Enforce Tac 2024 in Nuremberg: Exhibition Director Isabelle Teufert reveals details of the new trade fair concept

all4shooters.com: Ms. Teufert, why was it necessary to extend Enforce Tac from two to three days so that the subsequent IWA 2024 will be one day shorter as a result?

Isabelle Teufert (Nürnberg Messe) Project Management Enforce Tac
Isabelle Teufert from Nürnberg Messe is the Exhibition Director of Enforce Tac security trade fair, which will be extended by one day in 2024. 

Isabelle Teufert: We are delighted with the impressive growth in space that our last three events have seen, with an increase of almost 150 percent. In 2023 alone, we also recorded an increase of almost 80 percent in visitors. It was clear to us that two days of Enforce Tac were simply no longer enough. Nevertheless, we did not make this decision alone, but in response to the wishes of our exhibitors and visitors, the majority of whom wanted a third day of the event. However, the IWA will continue to take place over four days. 

all4shooters.com: Let's talk about the sober figures. By how many exhibitors will Enforce Tac 2024 grow and by how many square meters will the exhibition space be expanded compared to last year?

Teufert: We have already changed the halls for 2022 and had to realize that there will not be enough capacity for the next few years. In 2024, we will provide our exhibitors with 29,940 m² of gross exhibition space. That's 7,740 m² more than in 2023. Of course, I can't yet say exactly how much we will grow. We are currently planning for exhibitor growth of at least 11 percent and space growth of at least 28 percent. However, as over 90 percent of our space has already been booked, the limiting factor here is more likely to be space. 

all4shooters.com: Will there be any absolute novices at Enforce Tac 2024, i.e. companies presenting their exhibits for the first time at the European security trade fair in Nuremberg?

Teufert: There are extremely interesting developments in numerous areas, which will also be presented at Enforce Tac. Products from the areas of night vision technology, tactical combat casualty care, simulators and, of course, unmanned systems are particularly noteworthy. You can already gain an insight into the exhibitors and their products on the Enforce Tac website.

all4shooters.com: Another year has passed. In 2023 we talked about the 10th Enforce Tac anniversary event. Even then, the Russia-Ukraine conflict was raging, and unfortunately nothing has changed in this situation to this day. This has had and continues to have numerous consequences for the global community, such as the expansion of NATO to Sweden and Finland. Is this one of the reasons why Enforce Tac has noticeably changed its profile and is increasingly focusing on "external security" as well as "internal security"?

Teufert: The topic of external security has always been very close to my heart. Ever since I took over as event director in 2020, I have always worked to ensure that we also offer the arms industry a suitable platform. To be honest, the current conflict situation has made my efforts in this direction easier. Nevertheless, even without the changed security situation, I would definitely have pursued this topic. 

Enforce Tac 2024: the right trade fair platform for both internal and external security 

Boris Pistorius (SPD), German Defense Minister since January 2023. 

all4shooters.com: Shortly before last year's Enforce Tac, Boris Pistorius was appointed as the new German Defense Minister. I think we can all agree that he is a real blessing for the Bundeswehr compared to his predecessor Christine Lambrecht. But apart from this welcome appointment, do you think much has really changed in the troops?

Teufert: I was also very pleased about the election of Boris Pistorius. The focus should be on competence and not gender. It is perhaps a bit much to expect Pistorius to solve the Bundeswehr's decades-long shortcomings in this short term of office. Especially as these are mostly systemic problems that require solutions at very different levels. So there are many "adjusting screws" that need to be turned before there is any visible change. That's why I personally don't believe that much has changed in the troops. Rather, I believe that our soldiers need to have a lot of patience. 

New: Enforce Tac Village 2024 – Practical deployment scenarios in the outdoor area with media presentation on screens in the halls

The Enforce Tac Village, which is being held for the first time, will be run by Operative Fähigkeiten and the Airborne Medical Group. Realistic deployment scenarios will be set up in the outdoor area and products will be shown in practical use. All of this can also be followed inside on screens and monitors. 

all4shooters.com: A highlight of the three-day event, which is now taking place for the first time in history, will be the newly created "Enforce Tac Village". Can you tell us a little more about the training village positioned between Halls 7 and 8 and operated in cooperation with "PRORETA" and "Operative Fähigkeiten"?

