Fiocchi 28 gauge Magnum revealed

Fiocchi Munizioni introduced at 2016 Shot Show a brand new load developed with a joint effort with Benelli USA synergized to obtain a lightweight shotgun and a heavy weight ammunition, perfect for bird hunting.

Fiocchi is offering two brand new 28 gauge 3” loads while Benelli introduces in the same days the new Ethos chembered  for this little big ammunition. Thanks to Benelli's progressive Comfort System felt recoil is very low.

Fiocchi is offering to hunters two loads for 28 gauge 3”: ah high velocity (1300 fps) 1 ounce load of lead shots and am heavier 1-1/16 nickel plated lead shots at 1200 fps in the Gold Pheasant line.

This new cartridge delivers heavy knockdown power yet a low felt recoil in a lightweight shotgun to carry in the fields, as the Benelli Ethos Weight is a mere 5,3 lbs (2,4 Kg).

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