Boulevard. From experience, that adds up to a marathon-worthy number. The aisles are 14 miles long when added up, you walk them umpteen times and that with photo camera and video equipment. Modern technology has done away with the need to lug around brochures; today, press information is usually retrieved from the manufacturer's websire via QR code. Nevertheless, we made our own impressions and, where possible, also took our own photos and videos – and in the process also had to learn that many a model that had been hotly announced in advance could at best be shown as a CAD graphic or only as a non-functional 3D model. Like the Zenk revolver, an unusual model with the cylinder placed behind the trigger and such a compact bullpub design – well, maybe they will work out  a real specimen at the SHOT Show 2024 (January 23 to 26, 2024)?

Which SHOT Show novelties are also coming to Europe?

Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of an international gun show is precisely that firearms, ammunition and accessories are also presented there that are built for other markets or only for certain dealers and will therefore never find their way into Europe's gun stores (often also for gun law reasons). You will find updates and further detailed news on the channels of and as soon as any delivery dates can be announced, of course. Old journalist rule: never want to hold your breath until something actually arrives....

Again, we will add more news to this article throughout the day. So that you are always up to date, you should regularly check here with us on the page.

Handguns at SHOT Show 2023

Kahr Firearms Group: Dual Eagle in multiple calibers and new "Black Cherry" models in 2 magnum calibers from Desert Eagle

Dual Eagle
A Desert Eagle in .50 AE is no longer enough: with interchangeable calibers in .44 Magnum and an interchangeable slide for the .357 Magnum (center of picture below), the Dual Eagles are coming to market also as a combo in .50 AE and the .429 DE in-house caliber. 
The Desert Eagle in the latest and flashy Black Cherry finish.

The American multi-company Kahr Firearms Group with its many individual brands (Kahr, Auto Ordnance, Thompson, Magnum Research) presented again numerous Desert Eagle pistols in strikingly pop designs, but also some technical innovations.
Desert Eagle pistols are known for its gorgeous looks, and the latest color sweetens the spectrum with a bright Black Cherry finish! Each of these colorful DesertEagle XIX series pistols begins life as a model DE50BKC, or DE44BKC handgun. This gives the buyer two exciting magnum calibers to choose from, the .50 AE, or classic .44 Magnum. The pistols are then finished with a metallic Black Cherry Cerakote, that is both beautiful and extremely durable. Joby Georges, MRI Director of Manufacturing & Engineering, commented on the new Desert Eagle color option, saying “the Deagle is known for its flash, and that isn’t just at the muzzle. Fans of the Desert Eagle want a gun that makes a statement, and the Black Cherry finish does just that!” 

Already in the market, but still very interesting: The "Dual Eagles", pistol-sets with several interchangeable barrels in other Magnum calibers. The DEXIX6 set in black or stainless steel, for example, comes with 6-inch barrels, one in .50 caliber and two interchangeable barrels in .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum respectively, with a corresponding interchangeable slide assembly. Available as a combo caliber kit are the .50 AE and .429 DE duos, and in black, the .50AE and .44 Magnum combo. In the Kahr pistols, there were no less than seven new compact versions, including three polymer-frame CW90s in 9mm Luger from the CW Series (Concealed Weapon, compact guns for concealed carry).

Kimber Arms: Hero special series for military veterans

Kimber Boot Campaign
In the rear, the Kimber Custom Hunter Pro hunting rifle; in front, the 1911 Custom on the left and the compact Micro 9 on the right, all from the limited Hero special series. 

Also 2023 Kimber was present at SHOT SHOW 2023. EU-business is currently a bit "bumpy". Kimber is looking for a new distributor.  But let's talk about new products from SHOT Show: Kimber "limited editions" include three models in support of the "Boot Campaign", a U.S.-wide fundraising effort for military veterans: 

The Hero Custom 1911 is a specially engraved 1911 pistol, the Hero Custom 84M is a special Micro9 compact pistol, and the Hero Custom Hunter Pro is a hunting rifle. Additionally, Kimber Arms says it is donating just over $100,000 to the campaign in 2023 alone. Just 3 new models and a "meet & great" concept at the booth. Let's see what 2023 will bring for Kimber.

