Wild boar special: Baschieri & Pellagri Big Game slug shotshells

We are guests at Baschieri & Pellagri and we move between the Materials Research & Development departments and the test bench where the characteristics of the various loadings are tested and perfected. We are talking on this occasion about wild boar hunting, one of the most popular and beloved hunting types. Hunters who dedicate themselves to it use rifles, but in many cases also shotguns and consequently slug shotshells. Over the years, Baschieri has devoted particular attention to the study and development of loadings that can satisfy hunters in the various situations and environments in which wild boar hunting takes place, finding specific solutions suitable for shooting in the woods, shooting at longer ranges and for large game, without forgetting the accuracy required even by those who participate in shooting competitions. This has led to the development of the complete Big Game range, which we would like to briefly summarise with technician Gianluca Garolini.

Baschieri & Pellagri Lead Free

The Lead Free cartridge can be used in areas where lead is prohibited thanks to the 22.5-gram tin slug.

Where the use of lead is not allowed, the Lead Free shotshell makes it possible to hunt with a tin slug weighing 22.5 grams, a lightweight projectile that is the same size as normal slugs of higher weight thanks to its different density. The tip profile is rounded with a hollow cavity that at a velocity of 600 m/s provides great ballistic power with a lethal energy release. This type of cartridge is especially recommended for close-range shots in the woods where great stopping power is also required among trees, avoiding dangerous ricochets. It is a solution that may prove useful for shotgunners who find themselves delivering short range shots or finishing shots to wounded game.

Baschieri & Pellagri White Blackout HV

The White Blackout cartridge with a 28-gram slug is among the most powerful 12-gauge shotshells with a velocity of 570 m/s.

The lightest slug in the Big Game line. Despite the slug's "light" weight of 28 grams, the cartridge develops a very high velocity and is among Baschieri's most "powerful" 12/70 cartridges.
The special surface coating of metal part prevents lead residue in the bore after firing.
Thanks to its profile and high velocity, this slug is "expansive" on game, optimally discharging its energy onto the prey.

With a velocity of approximately 570 m/s, the White Blackout HV is a cartridge that guarantees accurate and reliable results even at medium ranges.

Baschieri & Pellagri Thrill Shock

The Thrill Shock is among the most famous cartridges in the Baschieri range with its power and accuracy: available in all gauges from 12 to the smallest .410 bore.

One of the most historic cartridges in the Big Game line, the Thrill Shock features a slug with a profile designed to guarantee accuracy and power when hunting ungulates in general. Weighing 32 grams, the Thrill Shock has a velocity of around 500 m/s and is available in all the main hunting gauges, i.e. from 12 to 16 gauge with 26-gram slug, 20 gauge with 24-gram slug, 28 gauge with 17-gram slug and in the smallest .410 bore with 9-gram slug. The plastic wad inserted in the deep tail cavity of the slug guarantees stability and accuracy, providing consistent high-level performance in the chosen gauge.

Baschieri & Pellagri Red Shock

The Red Shock cartridge with 35.5-gram B&P slug is suitable for shots in dense environments and on large game.

Big Game Red Shock is the evolution of the B&P slug, with a weight of 35.5 grams and a "hollow point" type tip that allows extreme expansion on impact.

The lead metal part is covered with a red surface treatment after which the cartridge is named, which protects the barrel from leading. The Red Shock, available in 12-gauge, is recommended for shots in particularly dense environments and on large game, and can be used even with fully choked shotguns with 70 mm chambers.

Baschieri & Pellagri Hyper Shock

The Baschieri & Pellagri Hyper Shock with a 35-gram slug ensures accuracy even in medium and long range shots.

The Hyper Shock is a powerful cartridge designed by Baschieri for shooting at medium and long ranges and is also effective on large gamee. The 35-gram B&P slug combined with a velocity of 475 m/s ensure ideal terminal ballistics with great stopping power on game.

Baschieri & Pellagri Black Shock and Black Shock Magnum

Designed for competitions thanks to its high accuracy and a treatment that prevents barrel leading, the Black Shock shotshell is also very successful at hunting and in the magnum version with a 40-gram slug.

This 12-gauge cartridge available in a 32-gram and magnum version with a 40-gram slug was originally developed for precision shooting in competitions.

The slug accuracy and stability is enhanced by the black coating, which prevents bore leading while maintaining consistent performance even during prolonged shooting sessions.

The "heavy" version is particularly suitable for use in shotguns with magnum chambers: the slug's high weight does not affects accuracy. The high stopping power is guaranteed by Baschieri even on large wild boar.

For more information on the Big Game line please visit the Baschieri & Pellagri website.

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