Fausti L4 Sport: an entry level over-and-under shotgun for clay shooting

A solid starting point: this is how the Fausti L4 Sport over-and-under shotgun can be defined, being presented as an entry level gun to undertake clay shooting. Robustness, stability and accuracy when firing are the essential and necessary characteristics to go more easily and naturally right on target, and they are not lacking here. With a streamlined profile and blue engravings on a silver receiver reminiscent of the shooting world, the L4 Sport over-and-under features a receiver machined from a solid billet and is available in several gauges, all with scaled receivers. The Fausti Four Locks system, which provides 4 locking points inside the receiver and on the barrels to relieve the strain caused by firing and make the locking more solid and long-lasting, is a guarantee of strength and stability. As in all Fausti guns, the shooter can  request a stock customized to his/her measurements, with adjustable comb and rubber recoil pad. The wood is select European walnut and oil finished, with nicely-executed checkering for a proper grip. The round fore-end has enough gripping area for a firm purchase when aiming.

Video: Fausti Sovrapposto L4 Sport, range test

Fausti L4 Sport: details and shooting sensations

In the version we received for testing, the L4 Sport over-and-under comes in Sporting configuration with 81-cm barrels and interchangeable 3-star chokes in the first barrel and 2-star chokes in the second one.  The gun is also available with fixed chokes, 70-mm or 76-mm chamber at your choice, 71-, 73- and 76-cm barrel lengths and in 12-, 20-, 28- and 410 gauge. Using cartridges with 24-gram of No. 7.5 lead shot we shot both the Olympic and Sporting courses with a confidence that is almost immediate with the gun and demonstrated by neat and very frequent first-barrel hits. The gun's weight of about 2.7 kg appears well balanced and did not seem to fatigue the rather prolonged shooting session.

Even on the shoulder and cheek the L4 Sport over-and-under proves mild in recoil, and although fired with a standard stock, with a good setup the hits seem to follow each other with consistent accuracy. Cartridge case ejection is automatic and positive when breaking open the shotgun. The fore-end iron machined from a solid steel billet like the receiver contributes to the over-and-under's smooth opening, certainly important for the shooter over time during long shooting sessions. Overall, we can judge the test of the Fausti L4 Sport over-and-under – which among its strengths includes a retail price of 2,800 euros – as absolutely positive.

The Four Locks system on the L4 Sport over-and-under makes the gun stable when firing and durable in performance.
In addition to the adjustable stock that can be tailored to the shooter needs, the Fausti L4 Sport can have fixed chokes or be fitted with a set of interchangeable chokes.

Fausti L4 Sport specs and price

L4 Sport
Over-and-under shotgun
12, 20, 28, .410
Chamber (mm): 
70, 76
Barrel Length (cm): 
71, 73, 76, 81
Fixed or interchangeable on request
Box lock barrel, blued finish
Single or selective single; adjustable trigger on request
Stock: Walnut pistol (type A), oil finished, with rubber recoil pad; adjustable stock on request
Round, semi beaver, Schnabel
Laser made
Case:VL 150
2,800 euro (price may be different in your country)

For more information on the L4 Sport over-and-under please visit the Fausti Stefano Arms website.

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