Sabatti Rover All Around rifle in .308 Winchester

Among the various models that make up Sabatti's large Rover family we also find the All Around model, for the time being available in .308 Winchester caliber only, which is proposed for any type of hunting, thanks to the 18“/45-cm barrel that allows for good accuracy but also excellent handling. It should be kept in mind that in most European countries the use of a suppressor in hunting is allowed; therefore, a medium-length barrel allows for easy handling of a rifle with suppressor, without it becoming too heavy or difficult to handle. The now widespread presence on the market of ammunition specifically designed for short and medium-barreled rifles eliminates any possible residual disadvantages.

Sabatti's All Around rifle can be recognized by its thumbhole-type polymer stock. 

Sabatti Rover All Around rifle with MRR multi-radial barrel

Compared to conventional rifling, the multi-radial rifling (MRR) developed by Sabatti offers many advantages, both in terms of performance and maintenance. MRR rifling makes it possible to give more velocity to the bullet, achieves tighter groups, leaves fewer copper residues inside the barrel, and requires less frequent cleaning making it easier for a longer barrel life. When passing through a Sabatti MRR barrel, the bullet will not be engraved by the rifling, but rather deformed by it, resulting in a better adherence of the bullet itself to the barrel walls and relieving the bullet from excessive stress. Ballistic tests have demonstrated the MRR effectiveness using both traditional lead and monolithic bullets. 

Detail on the two-position safety. The Picatinny rail is milled into the action. 

For reloaders, it should be pointed out that Sabatti has for some time now been marketing monolithic copper bullets designed specifically for use with this type of barrel, which have yielded outstanding results in both hunting and sport shooting, and are also absolutely lead-free. The action of the Sabatti Rover All Around rifle is machined from a solid light alloy (Ergal 55) billet and superficially finished by shot peening with glass microspheres and subsequent hard anodizing. The Picatinny rail for optics mounting is machined integrally from the same material and is therefore not added, ensuring maximum accuracy and alignment.

The three-lug bolt head of the Sabatti All Around is made of chrome-plated steel. 

The steel bolt of the Sabatti All Around is made by CNC machining and is chrome-plated. The quality of the Rover three-lug bolt with 60° throw, along with the new solid extractor and replaceable knob, makes the Rover Sabatti action one of the best on the market today.

The barrel is 45 centimeters long with a diameter of 19 mm (0.75"), cold hammer-forged and features the famous Sabatti MRR multi-radial rifling. It is equipped with an extension that allows easy replacement without any need to adjust the head space.

The Rover All Around rifle mounts as standard the Sabatti Match trigger package, factory adjusted to a weight of 600 grams/1.3lbs.

An ergonomic and functional polymer stock

The Sabatti Rover All Around features a thumbhole-type polymer stock, which provides an extremely firm grip on the pistol grip.  

The stock of the All Around is black polymer, thumbhole type. The grip surfaces have a chekering molded directly into the polymer, which ensures excellent grip even with sweaty hands. The use of a thumbhole stock is a technical solution that prioritizes maximum efficiency and accuracy in aiming at the target, while ensuring ruggedness and lightness. This allows a compact rifle such as the All Around to be used both in drivent hunts, with instinctive pointing, and when hunting from the high seat. A recoil pad made of a special closed-cell rubber helps reduce felt recoil on the shooter's shoulder. Indeed, it should not be forgotten that this is a relatively lightweight rifle, weighing in at 2.9kg (6.4lbs) without optic.

For the time being, the only caliber available for this version is the .308 Winchester. The rifle is fed from a polymer magazine with a capacity of three cartridges. The retail price of the Rover All Around starts at 1,150 euros (actual price may differ in your country due to VAT and import duties).

Sabatti Rover All Around specs and price

.308 Winchester
polymer, 3-round capacity
Overall Length:
980 mm
18“/45 cm long, with MMR rifling
Polymer, thumbhole type
Trigger Pull Weight: 
600 g approx.
Manual, two-position
None, integral Picatinny rail
2,900 g
Steel for barrel and bolt, light alloy Ergal 55 for action
Price (RRP in Italy):
Starting from 1,150.00 euro

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