Baschieri & Pellagri Privilege: how the full range of cartridges performs in the field

Innovative thanks to the biodegradable wad, but also versatile because of the materials used, that make them suitable for all environments: Baschieri & Pellagri's Privilege cartridges represent an already established alternative for hunters who, when facing the challenge of prized game – as the name indicates – want to rely on loadings that ensure consistent performance.  

Baschieri's Privilege line is comprehensive and includes both traditional lead and steel loads for hunting in wetlands. 

Making it clear that any game and every form of hunting represents an unquestionable value, by the term “prized game” we refer to animals such as hare, pheasant partridge. That is, wild game that because of its size as well as importance, require the use of more specific and poweful loadings than small migratory game.

Our experience with Baschieri Privilege 

We tested Baschieri Privilege cartridges achieving safe kills at medium ranges with both number 6 and 5 lead and steel shot. 
Biodegradable wads ensure optimal performance. The velocity of Privilege cartridges averages 405 m/s.

The Privilege range is comprehensive and includes both traditional lead and steel shot loads for wet areas. The Green core or 100% biodegradable felt wads can provide ballistic performance equal to or better than the plastic materials used so far, while also ensuring consistency with different environmental and weather conditions. Available in 12-gauge with 30-, 32- and 34-gram lead shot loads, and 28- and 32-gram steel shot loads, the Privilege line includes shot sizes ranging from No. 6 to No. 3. Velocity – one of the main features of the Privilege line – is maintained at consistently high levels in the different versions of the cartridges, which on the test bench averaged more than 405 m/s. In the cartridges loaded with lead shot, the white graphite surface coating makes pellet smoother and faster. 

Also available with a 67 mm shell, the Baschieri Privilege lead shot cartridges can be fired with all types of shotguns, even the most traditional and outdated ones, as long as they are in good condition of course, while the steel version cartridges with steel shot are intended instead for steel-proofed guns. In some outings we have tried both lead and steel cartridges combined with the recent Fausti Caledon over-and-under, achieving excellent results without any differences and often mixing a lead- and a steel-load cartridge in the first and second barrels just to try to notice the immediate differences. 

We can say that, when hunting with pointing dogs and shooting at partridges and pheasants, we could not notice any difference at all. The kills using number 6 and 5 shot were immediate and safe, and hunted game was never spoiled by pellets even when hit at close range – patterns were clearly penetrating and lethal, but well distributed. 

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