Multi-Radial Rifling: what are the advantages of the special MRR barrel rifling from Sabatti in the Tactical Evo rifle?

Sabatti Multi-Radial Rifle System – Improving barrel rifling

Sabatti's Multi-Radial Rifling (MRR) represents a technological milestone for the Italian manufacturer in the field of firearm accuracy. Developed to raise the performance of firearms to a new level, the MRR is an innovative barrel rifling technology: the bullet is not engraved by the rifling, but rather deformed by it, resulting in a better adherence of the bullet itself to the barrel walls. By cleverly integrating different radii along the barrel bore, the MRR enables improved stabilization of the bullet during its flight. This leads to increased precision and shooting accuracy, even under demanding conditions.

The multi-radial barrel profile was developed to effectively optimize the spin that the bullet experiences during its flight. This helps to ensure a more even bullet rotation, which in turn improves flight stability and increases accuracy.

In the world of firearms, Sabatti's multi-radial rifling is synonymous with accuracy and technological innovation, according to its manufacturer. This advanced technology is not only a testament to the pursuit of optimization in firearm design, but also an example of how design and precision can go hand in hand to maximize firearm performance.

The Sabatti Evo Long Range Rifle: what does the ambitious sport shooter Janos Becker have to say about his baby? 

Janos Becker wrote to the editors: "The Sabatti Evo long-range bolt action rifle in .308 Winchester caliber (7.62 mm x 51) features a 71 cm long and 28 mm thick multi-radial barrel. The exceptional thickness of the barrel contributes to better vibration characteristics and heat distribution. This leads to smoother firing behavior. Furthermore, the thick barrel enables longer firing strings, as heating occurs much later than with a thinner barrel. The multi-radial barrel combines two tried and tested profiles, conventional rifling and polygonal rifling. Thanks to the special barrel rifling, the bullet achieves a high level of accuracy, as it adheres to the barrel walls better and prevents the gas pressure from flowing past, while at the same time reducing the friction in the bore to a minimum.

Multi Radial Rifle System ( MRR®)
This longitudinal section of a Sabatti MMR barrel in .30 caliber (left) illustrates the difference to the barrel with a conventional groove-and-and rifling in the same caliber next to it. The MMR profile obviously has fewer sharp transitions and therefore offers fewer adhesion surfaces for bullet and bullet material residue, among other things. 

Shooting performance of the Sabatti Tactical Evo at 300 meters

Sport shooter Janos Becker loves his Sabatti Mercury Evo. The multi-radial barrel of the gun offers him more advantages than disadvantages. 

The special properties of the MMR barrel make the bullet more stable, more accurate and faster, as the bullet velocity is up to 12 percent higher than with conventional barrels. 

Furthermore, the combination of both barrel rifling types results in less and slower residue build-up, significantly increasing service life. There is a 5/8x24 UNEF thread on the muzzle, on which a brake or silencer can be easily installed. 

An optionally available Picatinny rail can be easily fitted on the rifle in order to mount an optic just as easily. 

Shooting performance of the Mercury Sport Tactical Desert at 300 metres
A group achieved with the Sabatti Tactical Evo at 300 meters: that's really something to be proud of.  

Long range shooter Becker comments: "A Picatinny rail with a 30 MOA forward tilt was fitted on my Sabatti Evo long range bolt action rifle. I chose a Meopta ZD 6-24x56 RD as my riflescope, which has a ¼ MOA click adjustment. This means that one click adjustment corresponds to 0.7 cm at 100 meters. This allows finer optics settings with a larger adjustment range (80 MOA = 233 cm at 100 meters). Many long-range shooters use optics with a mil adjustment (0.1 mil = 0.1 mrad = 1 cm at 100 meters per click) for their riflescopes. I chose a Fortmeier 210 bipod for its high stability and mounted it using another Picatinny rail. The Sabatti Evo is suitable for both beginners and advanced shooters thanks to the excellent characteristics of its barrel and the price-performance ratio."

The bottom line is that the Sabatti Sport Evo Desert and the Tactical Evo are both characterized by their impressive performance, innovative technology and appealing aesthetics. Both models undoubtedly represent a first-class product in their segment. With this in mind, combined with an excellent price-performance ratio, we recommend that you make an appointment to view these and other rifles from the Sabatti range at your local gun dealer.

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