Zenk: the imaginary revolver

As we told you, tackling the preparatory work for the SHOT Show also means running into a few missteps, and certainly not through any fault of the heroic editorial staff. Let's take the example of the Zenk RZMK-357 bull-pup revolver, images of which had been circulating on the net for a while. Having contacted the company, the owner advised us to make an appointment at their booth to photograph this newly developed wheelgun. 

In the meantime we wrote a text in which we explained in detail the operation of the revolver, which on paper is very interesting: among its features we find first of all a cylinder which is completely enclosed within the action and placed at the rear end of the frame, which is hinged at the front. This scheme, typical of bullpup rifles, allows for an extremely long barrel, a full 4.75 inches (equal to 120 mm) in relation to the total length of the gun, which is 175 millimeters, three millimeters less than a Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special with a 3-inch barrel. But that's not all: the special weight distribution makes the RZMK-357 revolver easier to swing and line up on the target and helps reduce muzzle flip. 

The Zenk revolver has a double-action only trigger and is available in .38 Special and .357 Magnum calibers with an internal cylinder capacity of six cartridges. Switching from one caliber to another requires only changing the barrel and cylinder, an operation that takes very little time. It is not ruled out that conversions to other calibers will also be offered in the future. Loading the revolver is also done in an unconventional way, namely by directly replacing the cylinder inside the frame, which is easily opened by operating a side lever. Two cylinders come with each revolver for this purpose. The weight of the unloaded revolver is 950 grams. The level of safety is provided not only by the double-action trigger, which requires a deliberate pull on the trigger, but also by a lever safety located on the frame. Well, once we arrived at the booth, a surprise awaited us: the revolver does not exist, but there is only a mock-up made with a 3D printer. Evidently before starting production the company is waiting or looking for investors, but frankly we doubt that this marketing technique will produce results. Never mind, this was a story worth telling anyway.

The photo of the Zenk revolver posted on the company's website...
...and what was on display: a 3D printed mock-up that could be anything.

Long gun novelties at the SHOT Show 2023

Franchi: Momentum Elite hunting bolt-action rifle in four calibers

Franchi Momentum Elite
One of many variants: Franchi's Momentum Elite bolt-action rifle is not only available in four calibers and two barrel lengths, but also with various stock coatings and Cerakote colors for the receiver and barrel. 

Italian manufacturer Franchi introduced (via its subsidiary Franchi USA) the new Momentum Elite hunting bolt-action rifle. The range of options reads like a menu: various camouflage patterns such as Realtree, Optifade or Truetimber Strata, barrel and receiver with Cerakote coating in Midnite Bronze or Burned Bronze, but above all four calibers to choose from: 6.5 Creedmoor (1:8-inch twist), 6.5 PRC (1:7-inch twist) and .300 Win Mag (1:11-inch twist) with 24-inch barrels, .308 Winchester (1:11) with 22-inch barrel. As for accuracy, Franchi offers a 1-MOA guarantee at 100 yards with premium ammunition. 

Davide Pedersoli: lever-action rifles for wild boar hunting, and more

In Las Vegas, Davide Pedersoli also presented the latest Boarbuster lever-action rifles. Here the Boarbuster Evolution version in .45-70 Gov't.

For Italian gun manufacturer Davide Pedersoli, the U.S. market is obviously of particular interest, as it has in its catalog many replicas of historical firearms related to the United States, such as various models of the legendary Sharps Rifle (1859/63, 1874 or 1877) or the Remington Rolling Block, the High Wall or the Springfield Trapdoor. The fact that the company is also able to make hunting rifles with contemporary and modern manufacturing systems and technical solutions was personally emphasized by Stefano Pedersoli, who was present at the fair to illustrate all models to the international audience of the SHOT Show 2023. A highlight of Pedersoli's booth was the modern Boarbuster lever-action rifle series, which will soon also be available in .30-30 Winchester – an extremely popular caliber in the United States, where it is often used for white-tailed deer hunting. In .45-70 Gov't boar hunting caliber, we have already been able to try the new 1886/71 Boarbuster Evolution, a rifle with a silicon-finished wood stock and Cerakote-coated receiver, as well as a Picatinny rail for a Scout scope on the barrel. But the Evolution is just one of the Pedersoli Boarbuster models, which also includes the Mark II, Shadow, Guide Master and HV-1 Camo variants.

