Enforce Tac 2023 in Nuremberg: info and product news from the trade fair for law enforcement and the military

From February 28, 2023, the Nuremberg Exhibition Center is again opening its doors to sports shooters, hunters and professional firearm users. In keeping with tradition, it will start with the Enforce Tac law enforcement and military exhibition, which always takes place before IWA OutdoorClassics.

In addition to firearms and corresponding accessories, communication equipment, optics and optronics, the manufacturers will present everything for the needs of professionals from government agencies and the armed forces, up to and including special vehicles. In addition, the exhibitors at Enforce Tac will of course also show tactical clothing such as protective vests, plate carriers and helmets. The trade fair itself defines the focal points as "weapons and ammunition for government and military applications; vehicle innovations for complex operations (for example, UxV); application and defense of unmanned systems; application of thermal imaging, optics and optronics; personal equipment; education and training systems".

As a supporting program, the trade show offers a variety of technical presentations as well as practical demonstrations in the demo area, which has been enlarged compared to last year. The Blackbox, on the other hand, is celebrating its premiere this year: it allows trade fair visitors to experience and try out live optical and optoelectronic equipment such as night vision and thermal imaging devices, as well as flashlights.

We at all4shooters.com are of course on the road again for you at Enforce Tac 2023 and report live on site about the most exciting innovations of this year's fair.

This article is constantly updated.

VIDEO: Beretta APX semi-automatic pistol – ergonomics revised and optic-ready

At the Enforce Tac 2023, Beretta is showing a revised variant of the APX series of semi-automatic pistols. The Italian manufacturer has paid particular attention to the pistol's ergonomics: the narrower grip now has a more grippy stippling in the palm area, and there is now a crisp checkering for the finger area. Slide serrations are also sharper, which ensures better handling with wet hands or similar. A small contact surface for the finger also ensures a secure placement on the frame in front of the trigger guard.

The slide is now equipped and optic-ready for a red dot (MRDS). On the dust cover, Beretta also gives the pistol a Picatinny rail to accommodate accessories. Other improvements include a revised trigger and sights. 

The gun comes in 9mm Luger caliber. From our point of view, the new Beretta APX will find its way from the LE/military fair to the sport shooting market as well.

VIDEO: FN HiPer 9mm pistol exclusively for the military and LE

Let's start with the bad news: for the time being, civilian enthusiasts will not be able to purchase the new FN HiPer pistol in 9mm Parabellum because it is reserved exclusively for law enforcement and military personnel. In terms of general layout, there are no particular new features, as it is a double-stack, polymer frame and striker fired gun, with a slide featuring a red-dot cut. What makes the FN HIPer particularly interesting is the controls arrangement. The magazine release is on either side of the frame and is operated by pushing it downwards with the thumb. This makes it possible to make magazine changes without changing the grip position. The same goes for the ambi slide catch, located more or less where you would expect to find the thumb safety. Again, this control is thumb-operated. An enlarged plate can be mounted on the rear of the slide, making it much easier to cock the pistol.

As is now customary for this class of guns, the 9mm FN HiPer can be fitted with several backstraps that allow the grip to be adapted to hands of different sizes. The magazine has a capacity of 15 rounds while the barrel measures 100 millimeters.
The FN HiPer is available in black or sand-colored ceramic finish. To learn more visit https://fnherstal.com/en/.

