New Kalashnikov KSZ-223 pump action carbine for IPSC

This very special Kalashnikov model was developed on request from the Russian National Rifle team. The  brandnew KSZ-223 pump action carbine is intended for use in world-class "manual rifle" IPSC competion, starting with the IPSC 2017 World Rifle Championship this summer.

Side view of the Kalashnikov KSZ-223 
The new Kalashnikov KSZ-223 pump action carbine for 2017 IPSC sport shooting.
Sliding forend of the Kalashnikov KSZ-223
A detail of the sliding forend of the Kalashnikov KSZ-223 pump action carbine: Note the flared magazine well.
Back view of the KSZ-223
Kalashnikov 2017: the KSZ-223 carbine's collapsible and adjustable stock. This carbine has been specifically developed for IPSC shooting.

Based on the proven and highly successful Saiga 223 semi-automatic action, and chambered in .223 Remington / 5.56mm NATO, the new KSZ-223 manually operated carbine shares with its autoloading brother many parts and the same 10 and 30 rounds magazine.

It features a 16" barrel, a top cover mounted Picatinny rail, a collapsible / adjustable stock and a new ergonomic safety lever that can be operated with the index finger.

The KSZ-223 pump action carbine weighs 4.2 kgs and is 925-1025 mm long depending on the stock position.

The new Kalashnikov KSZ-223 model was introduced  from the manufacturer as a "limited production" item. Let's see, if a regular production will be possible. Currently the manufacturer leaves this question open.

Shooting in prone position with the KSZ-223
New from Kalashnikov 2017 for IPSC: when in prone position, the KSZ-223 can be operated using the ambidextrous arming levers on the bolt carrier rather than the slinding forend.
Kalashnikov KSZ-223 pump action carbine for IPSC
A detail of the flared magazine well and the updated and more ergonomic safety lever which allows for the shooter's index finger operation without breaking hold.

Following the results of the 2017 IPSC First World Rifle Championship, that will take place  from May 25 to June 11, 2017 in "Patriot Park" suburban shooting range in Russia, it will be decided by Kalashnikov if it is viable to make this rifle a regular production item or not. 

The final decision whether they will launch it for the civilian market or not will really be of international interest. Let’s hope Kalashnikov will sell this gun in the near future officially. It could really become a "hot seller" especially in some European countries where AK-based semi-auto rifles are legally restricted.

Have a look at the first video of the new Kalashnikov KSZ-223 pump-action carbine:

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website. The team of will keep you informed.

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