Fausti Dea Sport, a revolution in side-by-side shotguns

The Dea Sport is a side-by-side with a simple, rational and sturdy look designed by Fausti for clay shooting, a discipline that in the USA is less and less a segment reserved to over/under shotguns and now also open to side-by-side shotguns. Keeping the “Dea” name of the prestigious series of classic Fausti guns, this version is intended for sports shooting. Its design has been revisited and developed to offer shooters a mechanically robust and accurate firearm. With the Dea Sport, which for the moment is available in 12 gauge only, the Fausti sisters revolutionize the very idea of side-by-side shotgun by proposing high quality and effective solutions with their new model. 

Features of the new Fausti Dea Sport side-by-side 

The receiver is now one-piece to withstand the thousands of shots that a competition gun is intended to fire. Lock has also been revised, being now more similar to an over/under shotgun lock with coil springs instead of the classic V-shaped ones used on regular Dea series hunting shotguns. The automatic ejection system of the Dea Sport features coil springs too, to guarantee a clean and positive ejection even under stress.  A practical single-selective trigger has been added, so as to allow shooters maximum flexibility when using the gun in the field and when choosing which competitions to face.
The sober lines underline and reveal the purely sporty features of the Dea Sport. However, the gun's profile is bold thanks to the deep black receiver finish, from which the name of the model and of Fausti manufacturer emerges. The adjustable stock allows the shooter to get the right setting, while the beavertail forend allows for a firm grip and a precise swing.

The barrels for the Dea Sport are available in three lengths: 71-76-81 cm with magnum chamber and supplied with interchangeable internal chokes.

The high ballistic performance of Fausti barrels, that are always test fired for accuracy, is a company trademark. Side-by-side clay shooting fans, whether beginners or professionals, will find in the Dea Sport all the qualities that can and should be required from a competition gun, namely reliability, ease of swinging, accuracy and durability.

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