VIDEO: new Mete SFx Pro pistol from Canik's Mete service gun range

The booth of the Turkish manufacturer Canik featured the company's entire production, from defensive pistols to M2-type machine guns in .50 BMG caliber. In terms of handguns, the Mete series pistols were on display, designed specifically for the law enforcement and military market. This is a family of  9mm striker-fired service pistols with a fiberglass-reinforced polymer frame. They come in formats ranging from subcompact to long slide variants. The latest model of these is the Mete SFx Pro, which is equipped with a muzzle thread to accept a silencer, for example. The pistol has a special aluminum flat trigger and the slide has cutouts to reduce weight. The barrel of the SFX Pro features a chrome finish. The magazine is made by the Italian manufacturer MEC-Gar. It is available with a magazine capacity of 18 or 20 rounds. The gun is equipped with a magwell, which allows faster reloading.  Moreover, the Mete SFx Pro is optic ready: a cut for a red dot sight is already milled into the top of the slide. Canik also has a suitable mini red dot sight in its catalog in the form of the Mechanik MO1, which can be used in addition to the open sights (rectangular rear sight and post front sight with white contrast dots).

VIDEO: CZ shows the new Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) of the Czech Army, the Bren 2 PPS

Based on the proven Bren 2 BR (Battle Rifle) assault rifle, the Czech manufacturer CZ has developed the Bren 2 PPS. This is a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) in 7.62x51 NATO (civilian: .308 Winchester). For this purpose, the barrel of the weapon was lengthened from the 16" of the BR variant to 18" and an M-LOK handguard was added. This weapon has now been chosen by the Czech Army to replace their Dragunov SVD rifles. For this it comes in combination with a Niteforce scope and a Spuhr mount. The contract includes a little under 400 weapons.

In addition to the 7.62x51 NATO version, the CZ Bren 2 assault rifle series is also available in 5.56x45 NATO (.223 Remington) and 7.62x39. At all4shooters.com, we have also already reported extensively on the civilian variants of the weapon.

VIDEO: MAK introduces MAKgunScan, a fast certification system for long and short guns

MAK, a manufacturer known in the LE segment for its scope mounts, among other things, introduced a device for certifying short and long guns. The MAKgunScan is designed to support manufacturers and law enforcement agencies in the identification, analysis, documentation and certification of service weapons. According to the manufacturer, the MAKgunScan can record and document up to three guns per minute. After the weapon is clamped in the device, only a start button needs to be pressed and the device uses an electronically controlled measuring finger to measure trigger data, creating a graphic of the trigger analysis and simultaneously photographing the serial number. 

All data appear immediately on the screen and are merged into one document. This allows the manufacturer, for example, to quickly determine whether the data is within the values required for certification and, if necessary, make improvements to the gun. With the documentation, law enforcement agencies receive virtually all the data needed for subsequent identification and inspection of the gun. The MAKgunScan is expected to be available in the near future. Prices will be communicated by MAK upon request.

ERATAC with three new products – Pica-Rail for AKs, and two red dot mounts

The mount for mini-reflex sights to match the Picatinny rail. The release lever is flush with the mount. The ERATAC mount allows red dot sights to be mounted on AK47s and the like, such as this AKSU.

Mount and silencer manufacturer ERATAC has brought three new products directly to the Enforce Tac 2023. The first is a Picatinny rail for the AK47/74 rifle platform. This allows the easy mounting of a red dot sight or scope.

ERATAC is also showcasing a matching mount for red dot sights. This is available for all four common mounting platforms. The highlight of the mount is the clamping lever that can be completely integrated into the mount itself. It therefore no longer protrudes. This is a great advantage for assault rifles or submachine guns that have a high-mounted ejection port. Here, nothing can interfere with the gun's cycling.

This mount is also available in a higher (39 millimeter) version. This is fully co-witness capable and fully compatible with the ERATAC emergency sight.

The Picatinny rail manufactured by ERATAC for AK platforms in place of the rear sight.
The quick release lever of the ERATAC mount for mini red dot sights sits flush with the mount side.

Nextorch showcases the small TA20 EDC flashlight

Nextorch booth featured a shooting instructor demonstrating the use of the TA20 tactical flashlight.
The new Nextorch TA20 flashlight in two versions, with and without the front mode dial.

Although the new TA20 from Nextorch cannot hide its membership in the TA family, it does bring one change to the other TAs: it features a different operating concept. The mode dial is now located on the flashlight front crown, no longer in the back. Here, the user now has the choice between "Off", "Tactical" and "Duty". The push button at the rear end remains, of course.