Magnum Research: MLR Switchbolt rimfire rifles for speed events

MLR Switchbolt Gewehr

Magnum Research, part of the Kahr Firearms Group, has also made a name for itself among top shooters with its competition-ready MLR series of rimfire self-loading rifles. The Switchbolt series was developed from the Magnum Lite Rifle (MLR) – here, the bolt cocking handle sits on the left side (but can also be moved to the right). This allows right-handed shooters to operate it quickly without their trigger hand having to leave the firearm and reach around. This saves seconds, and that is often crucial in sport. The rifles are available in a variety of stock and barrel configurations, such as laminated wood and carbon jacket. 

Derya: “Rimfire Lever Action to a new experience” with the TM22 LA-20 in .22LR

The Derya Arms TM22 LA-20 Small Bore Lever Action Rifle uses a removable magazine instead of the usual tubular magazines.

We have already presented the first polymer pistol of the Turkish manufacturer Derya Arms on day 4 of our SHOT Show report. But Derya also had new long guns with them, and with the new TM22 LA-20 they presented a lever-action rifle in .22LR caliber equipped with contemporary features. Lever-action rifles have been part of Derya's product line for quite some time, so the new TM22 LA-20 is more or less a combination of Derya's MD-401 lever-action series and the rimfire self-loading rifles of the TM22 series, which the manufacturer presented just last year in Las Vegas. In the new TM22 LA20, the "LA" here stands for Lever Action and the "20" describes the barrel length of 20 inches. The new model is intended for low-cost training shooting, practicing and plinking. The lightweight and handy rifle has a receiver and a magazine made of aluminum. The 10-round magazine is a curved box type, unlike most rimfire lever-action rifles, which house the cartridges in a tubular magazine under the barrel. The TM22 LA-20 comes with two such 10-round magazines, but optional 15- or 25-round capacity magazines are also offered. A Picatinny rail on the top of the receiver allows for the mounting of red dot sights or scopes. The cheek rest on the black polymer stock can be continuously adjusted for height and the buttstock can be adjusted for length.

CZ 600 bolt-action rifle series with caliber/barrel interchangeability

The CZ 600 rifle series is available in five versions.

Not actually “new” – they already introduced it some weeks ago – but at SHOT Show 2023 CZ also showcased the 600 bolt-action rifle series. Already available in five versions with even more variants to come soon, the bolt-action rifles of the new 600 series feature the caliber/barrel interchangeability within a caliber group with the same case base diameter. 

CZ originally planned that users could switch barrels by themselves, but to avoid careless user tampering the barrel’s retention screws are now heavily threadlocked in position and can only be swapped by a CZ dealer. 

The action frame comes in the three sizes – Mini, Medium and Long – and is made of aluminum or steel depending on the model, with CZ guaranteeing a minimum service life of 20,000 rounds in continuous use. 

An adjustable single-stage trigger and 60” bolt throw are other interesting features of the 600 series, which is available in a wide range of calibers.

Knives at SHOT Show 2023

Puma knives: classic blades, also exclusive for individual markets

Ruma Rüdemann
A Puma classic: the Rüdemann can be recognized from afar by the cut-out blade. 
Spoiled for choice: a small selection of the currently available Puma knife models 

Puma knives from Solingen also have a reputation in the U.S., as they do among visitors from countries attending the SHOT Show, based on the excellent quality of the blades. 

On display in Las Vegas, of course, was much of the current production from all Puma manufacturing lines Puma, Puma IP, Puma Tec and Puma SGB (offered only in the U.S.). 

But German hunting classics such as the "Rüdemann" with its characteristic cut-out blade were also marveled at. Once designed by designer Hans-Peter Knoop specifically for dog handlers (original model number 3584), the model was manufactured until 1995, but was later reissued again and again with slight modifications and limited special editions, for example as the Rüdemann II or Rüdemann 40.

