Fausti Dea side-by-side, an evergreen for traditional hunting

The first feature that makes the Fausti Dea side-by-side a reliable gun with a sleek design is its receiver machined from steel billet and scaled to gauge. This construction detail is essential to have a gun that is stable when shooting, durable over time and pleasing in design. The shotgun is manufactured by the Fausti company in all popular gauges, 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410 bore. The receiver can be silver-finished or color case hardened with subjects, floral decorations and flying wild animals deep-laser engraved and gold inlaid. The trigger is single with a wide trigger guard, which is easy and intuitive to reach. Shell ejection is automatic and selective.

The stock is English style while the forend is in a half-beaver type to provide a safe and comfortable grip even with the small gauge versions. Wood is select European walnut and oil finished. From our hunting outings we have seen a balanced and well-distributed weight that makes the shotgun easy to carry and swing, ideal in rapid and instinctive shooting. In the larger 12-gauge, the weight is about 2.9 kg, dropping to about 2.7 kg in the smaller gauges. Different barrel lengths and internal chokes allow the Dea side-by-side to be used in different types of environments and hunts, from short-range shooting with pointing dogs up to the medium ranges in open-field stalking.