Hunting with Baschieri & Pellagri MG2 Mythos cartridges

The Baschieri & Pellagri MG2 Mythos line of cartridges is the result of a selection of high quality components and raw materials, to satisfy hunters who are passionate about hunting non-migratory game in the valleys and who therefore do not want to have any uncertainties when encountering wild animals, from the first hunt of the season to the coldest winter days. The high velocity is undoubtedly the main feature of this range of cartridges available in both 12 and 20 gauge thanks to the use of MG2 powder, which is also capable of ensuring consistent performance at different temperatures. The special tempered lead shot protected by a nickel-plating allows dense and lethal patterns to be obtained even at medium and long ranges given the high residual energy. MG2 Mythos cartridges are available both with a container wad for long range shooting from a second barrel or as an option for stalking hunting, and with a felt wad for larger and denser patterns for instinctive shorts at short and medium ranges, which are more common in hunting with hounds. In the cartridges with plastic wadding, the concentration of the pattern is also ensured by an antifreeze wad with a pre-cut container featuring six high containment petals.

Video: hunting with Baschieri and Pellagri MG2 Mythos

the different loadings of MG2 Mythos cartridges
We field tested the different loadings of MG2 Mythos cartridges achieving excellent results with safe kills and perfectly preserved game body.

The lead numbers available from 8 to 3 allow a wide variety of field uses of the MG2 Mythos in different types of hunting and environments. For the 12 gauge, the loadings start from the standard 36 grams, passing through the intermediate 37 and 38 grams, up to the semi-magnum 40 grams and magnum 46 grams. 

The same wide choice is available for the lovers of the 20 gauge, who can opt for the standard 28-gram load or for the 30-gram cartridge with felt wadding. In our case we have had the opportunity to test the quality of these cartridges both in 12 gauge and in 20 gauge on several occasions in the last two hunting seasons. 

In particular, in the video we show the results of a few days of hunting partridges with pointing dogs in the hills and hunting pheasants in the valley. In the very different climate and environmental conditions the result has been the same, with 20 gauge  cartridges loaded with 28 grams of lead shot number 6. The commitment of the dogs was rewarded by safe kills that, even at different distances, always returned the wild animal body perfectly intact and never spoiled by the shot. There have been several occasions in which we have used the Baschieri Mythos, this time with the 12 gauge, in hare hunting, taking advantage of the power of the 40 gram semi-magnum load. You may have noticed that the circumstances of use have always involved medium-sized non-migratory game, but the different loads available suggest that the Mythos is an excellent solution for hunting wood pigeon and other migratory birds too. 

For further information about the MG2 Mythos cartridges please visit the Baschieri & Pellagri website.

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