Fausti Caledon over-and-under: an entry level shotgun for stalking

Those who attend the woods are well acquainted with the obstacles to be faced continually on the way while hunting. Especially where the undergrowth becomes thicker, not infrequently, in order to be an ally and not a hindrance during the walk the shotgun must necessarily be compact in size, light in weight, such as to leave the hunter free in movement and serene while enjoying his/her passion, and not focused on avoiding bumps and scratches that sooner or later will undoubtedly come. Attention to the integrity of the gun is a must, but it can't distract from the hunting scenario, and consequently a durable and simple shotgun helps and amplifies the pleasure in stalking. In the new Fausti catalog, the Caledon over-and-under will appeal to all those who want a sleek firearm that is not too constraining on the whole, even in the most demanding environments.

Gauges and mechanics of the Fausti Caledon over-and-under

The color combinatio of barrels and receiver enhances the elegance of the Caledon over-and-under. The golden Fausti logo can be seen on the opening lever and trigger guard. 

An over-and-under from the Core Line, the Caledon represents the entry model into the Fausti world for its understated elegance. Featuring an integral receiver machined from solid forged billet, it is available in all gauges from 12 to .410. The size of the receivers themselves are scaled to gauge up to 28 ga to ensure greater elegance of form, better ballistic performance and higher comfort of use given the lower weight and greater balance.

The surfaces of the chrome-finished receiver show a sharp but soft contrast between the smooth side and the laser-engraved side with traditional floral motifs in chiaroscuro, enriched on the receiver bottom by a golden partridge in flight. A refined touch, the Fausti logo in gold also stands out with on the deep black of the trigger guard and on the opening lever. Carved and engraved ball fences form a pleasing contrast with the barrels.

The silver receiver pairs nicely with the wood surfaces of the walnut stock and forend, that underwent the wood laser grain treatment for superior aesthetics. The stock configuration is pistol-style, with a wide grip to allow easy and quick swinging, while the forend is English-style.

The box lock action is accompanied by a crisp, fast selective single trigger; a double trigger version is also made at the hunter's request.

Like Fausti's other over-and-unders, the Caledon parts are machined from solid billet and, above all, boasts the exclusive patented Four Locks locking system, a guarantee of ruggedness and precision. Four lugs, two machined into the block of the barrels and two fitted to the internal sides of the receiver, work together in both the vertical and horizontal planes to create a rock-solid lock that not only allows thousands of rounds to be fired without any problem even with the most powerful ammunition, but also improves the stability and accuracy of the gun.

Available in all gauges, the Caledon receiver and all its components are machined from solid billet and scaled to gauge. Fausti's patented Four Locks locking system ensures the gun's strength and durability.

The barrels of the Caledon over-and-under are available in different lengths and equipped with fixed chokes or alternatively interchangeable chokes, making the shotgun employable in different environments and types of hunting. Lengths start at 63.5 cm, ideal for hunting in the woods, through the 65 and 67.5 cm intermediate lengths useful in hunting with pointing dogs for short and medium range shooting, up to the 71 and 76 cm barrels for hide- or open field hunting, where longer range shots frequently occur. The weight of the over-and-under varies according to barrel length, averaging around 2.8 kg for the larger gauges and 2.6 kg for the smaller ones. As with every Fausti gun, the Caledon is delivered to the hunter with a factory pattern test certifying the over-and-under's ballistic performance inside an elegant case.

At a retail price of 2,400 euros (Italian MSRP including VAT) for 12- and 20-gauge models, and something more for the smaller gauge models, the Caledon represents an example of reliable Fausti quality to carry into the field without any fear.

Durable in its mechanics and understated in its elegance, the Fausti Caledon over-and-under can be the choice of those seeking a functional weapon that is suitable for wandering hunting. 

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