This change is also due to the different intended use compared to its larger siblings: with a weight of just 89 grams and dimensions of 100x30x23 millimeters, it is perfectly suited as an everyday-carry (EDC) or secondary flashlight. Its maximum brightness is 1,000 ANSI lumens (minimum is 25 lumens), for which the energy is provided by a type 16340 rechargeable battery. Alternatively, the use of a CR123A battery is also possible.

VIDEO: HIKMICRO Falcon and Raptor (72mm focal length) thermal imaging devices for LE/military market

We have already presented the Falcon thermal imaging device in a hunting context. Now HIKMICRO has also brought the device to the Enforce Tac trade fair, because the device can also provide good services for law enforcement use. On the one hand, for example, in the search for fugitive criminals, but also in search and rescue operations. The Falcon in the version shown to us comes with a large sensor and 35-mm focal length.

In addition, HIKMICRO presents the Raptor, now with a focal length of 76 millimeters. This high focal length generates an equally high detection range of the Raptor in the thermal channel. This is 3.6 kilometers. In addition, the Raptor has an infrared channel. Color vision and digital night vision are possible. The combination of these is particularly suitable for law enforcement applications. In the latter two modes, for example, it is possible to observe from vehicles, which would not be possible with thermal devices. The HIKMICRO Raptor with 72-mm focal length is already available for an MSRP of 6,200 euros.

VIDEO: From Steiner, improved M830r LRF 1535nm laser binoculars for military users

At its booth, optics specialist Steiner is presenting, among other things, a pair of binoculars with laser rangefinder for military use. This is an improved model in which the manufacturer has tried to make the seemingly impossible possible. More features, more power but smaller dimensions and lighter weight with still simple operation. And the features are impressive: the range of the device is now an incredible 6 kilometers. In addition, there is a tilt angle indicator, an integrated compass and the option of importing external GPS data. This means that the position of others can be deduced from the user's own position by measuring with the device.

Similar to the IFS series scopes, the user can configure and also update the devices with the help of the Steiner Connect app.

VIDEO: Swiss P presents new cartridge for long distances: The .375

Premiere at Enforce Tac 2023: The Ammotec Group appears for the first time with its sister companies RWS, Swiss P Defence, Norma Precision, MFS Defense, as well as Beretta, Benelli, Sako and Steiner, under the umbrella of Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) in Hall 10, Booth 537. BDT is the strategic alliance of these companies, providing the benefits and breadth of all the offerings of this strong community – from firearms to optics to ammunition – bundled together for military and government customers. As a result, procurers can now get everything from a single source from Beretta Holding. Here and in the video, we take a look specifically at the new SWISS P ammunition.

The new .375 SWISS P long-range rifle cartridge has been developed specifically for the needs of operational snipers. According to statements provided by manufacturer SwissP, the new cartridge is suitable for particularly demanding situations and is intended to significantly expand the range of applications of the proven weapon systems hitherto traditionally chambered in .338. With the 350-grain bullets of the new .375 SWISS P, a muzzle energy of 8400 joules and useful ranges up to 1,600 meters can be achieved while remaining in the supersonic range. Compared to the .338 Lapua Magnum, this would increase the range by more than 10 percent.

Manufacturers who have so far built rifles in .338 Lapua Magnum can continue to use the robust actions of these weapons and need only a barrel in .375 SWISS P caliber to make the upgrade. In addition, the .375 SWISS P guarantees absolute accuracy, even at longer ranges and under the most extreme conditions. The significantly higher bullet weight of 350 grains (22.7 grams), available in standard or armor piercing (AP) versions, minimizes wind drift, provides greater stability and optimizes supersonic flight. In addition, the CIP-certified high-precision cartridge can reliably achieve sub-MOA accuracy.

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