Hunting with the .410 Fausti Class SLX 

As always, hunters can choose with the Fausti staff the features of their rifle to have a gun suited to their needs.

There is much truth to the fact that small gauges are capable of enhancing the enjoyment of certain hunting circumstances, especially for those who spend whole days walking in the field with hounds where the light weight of gun and cartridges to be carried is sufficient to justify their choice. If one adds to this the superior swing speed compared to the larger calibers, one also reconsiders many doubts about the useful range of these gauges that allow you to save precious moments and meters in instinctive shooting. As I said and stressed, from my point of view it makes no sense to compare different gauges, because in each of them we will find favorable or unfavorable aspects related to different hunting environments and game. 

Some particularly inaccessible places where it may be common for dogs to encounter and defend themselves against wild boar, for example, are not ideal for small gauges, while it is obvious that when hunting in open fields with pointing dogs or when hunting small migratory birds, the advantages and enjoyment are amplified. So the choice of small gauges, if made with a preference for the aesthetics of a gun featuring small dimensions and harmonious proportions that are pleasant to the eye, with the awareness of enjoying the satisfactions it can give within effective range without misplaced and out-of-reach expectations, can be called a sporty one. Indeed, sportsmanship does not lie in making shooting more difficult by trying to demonstrate equal performances and celebrating the shooter by using a small gauge, but precisely in the fact that one has chosen the small gauge for the pleasure deriving from the use of these guns without the need to expect kills or shots consistent with larger calibers. A sportsman is the hunter who correctly evaluates the right shots to make without any qualms or fatigue and without having to prove anything more precisely than his/her own sportsmanship, which does not mean attempts, but sure and intentional decisions in the knowledge and respect of wild animals. 

Video: Hunting with the .410 Fausti Class SLX 

Hunting with small gauges

Fausti, who has always believed and invested in small gauges emphasizing their elegance and pleasure when hunting, delivered us the Class SLX over-and-under that we already know well in the other versions, in .410 bore – which we had never tried. After a few hunting trips of which we leave you the pictures and comments in the video, we can confirm what we have been claiming so far.

With the available modern loadings and a ballistic performance of the barrels that proves to be excellent, there was no shortage of satisfaction. The light weight of the Class SLX over-and-under and the swing speed allowed us to always shoot at the right time and at the right range without any uncertainty. The Class SLX over-and-under is available in all gauges and technical features – such as barrel length, fixed or interchangeable chokes, and single or double trigger – can be evaluated directly with Fausti at the time of choice. 

It is not uncommon to find ready-to-deliver guns at Fausti's that can be cost-effective and practical in waiting time for the hunter.

It may happen that there are already guns available in the company with the features the hunter is looking for, so the advice we would like to renew is to contact directly and always listen to the advice of the Fausti staff, which could reserve pleasant surprises both in economic terms and in the manufacturing and delivery time of the gun you are looking for. Good luck!

For more information on the Class SLX over-and-under please visit the Fausti website.