SHOT Show 2023 - The most important news from the last day of the world's largest gun show in Las Vegas

Even on the last day of SHOT Show 2023, our all4shooters on-site team Tanja and Marijan Loch was still on the road at the world's largest trade fair for the gun industry and once again spotted some interesting novelties in the huge range of exhibitors for you. You can read and see here what the two have discovered on the 4th day of the fair: new pistols from Canik and Derya Arms (!), new long guns from Benelli and Sabatti, a new scope from Leupold, a drop-in trigger from MAK and a new flashlight from Nextorch.

The novelties and news from SHOT Show 2023 – Part 4

To simply list all the new products discovered on the last day of the fair would go beyond the scope of this article. Therefore, we show here only a large selection, but do not worry: there is still something to come.

We will add some exciting news that we have also found on Monday after we have evaluated the material. So that you don't miss them, you should check back here on our page in the next few days.

Exclusive video: Day 4 of the SHOT Show 2023 the innovations directly from the exhibition

New handguns at SHOT Show 2023

Canik: the SFx Rival-S is the first all-steel pistol for sport shooters

Debuting at SHOT Show 2023: Canik has taken its multi-award-winning SFx Rival pistol and reengineered it as the basis for the first all-steel sport SFx Rival-S model.

With the SFx Rival-S model, the Turkish manufacturer Canik, which  in the handgun sector until now has specialized purely in polymer pistols, is now also launching an all-steel pistol for sport shooters. Presented at SHOT Show 2023, the pistol is an update of the well-known SFx Rival, which is also aimed at dynamic sport shooters. The SFx Rival-S comes with a 127 mm barrel in 9mm Luger caliber and weighs 1,185 g. Its dimensions are 205.5x36x145 mm and the factory magazine capacity is 18 cartridges. In addition, the new Canik SFx Rival-S features a 90° break flat-faced aluminum trigger for smoother pull-off and better shooting results. The new Canik all-steel pistol is available with either a black or chrome finish.

Derya Arms: Derya enters the polymer pistol market with the DY9

Just one of four color variations in which Derya Arms is launching its first pistol series, the DY9.

At SHOT Show 2023, Derya Arms, the Turkish firearms manufacturer known for its modern MK-12 and Lion semi-automatic shotgun series and Meriva over-and-under shotguns, introduced its first pistol, the DY9 in 9mm Luger. With the DY9 model series, Derya enters the highly competitive market of service pistols with polymer frame. The pistol comes as a full-size model with interchangeable backstraps. Slide and barrel are black-nitrated. The buyer can choose between various grip frame variations in different colors (FDE, olive, black, gray). The frames all have an accessory rail in Picatinny format on the dust cover, but differ in the texture of the side surfaces and the front strap, as well as the checkering of the interchangeable backstraps. The slide also feature a variety of options in terms of sights and serrations, with the front serrations giving way to skeletonization for the more sporting-oriented user. In each case, the interchangeable front sight is fixed and the rear sight sits in a dovetail. The striker-fired pistol also features a safety integrated in the trigger. For more details on this and when the new models will be coming to Europe, check out our coverage from IWA 2023.

Taurus Raging Hunter, the exaggerated revolver

Taurus Raging Hunter revolver in .460 Magnum caliber.

Exaggerated. That's what comes to mind when looking at the mighty Taurus Raging Hunter revolver in .460 Magnum caliber which, as the name suggests, has been designed with handgun hunters. This behemoth revolver offered in a two-tone version has a 10.5-inch (26.6-centimeter) barrel made even longer by the massive compensator, exclusively developed by Taurus, necessary to manage the power of the .460 Magnum cartridge, which kicks toward the target a 300-grain bullet at an exit velocity of more than 700 meters per second. The compensator is attached to the muzzle with a double locking system that prevents it from coming loose under the effect of recoil. Also to handle the powerful recoil, the cylinder, which has a capacity of five cartridges, also has two lock, on the back of the frame and on the cylinder crane. The trigger is single-action(double-action, with a transfer bar safety that prevents the shot to be released if the trigger is not pulled deliberately. The grip is one-piece rubber: this is usually said to reduce felt recoil, but in this case we are not entirely sure...

The Taurus Raging Hunter with 10.5-inch barrel is the first revolver equipped with a bottom rail.

To manage the exuberant recoil, the Taurus Raging Hunter with 10.5-inch barrel is the first revolver equipped with a bottom rail, a first in its class, for attaching stabilizing devices such as bipods, tripods or shooting sticks. The sights consist of an elevation- and drift-adjustable notch and a ramp-mounted sight with high-visibility fiber optic inserts, but a long Picatinny slide allows for the mounting of an optic so that the considerable range of the .460 Magnum cartridge can be taken full advantage of.

With a stable platform, long barrel, compensator and optics mounted on the top Picatinny rail, the new Raging Hunter can reach targets at distances hunters never thought of.

Long gun novelties of the SHOT Show 2023

Benelli: new Montefeltro, M2 Field, Super Black Egale as well as new calibers for the Lupo in the wood variant

Revised shotgun classic from Benelli: one of the most important innovations of the Montefeltro is the Easy Locking Bolt system.

