Clay Shooting: with Iain MacGregor and Linda Mellor
Linda Mellor is collaborating with Shotgun Coach Iain MacGregor, one of the UK’s internationally qualified shotgun coaches, and is building a series about the value of working with a shooting coach. In this chapter, they explore the importance of a pattern plate, and why it is vital to understand where your gun shoots.
SIG P320 X-Carry for the Danish Armed Forces
The pistol will be purchased in two versions, a standard (full size) and a “concealed carry” version. The new pistols are expected to be delivered to all units by the end of 2019.
SAIGA-9, a civilian version of the Vityaz in 9mm
Finally, the civilian version of the famous SAIGA-9 "Vityaz" is available on the market. The Russian submachine gun – in semi-auto only – is available in two barrel lengths and with fixed or folding stock. It’s chambered in 9x19 caliber (9 Luger).
SW22 Victory Target Model, an affordable target shooting pistol
From Smith & Wesson, a new “Target Model” version of its SW22 Victory lineup. Chambered in .22 LR, the new pistol features target sights and grips that turn an appreciated “plinker” into an affordable target gun.
“Gunny” R. Lee Ermey passed away
04/16/2018 - The actor who played the role of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Kubrick’s film “Full Metal Jacket” (1987) has died aged 74. A marine in real life, he had joined the US Marine Corps in 1961, at the age of 17, serving for eleven years.
Linda Mellor: working with shotgun coach Iain MacGregor
Linda Mellor, 52, has had a lifetime around guns but only started shooting four years ago. Determined to approach shotgun shooting correctly, she contacted Perth based shotgun coach Iain MacGregor. Iain has been coaching since the early 1980s, and is one of the UK's few highly qualified shotgun coaches, and holds international qualifications at the highest level.

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Tomahawk Pistol Grip Firearm, a powerful compact shotgun
03/12/2018 - IWA 2018 / New from Nighthawk Custom: Tomahawk Pistol Grip Firearm. Built on a Remington 870 shotgun reduced to an overa
GECO: new centerfire rifle cartridges for sport shooters
03/10/2018 - IWA 2018 / New from GECO: SPORT centerfire rifle cartridges. GECO is expanding the successful line of centerfire rifle c
A lady shooter in Scotland
Emma Christie works in the shooting industry, and each day she handles guns, cartridges and clays at the family run Auch
GLOCK 18: the fully automatic pistol in 9 mm Luger Caliber
Many know of it, but few have had the opportunity to try out the fully automatic GLOCK 18 even once. During a visit at G
Ridge-Lite: from Tactical Solutions a barrel upgrade for S&W Victory pistols
The one-piece Ridge-Lite Barrel Upgrade includes a 6-in barrel and a Picatinny rail, featuring fiber optic front and ful
Haenel CR 308: new semi-auto rifle in .308 Win
03/09/2018 - ENFORCE TAC and IWA 2018 / New from Haenel: CR 308. Haenel Defence showcases the new semi automatic CR 308 chambered in
Seekins Precision NX3G, the competitive edge
The NX3G is specifically built for 3 Gun stages and sporting applications. Thanks to its “hybrid” .223 Wylde chambering
KAHLES: New brand look and optics for 2018
03/10/2018 - IWA 2018 / Optics manufacturer KAHLES presents itself with a new face. The company redesigned its brand and now comes wi

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