Wild boar hunting: Baschieri & Pellagri Black Shock and Hyper Shock

Shooting at close ranges with the need for enough velocity and power to immediately stop the boar to save the dogs; instinctive shots a few meters into the thickest woods, these are the most frequent situations in which many hunters and dog handlers still prefer the shotgun for driven hunts. Where the accuracy of a rifled barrel at longer ranges gives way to the stopping power and shock caused on often massive game by a 12 ga slug with the same degree of accuracy at shorter distances. It should also not be forgotten that some of the older hunters, who for many years have acquired experience and practice in slug shooting with smoothbore guns, find it more difficult to adapt to rifles, which for the new generations is a habit with semi-automatic firearms.

Baschieri & Pellagri Black 12-gauge Shock and Hyper Shock

the thickest areas of the wood
Both for dog handlers, who often have to save their dogs by shooting at a few meters, and for the thickest areas of the wood, slugs can guarantee accuracy and a safe kill.

For these circumstances and these hunters Baschieri & Pellagri has designed a complete range of cartridges with specific slugs, developed to guarantee safety and accuracy, as well as effectiveness on the game. Wild boars, which are becoming more and more common thanks to food availability and environmental changes, are often large in size and therefore more challenging to kill.

The spread of predators such as wolves has led wild boars to develop a certain aggressiveness and tendency to defend themselves against men and dogs. For this reason, the Black Shock cartridge, available with a 32-gram slug, is also offered in a 40-gram magnum version for guns with a 76-mm chamber.

The black coating of the Black Shock and Hyper Shock slugs
The black coating of the Black Shock and Hyper Shock slugs provides better smoothness and accuracy while also avoiding lead residue inside the barrel bore.

Another more recent solution studied by Baschieri's technicians is the Hyper Shock, which arrived in 2020 with a 35-gram slug capable of stopping even large wild game on the spot thanks to its impact power. The particular shape of the slug, featuring external spiral ribs and a truncated cone tip, in shots up to ranges of 50/60 meters guarantees a flat and stable trajectory at high velocity with reliable groups as we have tested in the field, and can make the difference in driven hunting.

The external coating of the Black and Hyper Shock slugs also contributes to accuracy, making them move smoother – and therefore faster – along the barrels without leaving any lead residue inside the bore, thus keeping the accuracy and performance of the gun consistent over time. The hollow base of the slug and the plastic fins realign the center of gravity and thrust for optimal ballistic performance. The Black Shock cartridge, thanks to its aerodynamic profile, develops a velocity of 455 m/s with an energy of over 300 kg. The Hyper Shock slug with its 35 grams reaches 475 m/s and is appreciated also in dense environments where its power is able to maintain residual energy and accuracy even in the presence of foliage, especially in the first autumn driven hunts.

The Black Shock cartridge
The Black Shock cartridge develops a
velocity of 455 m/s with an energy of over 300 kg, the Hyper Shock slug with its 35 grams reaches 475 m/s. These features provide a high stopping power on big-sized wild boars.

These results would have been only to be hoped for and theoretical if we had not seen them confirmed in the field during the past season, when we strongly recommended the use of these cartridges to many hunters and dog handlers who still thank us for the advice received and the satisfaction achieved, as their hunting photos can witness.

On two occasions we from all4hunters.com shot the Black Shock and the Hyper Shock ammo at wild boars of considerable size at ranges of 35 and 24 meters respectively, achieving safe and immediate kills of wild boars that in both cases exceeded 90 kg.

For more information on the Black Shock and Hyper Shock balls please visit the Baschieri & Pellagri website.


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