New customization opportunities for the Pardini K10
Pardini Armi offers a brand new optional balance system for their best seller K10 air pistol. The kit, which can be purchased separately, includes a lightweight alloy cover and up to 8 counterweights of 5 grams each.
The Tactical Corner - Firearms and hearing: why you need to protect your ears
Shooting can affect your hearing capacity and damage is cumulative over time. Wearing earplugs or earmuffs alone may not be enough…
Fausti XF4, L4 and Magnificent: shotguns made for competition
After the great success of the new XF4 over-and-under presented this year, the Fausti sisters have allowed us to follow them during the manufacturing phases at the factory of their own shotguns, the ones that Barbara and Giovanna chose since the design stage, afterwards passing through the measurement and customization stages up to the field test at the range.
World of GLOCK: a new website
The well-known gun manufacturer GLOCK has renewed its website. On the web the Austrian company shows, among other things, all pistols from its large range. We have looked at the website more closely and we will show you what you will find there.  
CRKT Pineapple, the “grenade-knife”
The CRKT Pineapple is an EDC (Every Day Carry) knife intended for everyday use. Despite its small size it features a blade that can manage many tasks.
Unarmed police officers: a thing of the past?
After the recent wave of terror attacks in London and in the rest of Europe, British police chiefs are considering to issue firearms to all frontline officers. And the same thing is happening in Australia.

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BR4 Cutlass Rifles for Rockport Police Dept
The new corrosion-resistant rifles are specifically designed for MARSEC (Maritime Security) operations and shipboard usa
Caracal pistol strikes back
After the safety recalls some years ago, Caracal USA has announced the availability of a “Limited Edition” of its 9mm Ca
First Tactical, innovation and reliability
07/01/2017 - The company's motto is “dedicated to serving those who serve others”. Their products are made to meet the needs of P
Pete Brownell elected President of the National Rifle Association
05/05/2017 - Following the 146th National Rifle Association Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Atlanta, Pete Brownell was elected Presid
Beretta Fusion Black: the special edition of a classic pistol
The Beretta Fusion Black is an exclusive version of the most popular Beretta handgun ever, as is obvious from the metico
Tokyo 2020: changes in Olympic shooting disciplines
06/19/2017 - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced sweeping changes to the Olympic shooting disciplines. Intended t
Fabarm L4S Sporting, the target gun
07/05/2017 - With a shortened magazine with four round capacity to reduce the length of the fore-end, this 12-gauge shotgun offers lo
Chiappa Firearms: ACP Laser Training System
05/23/2017 - ACP Laser Training System: a professional training system based on a vest with a Laser sensor and various types of conve

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