Fausti Dea SLX side-by-side: traditionally modern

The iconic Fausti Dea SLX model seems to meet the taste and expectations of shotgun lovers, being appreciated for its rugged construction and sleek aesthetic details by both the American hunting public, generally more interested to the performance of hunting firearms, and the European public, who also consider and appreciate the customisable details of the shotguns with which they live their passion.

The traditional aspect of the Dea SLX, however, includes a high use of new technologies that, combined with the selection of quality materials, allow the hunter to have a reliable and durable gun. The quality of the individual components, manufactured through the use of computer numerical control machines, is further enhanced by the final inspection guaranteed by the experience of specialised personnel. The receiver of these shotguns is machined from forged solid billets and subsequently hardened with a chrome or color case hardened finish. The chosen mechanism is the tried and tested Anson & Deeley lock system which, since 1875, the year of its design, is considered of unquestionable value for its simplicity and robustness. A peculiarity of absolute value in the mechanism used on Fausti guns is the fact that it has maintained all the originality of that ingenious intuition, starting with the firing pin leaf springs, rejecting simplifications and construction shortcuts. Another positive feature of the Anson-type mechanism is the concentration of the weights in the centre of the gun, which, together with receivers scaled to gauge, guarantees not only guns with a harmonious design but also reduce weight and improve balance, to the advantage of a quicker and more precise swing for the hunter.

Features of the Fausti Dea SLX side-by-side

The solid steel receiver of the Dea SLX is scaled to gauge. The finish can be chrome-plated or color case hardened, finely deep laser engraved.

The Dea SLX is characterised by the receiver with long side plates whose surfaces are deep-laser engraved with three-dimensional floral motifs, with acanthus leaves that create an effect of light and shadow up to the receiver bottom, where we find a gold-inlaid partridge and the model's name. The enrgraved parts alternate with the ball fences, left partially smooth with a pleasant contrasting effect. The finish can be chosen between chrome-plating or color case hardening. The hunter can choose many of the construction and aesthetic details of the Dea SLX shotgun, making it his/her own gun, as the Fausti motto reminds us.

The barrels are available in a wide range of lengths, with fixed or interchangeable chokes. Their lengths ranging from 63.5, 65, 67, 71 and up to 76 cm allow the shotgun  to be used for walking hunts or hide hunting. The rib is flat, with an anti-glare guilloche pattern, and ends with a classic brass bead front sight. You can also choose the trigger system, available as a non-selective single or double trigger, operated by a silver-colored blade, protected by the long guard, which extends backwards onto the AAA grade oil-finished select walnut English-style stock, ending in a full rubber recoil pad. The forend is also English-style in 12, 16 and 20-gauge, while it is semi-beavertail in 28 and .410, thus offering a better grip on thin-diameter barrels. We had the opportunity to field test the Fausti Dea SLX sode-by-side in .410 bore, a small caliber version that perhaps because of its proportions, the harmony of its lines, and not least its speed and effectiveness in shooting, managed to convey those same pleasant feelings that evidently continue to dictate the choices of many enthusiasts of tradition and made in Italy in the world.

Fausti Dea SLX specs

Gauges:12 - 16 - 20 - 28 - .410
Barrel Lengths:63.5 - 65 - 67.5 - 71 - 73 - 76 cm
Chokes:Fixed, interchangeable
Trigger:Non-selective single trigger or double trigger
Stock Grade:
AAA (oil finished)
Forend:English type (in 12-, 16- and 20-gauge) or semi-beavertail (in 28- to .410)
Engraving:Deep laser
Finish:Chrome or color case hardened

For more information on the Dea SLX side-by-side please visit the Fausti website.

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