Optics at SHOT Show 2023

Primary Arms: the new Odyssey 2023 optics range (EU Distributor: Ferkinghoff International)

The Primary Arms GLx 4.5-27×56 FFP riflescope is designed for long-range use.

To provide firearms enthusiasts, professional shooters, and servicemen and women the highest quality optics at affordable prices: this is what Primary Arms describes as the cornerstone of their business. Under the brand name “Odyssey”, Primary Arms actually brought to the SHOT Show 2023 a host of new products and upgrades ranging from riflescopes (SLx 1-6×24 SFP LPVO, GLx 3-18×44 FFP and GLx 4.5-27×56 FFP models), binoculars (GLx 10×42 and SLx 10×42), reflex sights/micro dots (GLx RS-15 Reflex Sight,  SLx 5x Micro Prism and SLx MD-25 G2 Micro Dot), scope magnifiers (GLx 6x Magnifier) and accessories such as the AutoLive Battery Cap. The latter is compatible with most popular riflescopes, allowing you to improve their battery life thanks to an integrated motion-sensing illumination control. Each product offers interesting features, such as the ACSS NOVA fiber optic reticle and the integrated magnification throw lever of the SLx 1-6×24 SFP LPVO riflescope or the patented locking & return-to-zero turrets and full steel-on-steel adjustments of the GLx 3-18×44 FFP and GLx 4.5-27×56 FFP models. 

The GLx 6x Magnifier has a rugged 6061 aluminum body and is compatible with 2-screw mount footprint.

The GLx 10×42 and SLx 10×42 are the first binoculars from Primary Arms, both featuring a lightweight design. The GLx RS-15 Reflex Sight provides a large 26x20mm optic window, daylight bright illumination up to 50,000-hour runtime and a common reflex footprint. The  ultra-compact SLx 5x Micro Prism weighs only 8.5 oz with 3.31” overall length and comes with Daylight Bright ACSS BDC and MIL reticles, while the Autolive illumination technology, a unique 25mm aperture for larger field of view, together with the availability of 2 MOA dot or ACSS CQB reticle, are some of the features of the SLx MD-25 G2 Micro Dot

Lastly, with the GLx 6x Magnifier you can “achieve the reach and precision of a riflescope without sacrificing the close-quarters performance of your red dot or MicroPrism”, according to the manufacturer's claim.

Nitehog introduces the Viper 50 Next and Boomslang thermal imaging optics at SHOT Show 2023 for the US-market

With the Viper 50 NXT thermal imaging attachment, Nitehog is adding an improved model with a 50 mm lens to the extremely compact Viper series.

European electro-optic manufacturer Nitehog presents few novel products to the U.S. markets, as most have been already introduced in the old continent. Nonetheless, most interesting are the Boomslang thermal imaging riflescope, and the addition of the multifunctional clip-on thermal imaging optic Viper 50 Next to the Viper line. Based on the same super compact Viper structure and thermal engine, the compact and lightweight (only 295 grams) Viper 50 Next features a 50mm lens - vs the smaller 35 mm of the previous model - for longer detection and recognition range, improved firmware and new features. Specs are impressive: the improved 50-mm Germanium lens, coupled with the proprietary A-Core with 320x240, 12-micron pixel pitch sensor, allows an unprecedented detection range up to 2160 m, instantaneous field of view (IFOV) of 0.24 for an ultra-detailed and quality image displayed on the internal HD 1024x768 pixel resolution display, 5 hours of continuous use, and no zeroing needed when the Viper 50 Next is used as a clip-on in front of daytime riflescopes. The Nitehog Viper 50 NXT is aleady available in our EU markets.

