Fausti Arms looks to the future – with a new logo and a new claim for the brand

Fausti Stefano Arms is a well known Italian traditional gunmaker and still family owned. The three sisters Elena, Giovanna and Barbara Fausti are proud of their past and treasuring their long experience. In this particular period they now focus on innovation as a “driver” to develop new technologies to meet the needs of hunters and shooters. And they decided to work on the brand and its appearance as well. During the live show "IWA STUDIO EDITION 2021" mid of March 2021 Barbara Fausti informed the international target audience about the new look and positioning of the brand FAUSTI. Here is what you should know about it and please don't forget to watch the new brand video at the end of this article:

March 2021: restyling for the Fausti brand. What's new?

To support this important change they also chose to change the company's image without changing the values of all time. The new graphic restyling of Fausti Arms, for over 70 years a point of reference worldwide for gun enthusiasts, expresses in a few simple signs the character of a company with a strong history: proud of its past, organized in the present and future-oriented. The new logo allows Fausti to express its modernity while remaining faithful to the values of all time: 

  • The heraldic coat of arms has been replaced by a clean and modern monogram, which keeps intact the reference to traditions.

  • The letter F, a clear reference to the family name and stylized in sinuous shapes as a tribute to the femininity of the Fausti sisters, has been mirrored and intertwined as usual in noble blazons. In this composition we can also recognize a deer's antler, something that was already in the first company's logo and a coveted hunting trophy.

  • The monogram is accompanied by the writing “Fausti”, in the Argus typeface that, inspired by baroque typefaces, combines graceful lines and clarity: a reference to the long history of the company and, at the same time, to its modernity. 
Fausti Silvery hunting shotgun
Towards new goals and with a new brand image – the Fausti sisters focus on innovation starting from the history and success of their company with a logo restyling and more.

The concepts expressed by the new logo echo and follow the same ideas of the new brand positioning: looking to the future for Fausti means reaching new goals, meeting the needs of new customers, without ever losing sight of the excellence that has always distinguished the company. For Fausti, quality also comes from teamwork, from the ability to work every day with a cohesive team that can express technology, craftsmanship, knowledge and experience, with an eye always turned to innovation. Owning a gun is no longer a luxury for a select few, but a dream that can become reality for everyone. Everyone will be able to choose his or her perfect gun, from the basic models – expression and synthesis of high quality standards – up to the customized  tools, made unique by perfect and refined manual finishes. A Fausti over-and-under or side-by-side shotgun will always be the firearm that every customer has chosen for himself or herself.

As the new FAUSTI slogan says: I'LL BE YOUR GUN.  

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