Virtual IWA 2021: new from Fausti Arms, an over-and-under for women hunters and one for sporting clays

We got a taste of the new course of Fausti Arms during the IWA Studio Edition – over three and a half hours of live streaming broadcast last March 12 from the virtual studio of the Nuremberg fair. Among the many meetings with companies, there was also one with the Italian company Fausti Arms, represented on screen by Barbara Fausti, who unveiled some of the new products for this early 2021. We've already talked about the new Fausti Arms logo, but now it's time to talk about guns, starting with the Class Aphrodite over-and-under, which is available in 12, 16, 20, 28, 32 gauge, and .410 bore.

Fausti Class Aphrodite, an over-and-under designed for women hunters

More and more women are approaching the world of hunting and competitions and they require a specific product. Well in advance of what has now become a confirmed trend, Fausti had already launched – with some success – a "female" version of the DEA side-by-side shotgun, the DEA "Lady". With the new round body Class Aphrodite over-and-under, carefully designed to meet the needs and peculiarities of female users, Fausti's offer for this specific sector becomes more complete and intriguing. On the other hand, who better than a company led by three women hunters know the secret of designing a gun uncompromisingly suitable for a female audience? 

So here is the Class Aphrodite, built in 12-20-28-410 gauges and offered in both the classic hunting and Sporting versions. The different barrel lengths, from 25”/63.5 cm to 30”/76 cm with fixed chokes or with interchangeable internal chokes, allow to meet any kind of hunting and competition needs. The long cones and the new  barrel internal geometry help to reduce recoil and ensure ballistic performance of the highest level.

The Fausti Class Aphrodite over-and-under right view
The Fausti Class Aphrodite over-and-under is built on a round body. It is available in 12, 16, 20, 28, 32 gauges and .410 bore.

The ease of swinging and the balance of the gun are trademarks of Fausti: in the Class Aphrodite over-and-under these features are enhanced by the choice of stocks specifically designed for women, from the length of pull to the "Montecarlo" style that favors a natural shouldering, without forgetting Fausti's proverbial attention to detail.

The laser engraving follows the roundness of the receiver and combines the ornate and English style with the stylized portrait of the goddess Aphrodite, a touch of class that distinguishes the Class Aphrodite without resorting to the banality of pink colors and other amenities seen on other products artificially created for marketing reasons and without a real study of the feminine characteristics. The old silver finish of the receiver, the selective single trigger, the automatic ejectors and a special case complete the technical specifications of a gun destined to become the new "must" for the woman who wants a perfect style both on the hunting ground and on the shooting range.

Fausti L4 Sport, designed for sporting clays

The Fausti L4 Sport over-and-under
The Fausti L4 Sport over-and-under is designed for sporting clays shooters.

There's also something new regarding the Fausti L4 Sport model designed for hunting and sporting clays enthusiasts. The new Fausti L4 SPORT is a competition over-and-under with perfect ergonomics and balance. The barrel internal geometry provides for long cones to favor recoil absorption. The gun also features a 10 mm top rib with competition sights and five high-performance Fausti chokes studied for shooting. The gun comes with an adjustable stock, laser engraved chromed receiver, automatic ejectors and selective single trigger. The performance of the new L4 SPORT is amazing not only in the classic 12 gauge version but also in the versions with scaled actions in 20-28 gauges and .410 bore. The version for young people and female shooters is also of great interest. Balance and great handling characteristics go hand in hand with the reliability of a 100% “Made in Italy” product. The high quality of this entry-level Fausti over-and-under designed for competitions is reflected in refined details such as the extended forend release lever that provides a smoother disassembly and in the exceptional ballistic performance of the barrels that will help all shooters to achieve the desired results.

Barbara Fausti's appearance concluded with a video showing a true virtual tour of the Fausti firearms factory – fans can watch it here.

For more information please visit the Fausti Stefano Arms website.

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