Enforce Tac will be presenting new highlights and a major premiere in Nuremberg from February 26 to 28, 2024 

Isabelle Teufert is the Exhibition Director of Enforce Tac. 

"Three days, three halls, lots of highlights," is how Isabelle Teufert, Exhibition Director Enforce Tac, expresses her anticipation for the upcoming trade fair in 2024. The law enforcing trade fair Enforce Tac will take place from February 26 to 28, 2024, as usual at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, in Germany, which means it will be one day longer than last year. The organizers explain why this is the case with the enormous growth in visitor numbers and space at previous events. Only two days of the trade fair were simply no longer enough to cope with the effects of the new geopolitical situation in Europe. Enforce Tac 2024 is therefore relying on the combination of three days for the first time, even more space in a total of three halls and is also introducing the Enforce Tac Village action area in the outdoor area for the first time. 

Enforce Tac 2024: exhibitor products can be seen in realistic training scenarios for the first time in the Enforce Tac Village

At Enforce Tac 2024, the new Enforce Tac Village will be celebrating something very special, where visitors will be able to experience many products in action. The Enforce Tac Village is a realistic open-air training area for this purpose. In the Village, exhibitors can present their products in LE and military scenarios. Together with two strong partners, the Enforce Tac team is focusing on the motto "dynamic.tangible.live". The project team is made up of former and active members of military and police special forces. A wealth of experience in the field of special and customized training as well as expertise in the area of scenario construction will ensure that visitors can expect something big here. PRORETA Tactical GmbH is responsible for the infrastructure and the companies OF Operative Fähigkeiten GmbH and Airborne Medical Group take care of the planning and implementation of the scenarios. At Enforce Tac 2024, visitors can expect to see different scenarios four times a day, which can also be followed via live stream from the halls.

Proven highlights remain in the Enforce Tac 2024 program

As in the previous year, exhibitors at Enforce Tac will be able to present the performance of their equipment, which is designed in particular for low-light deployment scenarios and thermal imaging, in a suitable environment – the black box. The corresponding products with descriptions and exhibitor stand numbers will be exhibited at Enforce Tac 2024 in showcases directly next to the black box. These products can be tested together with the exhibitors' expert staff. The YouTube format Enforce Tac TV will also be reporting from the 2024 trade fair for the third time, but this time the project team is taking a new approach with new partners: mobile filming teams will replace stationary studio-style recordings. As a result, the exhibitor stands, which often involve considerable investment, will now become the central stage for the respective product highlights.

Together with the Enforce Tac Village and the three exhibition halls, Enforce Tac 2024 offers trade visitors an event area of almost 30,000 square meters. The photo shows one of the many exhibition stands in one of the halls from 2023. This is the premiere of the new alliance between Beretta (BDT) and Ammotc. 

A few figures about Enforce Tac 2024: the gross exhibition space for Enforce Tac 2024 is 29,940 m². This is 7,740 m² more than in the previous year 2023. More than 90% of the event space has already been booked. "It looks like our strategy is in line with the industry's requirements," says Isabelle Teufert with conviction. "We didn't make the decision to run for three days and increase the exhibition space lightly, but in close consultation with our exhibitors and visitors. In addition, internal and external security continue to move into focus. We want to offer our industry a suitable platform to develop promising perspectives and jointly strengthen the internal and external security of Germany and Europe – with enough time to exchange ideas and sufficient space for the growing variety of exhibitors," continues Teufert.

Enforce Tac 2024 with new visitor and ticket types

In order to meet the needs of visitors, the team around Isabelle Teufert is breaking new ground. Enforce Tac 2024 is launching three different ticket types for visitors for the first time. The trade fair is also opening its doors to new faces among the visitors with the new "Industry and Consulting" category. Nevertheless, the trade fair will continue to attach great importance to the individual examination and accreditation of media and visitors. "We stand for a discreet atmosphere and that will remain the case – every visitor will continue to need appropriate proof of why they are part of our industry meeting place," assures Teufert.

Here is an overview of the new ticket types for Enforce Tac 2024:

Category 1: Members of law enforcement agencies and the armed forces

Category 2: Persons responsible for security policy and budget holders, lobbying associations, research and teaching, diplomatic representation

Category 3: Industry and consulting

Here again is the date for Enforce Tac 2024 to save: the international trade fair for law enforcement will take place from February 26 to 28, 2024 at the Exhibition Center Nuremberg, Germany. 

Further information on the individual ticket categories, how to obtain tickets and ticket prices for Enforce Tac 2024 can be found here: https://www.enforcetac.com/dede/besuchen

On the website of the organizer you can find everything about the Enforce Tac 2024

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