The Boomslang thermal imaging hunting riflescope is not new as it was already introduced at last year’s IWA, however it still has not hit the market, and will be available in both the US and Europe shortly. It features a 60 mm focal length for the front Germanium objective, a state-of-the-art 640x480 resolution, 12 μm sensor with 60 Hz refresh rate for tracking fast-moving targets, native 3.2x magnification and 2/4x digital zoom for up to 12.8x magnification, human sized target detection range of 2372m, and last but not least up to 6 hours of operation with the onboard battery. Mounting interface is a ZM/VM rail, with an additional Picatinny rail. The Boomslang also supports Bluetooth connectivity and a smart-device Mobile app. In some EU markets like Germany it's not legal for hunting.

Sightmark: New red dot sights and riflescopes for sport and hunting in 2023

At Sightmark's booth there were various red dot sights, such as the still quite young, solar-powered models Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec M2 Micro Solar and Mini Shot M-Spec M3 Micro Solar of course, night vision scopes of the Wraith family, and again a whole range of conventional scopes to see. 

Among them, for example, the Core model series, which represents the inexpensive entry-level line at Sightmark and the top Latitude series designed for long-range shooters, as well as the Presidio series presented only last year, which we would like to explicitly pick out again here. The Presidio 3-18x50 MR2 FFP already tested by us is one of these scopes ideal for the sports shooter, but also for the hunter. 

The Core-2.0 HX 4-16x50 HDR2 riflescope model comes from Sigthmark's inexpensive entry-level line.

The riflescope with 30 mm center tube and 6x zoom has got a field of view of 11.19 m to 1.86 m at 100 meters and a MIL-based and very clear, illuminable MR reticle with extremely fine crosshairs in the first image plane. 

Matching this, the click adjustment also works with 1/10 mrad (1 cm) at 100 meters. The adjustment range is 260 cm in both windage and elevation. 

The Presidio 3-18x50 MR2 FFP is 331 mm long and weighs round about 890 g. 

Swarovski Optik: ATC and STC spotting scopes for sports and hunting

Swarovski Teleskop ATC
Just 258 mm short and weighing less than a kilo: the Swarovski ATC spotting scope with 17-40x magnification and 56mm lens. 

This time, Austrian optics specialist Swarovski Optik put the spotlight on its new ATC and STC spotting scopes which, thanks to their compact design and excellent optical performance, are also appealing to sport shooters and hunters alike. With 17-40x variable magnification and a fast 56mm objective, they meet all the requirements of both "target groups". 

At, we have already presented both telescopes. Of course, the high-quality binoculars of the NL Pure series were also in great demand by the international visitors, as well as the riflescopes – for example, especially the technically well-equipped Z5i series is in great demand in the USA, Canada and Europe too.

Accessories at SHOT Show 2023

Laser Ammo: Shot on Body, CQB in a box, Smokeless Range updates

Laser Ammo's CQB in a BOX is a fully portable and very flexible training system, supplied in a dedicated bag with three targets, each with three reactive firing zones.

Not strictly “new” as these upcoming products have been already presented in Europe in the Fall update from Laser Ammo, nonetheless they have been officially introduced on the U.S. and international market at this year’s edition of the SHOT Show. We are talking about the LE-Only and military training products CQB in a BOX portable reactive target system and the Shot on Body wearable reactive sensor system, for force-on-force training – and a nice update to the Smokeless Range 2.0. The latter features improvements and fixes, including new interface languages, additional scenarios in the various modules (including the VST Pro 2.0 module).

Shot on Body is a wearable reactive sensor system that uses Velcro and other means to be easily fastened to clothing, vests, hats and gear, restricted to LE and Military force-on-force training. Each standalone sensor features a built-in light that can illuminate with up to 5 different colors, allowing for multiple shooter identification, and even the type of simulated weapon used (i.e. rifle or pistol), allowing to be programmed with 3 different settings, and corresponding increasing severity of the wound. This is possible using Laser Ammo’s coded lasers.

Laser Ammo CQB in a BOX – also restricted for LE use – is a completely portable, fully featured training system, based on a set of 9 programmable sensors (configured as 3 humanoid sized targets, each with 3 reactive hit zones) wirelessly connected to a remote controller. The system features great flexibility, allowing to program each sensor of a target  to follow set behavior, i.e. hitting a specific hit zone within the “cluster” turns the whole target off.

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