The Shooter's Talk – Gun control and speed limits, a matter of logic
In the recent Texas shooting an armed citizen prevented the killer from taking many more lives. But if gun laws were stricter, the “good Samaritan”  might not have been able to have his gun... 
FN 509: the new 9mm service pistol from FN Herstal
The Belgian FN Herstal defense company presented the new FN 509 service pistol at the Milipol Paris 2017. The new 9x19mm caliber pistol will be a hot competitor in the competitive service firearm market. We show you characteristics and technical data of the new pistol from FN.
Being a shotgun coach, an instructor and a mother
Mhairi-Ann Troup is a shooting instructor, CPSA (Clay Pigeon Shooting Association) safety officer and competitive shot, and mother of two boys. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, she is now based in West Sussex, UK, and won the CPSA coach of the year 2016 award. Mhairi-Ann is avidly committed to coaching shotgun shooting, and developing people within the sport, with a focus on working with youngsters.
A new Ballistic Calculator App from Hornady
The new app for mobile devices is available free for iOS (Apple) and Android OS. Hornady claims it's the “most accurate commercial trajectory program available” and can calculate accurate trajectories at extreme ranges.
all4shooters “Testival 2017” - how we make our videos
Ever wondered how we at make our videos? How do we shoot the videoclips, test the guns, and are all those great videos always shot perfect every time...? Read on, and please watch our Bonus Bloopers video! And don’t forget: Shooting is fun!
Poland joins the Czech Republic against the EU “Gun Ban”
Last summer the Czech Republic filed a lawsuit against the EU directive restricting firearms possession and use. Now the Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration has initiated the procedure to participate in the proceedings for interim relief in the form of a suspension of the contested directive.

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Savage evolutions: the 10/110 Stealth Evolution chassis rifle
The new long-range rifle is available in in six chamberings and all versions are available in both left- and right-hande
Cold Steel Dragonfly Wakizashi sword
From the American Cold Steel company a real Wakizashi with a 1060 carbon steel blade. It has nothing in common with chea
HFS Muzzle Brake, the new muzzle device by American Tactical
Muzzle brakes are devices that redirect energy to reduce recoil and kickback. The American Tactical HFS (Hold control Fo
Shooting will remain in the program of the Olympic Games until 2024
In the summer of 2017 the Olympic Committee (IOC) was startled with the idea of ​​removing shooting from the Olympic Gam
LifeCard, a credit card sized gun
A folding, single-shot .22LR pistol that's no bigger than a stack of credit cards and weighing less than 7 ounces (1
Beretta presents the Paralympic Shooting Team
On Monday, October 2, from the Trap Concaverde shooting field, the athletes of the Beretta Team began their journey towa
Beretta B-On Active Dimming Shooting Glasses
Beretta introduced an active eyewear system aimed at improving performance while increasing safety during shooting and h
The RTF2 Glocks are back
The Gen3 pistols with “Rough Texture Finish, Version 2” were introduced in 2009. Some loved them, some not. But now, by

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