Fiocchi Excellence N-EX-S: 12-gauge expansive monolithic cartridges

Despite the broad popularity of wild boar hunting rifles, use of slug guns on driven hunts through the woods remains the weapon of choice for many hunters. 

A 12-gauge shotgun which is easy to shoulder, accurate and highly effective lends itself to the short-range, instinctive shot usually required on this type of hunt as you catch a fleeting glimpse of your target through the vegetation. 

Fiocchi has developed a new range of Excellence cartridges for the game most in demand by the hunting community. Fiocchi's wild boar ammo has been specifically designed for that purpose yet it is also extremely versatile as it can be used across all of Italy's hunting territories, including where use of lead shot is prohibited. 

Wild boar
For driven hunts and instinctive shooting in the woods, a 12-gauge slug gun is very often the hunter's weapon of choice, for which the Fiocchi N-EX-S cartridge is the ideal ammo.

The new Fiocchi N-EX-S 12-gauge cartridge is loaded with expansive monolithic shot and plastic shock-absorbing wad with pre-fragmented cup. 

The shot comprises a central steel pin and 6 petals designed to break away on impact, ensuring maximum damage is inflicted. 

Because the projectile fragments on impact, the likelihood of inflicting a lethal injury is high even if one of the vital organs is not directly hit. 

N-EX-S stands for "New EXpansive Slug".

Following extensive research, the Fiocchi N-EX-S cartridge was developed to meet the needs of those regional authorities where the use of lead shot for driven hunts has been prohibited, while also mitigating the risk of rebounds.

The ballistic tests conducted also revealed excellent accuracy and stopping power. Average muzzle velocity of the N-EX-S projectile measured at 2.5 m is 440 m/s.  The ammo weighs 31.5 grams and is compatible with all 12-gauge shotguns with a 65-mm chamber or larger and all chokes, including interchangeable chokes. 

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