Medical first aid in law enforcement and military scenarios – teams such as the Airborne Medical Group are dedicated to training such operations. 
The OF (Operative Fähigkeiten) team will be working with other experts at Enforce Tac 2024 in Nuremberg to provide a realistic training area in the "Enforce Tac Village". 

Teufert: With the "Enforce Tac Village", we are building a realistic training ground where our exhibitors' products will be presented in law enforcement and military scenarios. PRORETA is taking care of the infrastructure, while Operative Fähigkeiten and the Airborne Medical Group are responsible for planning and implementing the scenarios. The scenarios will be adapted according to the products we are allowed to present. The team around OF and AirMeG, which consists of former and active members of military and law enforcement special forces, naturally trains with the products in advance so that everything runs smoothly on the days of the event. Of course, we will provide media support for both the training and the event itself and will set up large screens in the halls so that the scenarios can also be followed indoors. We are thus moving into new territory both conceptually and operationally and are therefore delighted that our idea has been so well received by our exhibitors. 

Enforce Tac 2024: the supporting program, the Blackbox concept, sustainability and Enforce Tac TV

all4shooters.com: This move towards even more practical relevance appears to be continuing as a trend at the 11th Enforce Tac 2024. What is the "Blackbox" in the supporting program, for example?

The "Blackbox" at Enforce Tac 2024 allows exhibitors to present their products in a compact and realistic way. 
View into the Blackbox at the Enforce Tac 2023. This year it should look similar, but some details have been optimized. 

Teufert: We had the Blackbox for the first time at Enforce Tac 2023, where we offer our exhibitors the opportunity to present the performance of their equipment which is specially designed for low-light deployment scenarios or thermal imaging, in a suitable environment. We have adapted the concept for the Blackbox for 2024. The exhibitors' products will be displayed with a description and stand number in showcases directly next to the Blackbox and can be tested in the Blackbox by interested visitors with expert personnel provided by us. Exhibitors can thus take care of the visitors at their stand and at the same time have their products demonstrated in practice. 

all4shooters.com: In response to the signs of the times, "sustainability" is also a key issue for NürnbergMesse as one of the world's 15 largest exhibition companies, which is also becoming increasingly important in the arms industry in the context of tenders. As an exhibition company, what are you doing specifically in this area?

Thomas Mahler supports Isabelle Teufert at Enforce Tac 2024 – he is responsible for sales. The entire Enforce Tac team is working together with external experts to further develop the trade fair concept. 

Teufert: Of course, sustainability also plays a major role for us. NürnbergMesse launched an "energy offensive" back in 2015, which has already saved 3.7 million kWh of electricity. There are a large number of sustainability goals and related projects, for example on avoiding waste, reusing stand construction materials and purchasing regional food. In future, NürnbergMesse intends to align its business activities with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

all4shooters.com:  The YouTube format "Enforce Tac TV" was successfully established in 2021. This gives exhibitors the opportunity to show products and services to a broad specialist audience far beyond the event period. Will there be any significant changes here in 2024?

Teufert: Yes, because in this case too, we always strive to focus on the wishes and requirements of our exhibitors. We are pleased to announce that Enforce Tac TV will go into the next round in 2024. However, in this edition we will be taking a new approach by moving from stationary shoots at the Enforce Tac TV stand to mobile teams, as this has been one of the important learnings from our experience so far.

Similar to our Blackbox, we have recognized that it is difficult for our exhibitors to leave their stands during an ongoing event. Therefore, our editors will make the stands of the exhibitors participating in Enforce Tac TV the central stage, focusing on product highlights and the stands of our exhibitors, which often involve considerable investment. In addition, we would like to work with thematic focuses in 2024. For this reason, we will be entering the race for the first time with several presenters and not just one. Our experienced camera team and a selection of carefully chosen specialist presenters will professionally present the relevant brands and products.

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Martin Sendlbeck and his ePIG GROUP are the new partner for the well-known format "Enforce Tac TV" in 2024. A video format for the law enforcement segment. We are looking forward to a good cooperation. The international team of all4shooters.com will be there for you again in 2024 and will report on the most important new products, trends and developments in news and videos. We are official media partner of Enforce Tac and IWA 2024.

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