Blackhawk Multipoint Sling, for “civilian” and “tactical” shooters
02/22/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / New from Blackhawk: Multipoint Sling. Blackhawk’s Multipoint Sling is now available with all-steel Quick Detach (QD) mounting points. A patented slider allows for quick adjustments and high speed rifle transitions even on the move.
Aimpoint Comp M5 red-dot reflex sight
02/21/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / New from Aimpoint: the Comp M5 Red Dot reflex sight. The well-known Swedish manufacturer of high-quality aiming systems introduced the latest version of the military and professional Comp red-dot line. Check out its features.
More privatization for Kalashnikov Group
Russian state-owned ROSTEC corporation will sell 26% (minus one share) of Kalashnikov Concern group. As a result, 75% minus one share of the Kalashnikov group will belong to private investors. But the Russian government still maintains necessary control of this essential supplier of defense and security equipment.
AirForce Airgun EscapeSS, for quiet shooting
02/20/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / Airguns are increasingly popular among hunters. AirForce Airgun offers a wide range of air rifles: the EscapeSS is a lightweight model designed for small game and features a new sound reduction technology installed.
New polymer pistols from Kahr Arms: the S9 and ST9
02/19/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / New from Kahr Arms: the S9 and ST9 pistol models. The US company presented its two new polymer pistol models from the S-series. Here we describe the features and technical data of these two pistols chambered in 9 mm Luger.
Baschieri & Pellagri: new hunting and shooting ammunition
02/18/2018 - HIT Show 2018 / New from Baschieri & Pellagri: great classics revisited and new proposals in all gauges dedicated to both hunting and sporting shotguns.

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Beretta APX Combat pistol
01/30/2018 - SHOT Show 2108 / New from Beretta. The Italian firearms manufacturer has presented a new version of its striker-fired AP
Chiappa Firearms, two commemorative 1892 rifles for its 60th Anniversary
01/25/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / New from Chiappa Firearms: the 1892 rifle according to its 60th Anniversary. The limited edition versio
Schmidt & Bender 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC riflescope
01/28/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / New from Schmidt & Bender: 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC. This is the riflescope that won a German
Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2, the evolution in a new caliber .45 ACP
01/28/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / New from Springfield Armory: XD-S Mod.2 pistol in the powerful .45 ACP cartridge and especially designe
Davide Pedersoli new firearms in 2018: replicas, pistols, shotguns
01/24/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / Davide Pedersoli new firearms in 2018. From one of the most well-known manufacturers of historical repl
Caesar Guerini Challenger Ascent Sporting
01/26/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / New from Caesar Guerini: the Challenger Ascent. The new Challenger Ascent completes the range of sporti
IWI Tavor 7: the newest IWI bullpup rifle comes in civilian version
01/25/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / New from IWI: the Tavor 7 rifle. Chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO /.308 Win. caliber, the new Israeli rifle
SIG Sauer P938 Stand, a special edition pistol to honor the American Flag
01/25/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / New from SIG Sauer: P938 Stand. A new version of the 9mm Luger P938 platform, the P938 Stand has a slid

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