Cold Steel Dragonfly Wakizashi sword
From the American Cold Steel company a real Wakizashi with a 1060 carbon steel blade. It has nothing in common with cheap ornamental replicas: this is a real sword with high-quality finishes.
Beretta APX: an exclusive test-overview
The latest handgun made by the gunsmiths from Gardone (Italy) is designed with the military market in mind, but a civilian 9x21 has also been produced. We had the chance to test it in a sneak preview at the Beretta firing range, and impression it left was excellent.
SIG Sauer P232 .380 ACP pistol
The .380 Auto chambered SIG Sauer P232 Black is a real classic for its almost legendary reliability, portability and accuracy. Still available in very small numbers, the P232 is a compact semiauto pistol built as a concealed carry or backup gun, that's Vintage in looks but very, very modern in concept and manufacture
First Practical Test of the Heckler & Koch HK 433 Assault Rifle
We had the opportunity to take a look at the HK 433 and shoot with it during the Special Forces Workshop in Güstrow. Keep reading to find out how the first models performed in practical tests.
New rifles for US Army and Marines: a big mess?
The United States Marine Corps has issued an acquisition notice for some 50,000 5.56 mm M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles (IAR), while the US Army has just released a solicitation for a new selective-fire infantry rifle in 7.62 mm. The background is quite interesting to read
The Tactical Corner: How to salvage guns and ammo in case of flooding
Is there any way to save firearms that have been submerged? Is it safe to use ammo salvaged from water? The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) offers some precious advice.

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IPSC shooting disciplines: handgun Divisions – Choosing a gun!
As a sport, dynamic shooting – IPSC – is becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, the fascinating shooting sport recogni
Safety first: SIG Sauer begins P320 Voluntary Upgrade Program
The program will include an alternate design that reduces the physical weight of the trigger, sear, and striker while ad
Savage Arms introduces Model 10 GRS in 6mm Creedmoor
The rifles features a GRS stock made of 15 percent fiberglass-reinforced Durethan and a fluted 26” barrel. The 6mm Creed
Model 360, a new J-Frame from Smith & Wesson
An interesting option for self-defense, this lightweight revolver is chambered in the popular and powerful .357 Magnum a
How to defeat a not-so-smart gun
A hacker defeated the electromagnetic lock of an Armatix iP1 “smart gun” with some cheap magnets. He also shows how to p
The story of the assault rifle - Part 2: Towards the war
The Germans, with their 7.92 Kurz cartridge and the Maschinenkarabiner (later renamed “Sturmgewehr”), opened the way for
Christoph Eisenhardt is the new CEO of RUAG Ammotec
Christoph Eisenhardt is the new CEO of the RUAG Ammotec division and member of the RUAG Group Management in Switzerland.
Kimber Eclipse: new 1911 handgun series
The US manufacturer Kimber has launched a new series of 1911 handguns, the Eclipse. The three models Eclipse Custom, Ecl

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