Day 2 of EnforceTac 2024 in Nuremberg: all information and new products from the trade fair for law enforcement and the military

Even three instead of two trade fair days for the first time for the more than 740 exhibitors at Enforce Tac 2024 will hardly be enough to extensively examine all the new products and, as many visitors associate with a visit to the trade fair, also to hold discussions with old acquaintances and new potential business partners. In addition to the daily reports from yesterday, today and tomorrow, we also offer you other information channels:

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Video: Haenel offers the LR/One, an entry-level bolt-action rifle in .308 Winchester for PRS and long range for under €2,500

Haenel has designed the Haenel LR/One around a newly developed action, which is made for the .308 Winchester caliber and 5-round magazines. 

The Haenel LR/ONE rifle in .308 Winchester caliber is an affordable option for long range shooting. It costs about 2,500 euros.

According to Key Account Manager Felix Kühnert, it is an affordable entry-level model for sports shooters who want to compete in dynamic PRS (Precision Rifle Shooting) or long-range shooting. A precision, cold-hammer forged 20-mm-diameter barrel with 15x1 muzzle thread, an excellent direct trigger and a classic bolt-action with 3-position firing pin safety form the basis. 

Mounted on a Haenel chassis, the LR/One has universal AR mounts and an ARCA interface for tripods. Scopes are mounted on a NAR rail milled into the receiver, the long handguard has M-LOK slots. The new extendable buttstock allows the cheek rest and shoulder piece to be adjusted in height without the need for tools. The LR/One will go on sale with a recommended retail price of just 2,498 euros. Information is already available online.

Four new weapon models from Heckler & Koch at Enforce Tac 2024: HK421, G39, MR306 A6 and SFP9CC

Enforce Tac 2024: Das HK MR308 A6, ein Halbautomat mit indirektem Gasdruckladesystem, Drehkopfverschluss in .308 Winchester und 16,75“ (425 mm) langem Lauf.

Heckler & Koch, the German government equipment manufacturer which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, is presenting four new products at Enforce Tac, ranging from a light infantry machine gun to the micro-compact SFP9CC pistol. The HK421 is a light machine gun featuring a long-stroke gas piston system with a rotating bolt, in 7.62x51 mm NATO. The rate of fire is between 650 and 780 rounds per minute, depending on the setting of the 3-position gas block. The HK 421 with left-side belt feed (NATO DM60/M13 disintegrating link) and a barrel length of 13" (330 mm) or 16.5" (420 mm) has an  operating and safety concept almost identical to the MG4/MG5. The quick-change barrels, which weigh between 1.7 and 1.9 kg depending on the barrel length, are equipped with a carrying and barrel change handle. Full compatibility according to NATO-AC225/D14 (DM111 A2, DM151 soft and hard core ammunition) is guaranteed. The 3-position gas block, which can be adjusted without tools, is designed for use in silencer/signature suppressor mode, normal function and difficult conditions. The long-known Heckler & Koch HK437 assault rifle in the booming .300 BLK calibre (7.62x35 mm) is being introduced in a slightly modified version that is around 100 grams lighter as the G39 "Subsonic and Supersonic Special Weapon" for the Special Forces Command (KSK). The Heckler & Koch MR308 was shown in an A6 version: the gas-operated semi-automatic rifle with a short-stroke piston and rotating bolt in .308 Winchester featuring a 16.75" (425 mm) long barrel has a side charging handle, a double stage match trigger and an adjustable gas regulator for operation with and without silencer, as well as a cut-off function for subsonic ammunition. A full-length NATO STANAG 4694 optics rail with 20 MOA forward tilt is mounted on the upper receiver. The M-LOK aluminum handguard has an integrated "flush cup" QD-Adapter and can be removed without tools. The stock is of course extensively adjustable. And finally, the ultra-compact SFP9CC ("Concealed Carry") 9mm pistol, optionally with or without an optics interface, which the German company already presented at Enforce Tac 2023, has now reached final series production status. It is being procured by the Schleswig-Holstein state police, among others. Information on all models can be found on the HK website.

Video from Enforce Tac 2024: Kahles K328i, a riflescope with a larger field of view and larger eyebox for fast, dynamic shooting

Some of the products at Enforce Tac can also be used for civilian purposes, of course, especially as many exhibitors move "next door" to the IWA after the security fair anyway. One such example is the K328i 3.5-28x50i riflescope, developed by Austrian optics manufacturer Kahles. It is characterized by a 40 percent larger field of view, which is 14.3 meters at 100 meters – c mpared to the 7.1 meters of the smaller Kahles K525i model. This high-quality optic has a 36-mm tube and an 8x zoom. A special feature of the K328i DLR model is the specially designed DLR elevation adjustment, which allows 100 clicks per revolution and impresses with its clearly recognizable turret lettering. Furthermore, the so-called "eyebox" has been extended to ensure fast, head-movement-free viewing without parallax errors and without black edges around the target image.

