Sabatti rifles are available again in .222 and .223 Remington calibers

In recent years, the international market for bolt-action rifles has seen new calibers such as the 6.5mm Creeedmor attract much attention in both hunting and sport shooting, with ammunition in loadings that are also ideal for long-range precision shooting, in the wake of the growing success of both F-Class and PRS (Precision Rifle Shooting) shooting disciplines.

As a result, many production efforts have been focused by major companies on rifles chambered mostly in .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 6.5 PRC, somewhat overshadowing two cartridges such as the .222 and .223 Remington traditionally popular with shooters. 

.222 and .223 Remington in Sabatti rifles

The .222 Remington confirms itself as an accurate and versatile cartridge in both hunting and sporting use, and has always been highly regarded by even the most demanding Benchrest shooters.

On its side, the .223 Remington remains by far one of the most widely used cartridges in rifles of all kinds, available at affordable prices and with many different loadings, which now also include several offerings specifically designed for precision shooting even in mid- and long range uses.

For these reasons Italian manifacturer Sabatti returns to offer the .222 and .223 Remington chamberings as part of a production schedule that starting with a new three-lug bolt, short action made for the Rover family also includes other models in the rifle range, according to the following scheme (information on caliber availability can be found on the individual product sheets on the official Sabatti website).

All Sabatti rifles chambered in .222 and .223 Remington

Model.222 Remington.223 Remington
Rover Hunter
Rover Hunter Classic 

Rover Hunter Classic Pro

Rover Thumbhole 

Rover Scout

Rover Patrol

Rover Shooter

Rover Varmint

Tactical EVO and EVO US

Urban Sniper

Sightmark Latitude series scopes

The scope mounted on the Sabatti rifle in the opening photo is a Sightmark Latitude 6.25-25x56 F-Class model that stands out for its excellent value for money. The company is headquartered in Mansfield, Texas, and within a few years has managed to gain a prominent position in the crowded mid-range hunting and shooting optics industry, even opening a branch office in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2017 to be closer – even physically – to the European market. The Latitude series scopes are the top of the range in the Sightmark lineup and are primarily dedicated to the sport shooter participating in Long Range and PRS shooting competitions. The Latitude range consists of two models, a 6.25-25X56 and an 8-32x60, both with a 34-millimeter main tube.

The Sightmark Latitude scopes offer shooters all the features most in vogue among long range shooters, such as illuminated reticles on the first or second image focal plane, MOA or MRAD options, adjustable diopter and parallax (18m-infinity), and increased high-profile turrets with external Zero-Stop. Reticle shift is ¼ MOA/0.1 Mil per click in the 6.25-25X56 model and 1/8 MOA for the 8-32x60 model. The Latitude 6.25-25x56 is available with either an F-Class reticle in MOA with an illuminable center red or green dot, or a PRS reticle in Mil, with an illuminable center cross, while the 8-magnification model is available for now only with an F-Class reticle. Both models are powered by a CR2032 battery. Let's talk about prices: the Sightmark Latitude 6.25-25x56 has a list price of 889 euros with F-Class reticle and 1,004 euros with PRS reticle. In contrast, the 8-32x60 version costs 960 euros. Please note that prices come from the Italian distributor website, so they may differ in other countries.

To learn more please visit the Sabatti website.

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