Fausti: the Four Locks locking system for hunting and competition shotguns

The mere mention of Fausti hunting or competition shotguns will inevitably evoke images of fine, exceptionally elegant guns with graceful lines in the minds of enthusiasts. 

But beyond their unquestionable beauty, these guns are characterised by a robust and reliable mechanical heart. Shotguns with receivers carved from a solid block, worked with machinery and tools and finished by hand to guarantee precision and robustness for long-term and intensive use whether hunting or competing.

Features of the Fausti Four Locks system

Round-body receiver of the Fausti Class RDX over/under 
The refined receivers of Fausti’s hunting and competition shotguns are carved from a solid block and are fitted with the advanced Four Locks multiple-locking system, guaranteeing both stability and durability.

The durability and stability of Fausti’s over/under shotguns is guaranteed by its patented Four Locks locking system. 

It comprises four locking points: one pair of classic lugs carved into the block of the barrels to lock the barrels and the receiver in vertical alignment; and a second pair of lugs fitted to the internal sides of the receiver. This provides both lateral locking as well as longitudinal mechanical resistance between barrels and receiver, creating a right-angled dual-locking system. 

Thanks to its Four Locks system, Fausti has significantly improved the quality of its locking system for over/under shotguns, capable of resisting the heaviest of strains created by the fired cartridge, including high-performance ammunition. 

Having visited the company at its headquarters in Marcheno, Italy, we were lucky enough to have the mechanical concept of the Four Locks system explained to us by the designers themselves. We will leave you to discover this practical explanation of the Fausti system for yourselves, which offers both hunters and shooters alike the chance to experience unique guns where every single component is built to the highest unmistakeable quality.

For further information, visit the Fausti Stefano Arms website.

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