Designed for dynamic long-range shooting competitions where speed plays a decisive role, the K328i DLR is supplied with the new SKMR+ and SKMR4+ reticles, which have been specially developed for competitive sports. For the Kahles K328i model, the AMR and MSR2/Ki illuminated reticles are also available in the first focal plane. Both variants of the K328i include characteristic Kahles features such as the patented parallax adjustment ring on the top of the turret (above the elevation adjustment knob) instead of the side position and the side adjustment with Twist Guard protection, whereby the side can be selected to the left or right by the user. The delivery of these two riflescope models from Kahles to specialist retailers is already in full swing. The non-binding retail price is 4,300 euros (RRP).

Video from Enforce Tac 2024: Sordin Supreme T2 – New hearing protection with many features

At Enforcetac 2024 Sordin unveiled the near-final version of the Supreme T2 hearing protectors with professional communication functions, already seen as a prototype – even 3D printed – at the SHOT Show. A lot more information is available now: for example, the modularity of the Supreme T2 headset allows for changing configurations, e.g., if you buy the headband model and reconfigure the headset with the neckband, or even for use with helmet rails; the memory foam rings are now standard, and although they do not reach the softness of gel rings, always available as an option, they are much more comfortable for use with glasses. Significantly improved, the level of noise protection has been increasesd from 26 dB of the previous Supreme Pro model, to 29 dB of the T2 (28 for the version used with helmet rails). The microphone can be added later, either on the left or right cup. Many more features will be available when Sordin's Supreme T2 is officially launched on the market. A truly remarkable level of modularity and performance, which we will have the pleasure of testing soon on! You can get a first impression of the new Sordin T2 in the video. You can also find more information on the manufacturer Sordin's website.

Video from Enforce Tac 2024: Canik shows a 30mm autocannon

In recent years, the Turkish manufacturer Canik has made a name for itself in this country primarily with its service and sports pistols. However, many people are not familiar with the brand: the company also manufactures equipment exclusively for military use. These include, for example, machine guns based on the Browning M2 HB in .50 BMG calibre. The manufacturer has now also introduced an autocannon in 30mm caliber. It goes by the name of Venom LR and comes with a weight of just 120 kg, a low recoil of only 7 to 9 N and a rate of fire of 220 or 1300 rounds per minute. Thanks to its low weight and low recoil, the weapon is particularly suitable for use on four-wheel drive vehicles, helicopters and naval applications. As always, you can find out more about the weapon in the video and on the manufacturer's website.

Videos from Enforce Tac 2024: Hornady Tactical Application Police TAP in .300 Blackout and 6 mm ARC calibers

The advantage of the increasingly popular .300 Blackout caliber can be summarized as follows: "It can do everything the 9 mm Luger can do, everything the 5.56x45 NATO can do, and a little bit more". Building on this, Hornady has now introduced a so-called "Patrol load" for the cartridge within the TAP law enforcement line. This is a round that is chambered in the weapon when it is not clear for which specific situations it will be used. The cartridge comes as an SBR variant, i.e. specially designed for use in short barrels. The bullet is a lead-free 111 grs. monoflex. The cartridge passes the FBI test. If you want to find out more about the bullet or the background to the U.S. test for LE ammunition, watch the video.

The 6mm ARC is also very much in vogue, especially in Europe. In the USA, on the other hand, it is already widely used. The development resulted from the need for a cartridge that outperforms the .223 Remington (5.56x45 NATO), is ballistically equivalent to the .308 Winchester (7.62x51 NATO), but can be fired from AR-15-based guns. The aim is to achieve optimum energy output from different distances. The 6mm ARC continues to deliver extreme accuracy with low recoil. The cartridge is already in use by a well-known special forces unit. You can find out more about the 6mm ARC and the .300 Blackout-TAP load on the Hornady website and, of course, in the videos.

Video from Enforce Tac 2024: Derya Arms with the ZY9 in various barrel lengths, as well as the ZY22 and TM22 rifles

Derya Arms already introduced the 9mm carbines from the ZY9 series last year. This year, the manufacturer has now expanded its product portfolio: there are now different barrel lengths. Namely in 15 centimetres, 25.4 centimetres, 35 centimetres and 43 centimetres. The gun frames are made of aluminum. The ZY9s are available as fully automatic models for law enforcement and as semi-automatic models for civilian buyers. Besides the ZY22 model in .22 LR, Derya now also offers a .22 LR conversion upper kit for owners of the ZY9.

Derya is also showcasing the TM22 rimfire self-loader, which is available with a polymer or aluminium receiver. Further information on the weapons can be found in the video or on the Derya Arms website.

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