Fiocchi Excellence Pigeon

2016 is without a doubt an important year for Fiocchi as the company celebrates its 140 anniversary. To mark the occasion, it has launched many new products for the hunting world where it is a distinguished brand. 

The packaging of these classic cartridges has been updated with new images and colours, and the result is very elegant. The Excellence ammunition line is a completely new Fiocchi hunting product. 

In packs of 10 with an engaging design, the cartridges have been selected for specific game by hunters who specialise in that particular game throughout the hunting season. 

A wood pigeon in flight 
The wood pigeon, a bird that can be found more and more often (also nesting) in Europe, the choice prey of many specialist hunters

The wood pigeon is found throughout Europe. It passes the winters in Italy and has been nesting there too for many years; fair game from the first to the last day of the hunting season. 

In English-speaking nations, it is actually considered a pest that is harmful to crop farming and the bird is hunted throughout the year in an attempt to control its growing numbers. 

From those end-of-summer days hunting in fields to temporary hides using decoys and birdcalls, the classic hide shoot during autumn migrations, or wintery days hunting birds roosting in the ivy and woods, wood pigeon keep many enthusiastic hunters busy in many different ways and in a variety of circumstances.

The Fiocchi Pigeon cartridges have a balanced load of 37 grams for the 12-gauge bore of reference. Despite the fact that smaller bores are becoming more and more popular, 12-gauge is still one of the most popular choices for hunting this challenging game, which is often hard to get close to. Fiocchi wanted to offer hunters a cartridge with a high muzzle velocity and reliable performance throughout the hunting season, which adapts to different situations and types of wood pigeon hunting.

Fiocchi Excellence Pigeon, with the plastic cartridge case showing a wood pigeon in flight
Fiocchi Pigeon, the 12-gauge cartridge selected by the company from Lecco for hunting wood pigeon

The Fiocchi Pigeon cartridge has a high muzzle velocity of 400 m/s. The plastic green cartridge case with a star crimp is not affected by temperature changes and portrays the silhouette of a wood pigeon in flight. The plastic wad with cup produces excellent and reliable spread performance. 

The shot is nickel-plated, which considerably increases the hardness and helps maintain the spherical form of the shot, to guarantee a compact spread with high penetration power at medium to long ranges. 

Available with No. 7/ 6 and 5 shot, the No. 7 is ideal in your first barrel when hunting from a hide or when using decoys or birdcalls, where shots taken at wood pigeon flying into the trap are never at ranges of more than 20 metres. Cartridges loaded with No. 6 or 5 shot, however, may be ideal second barrel solutions or for taking shots at wood pigeon flying through passes or on migratory lines from temporary hides where the game may be flying high and fast. 

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