The Montefeltro inertial system operated, semiautomatic shotgun is one of the flagship products in the Urbino-based Italian company's catalog. It had not seen a substantial update since 2004. The main change introduced on this new model is the "Easy Locking Bolt" system, which ensures maximum reliability even when firing shells with borderline light lead loads. The feeding system has also been updated, and thanks in part to the flared loading port, it makes loading the tubular magazine even more comfortable. The outer profile of the trigger guard has been contoured so as not to interfere with magazine reloading. The bolt release button with split lever makes it quick to lock the bolt and even easier to unload shells from the gun. New design also for the cocking handle and manual safety, which are now even easier to operate, ensuring maximum smoothness, speed and safety in firing operations. The ergonomic design of the guard allows the hunter to reach for the trigger instinctively and naturally. The trigger assembly has been redesigned and ensures a light and fast release with consistent characteristics over time. As for the completely redesigned gunstock, both shoulder stock and forend ensure a firm and secure grip on the shotgun and efficient handling. The Benelli Montefeltro is available with either a wood stock featuring a satin finish or a polymer stock, and in both cases the grip surfaces feature the exclusive and extremely grippy AirTouch checkering. The Montefeltro's barrel is available in 61/65/70/76 cm lengths with flat metal rib and high-visibility fiber optic sights. The interchangeable chokes feature cryogenic technology, ensuring greater quality, durability, compact and uniform patterns, and overall excellent ballistic performance. Five chokes are delivered with each gun. The Benelli Montefeltro is proof-tested for steel shot ammunition. The new Benelli Montefeltro is available chambered in 12- and 20-gauge, and right- or left-handed versions. 

Premiere at SHOT Show 2023: the all-new Benelli M2 Field is available in a variety of color options. Here in Mossy Oak Bottomland.

Benelli M2 Field

A breath of fresh air also for the Benelli M2, which like the Montefeltro had not undergone a major makeover since 2004. On a general level, on this 12-gauge Magnum semiautomatic shotgun specifically built to appeal to wetlands shooters, the same technical updates of the Montefeltro have been implemented, starting with the "Easy Locking Bolt" system. The inertial system guarantees maximum reliability of operation with both the lightest shells and the most powerful Magnum loads. The main modification made on the Benelli M2 concerns the handguard with a tapered profile, allowing hunters with hands of all sizes to comfortably use this gun. The Benelli M2 field is available chambered in 12 and 20 magnum gauges, with 61-, 66- and 71-centimeter barrels featuring ventilated ribs and high-visibility fiber optic iron sights. The new Benelli M2 Field is also available in a "mirrored" version for left-handed shooters. A feature that will be appreciated by those hunting in wetlands is that the corrosion-resistant recoil tube and the recoil spring and the tube in which it slides, made of stainless steel, are easily accessible by removing the ergonomic quick-release recoil pad for easy maintenance. One of the strengths of the Benelli M2 Field is the wide variety of finishes and color patterns specific to different hunting grounds, which especially in the United States can range from the frozen prairies of the Great North to the most impenetrable swamps of the South. Therefore, in the Benelli catalog, in addition to the basic version with black polymer stock and hard-anodized receiver in the same color, the manufacturer offers versions with stock and action equipped with Gore Optifade Timber, Mossy Oak Bottomland and Realtree Max 7 camouflage patterns. All versions feature the exclusive AirTouch finish on stocks and forends, and ComforTech recoil pads that reduces felt recoil. 

The Benelli Super Black Eagle is a particularly popular shotgun in the USA. Especially the variant in 12-ga Super Magnum (12/89).

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Performance Shop

The Benelli Super Black Eagle is an extremely popular model in the U.S., especially in the 12-gauge Super Magnum chambered version, which makes it a perfect hunting scattergun for geese and other game species that require shot sizes at the limit of the ballistic possibilities offered by a smoothbore gun. Prominent among the many versions in the catalog is the Super Black Eagle 3 Waterfowl Performance Shop, which, as its name suggests, is elaborated by Benelli's "racing team" that took up the challenge of improving a hunting gun that was already at the apex of the market, perfectly functional and appreciated by American hunters as it is. Performance Shop engineers began by making an oversized bolt cocking handle and an oversized bolt release button to allow hunters to use the gun even while wearing heavy winter gloves. A conspicuous CompSight HIVIZ sight has been mounted near the muzzle for better vision in low-light conditions, while a secondary pearl sight is placed at mid-length of the ventilated rib. The forcing cone in the barrel has been lengthened and polished, and the gun include three Rob Roberts Triple Threat chokes to ensure uniform and reliable patterns even well beyond average shooting distances. All SBE3 Waterfowl Edition models are tested with a computerized shot pattern analysis machine to ensure compliance to Benelli's stringent consistency and uniformity specs. The Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Performance Shop is also available in 20 and 28-gauge, with Confort Tech 3 stock featuring Gore Optifade Timber finish, barrel with "Labrador" gray finish and matte black anodized receiver. Pricing in the U.S. starts at $3,099.

New calibers for the Lupo Wood rifle

Until now, the Wood version, i.e., with a walnut stock, of the Benelli Lupo hunting carbine was available on the U.S. market only in .300 Win. Mag. and 6.5 Creedmoor, but from early 2023 it will also be available in two additional popular hunting calibers: .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield. Both chamberings are available with 56-centimeter (22-inch) barrels featuring cryogenic technology and BE.S.T. surface finish found on many Benelli long guns, including the award-winning Super Black Eagle series rifles. The BE.S.T. coating finish offers superior protection against rust, corrosion and abrasion and comes with a 25-year warranty.

Fausti Aphrodite over-and-unders: a success that continues among female hunters and shooters

In the photo we can see Barbara Fausti with the Class Aphrodite over-and-under, named after the ancient Greek goddess of beauty and love.

The female hunters and female shooters audience continues to show interest in the Aphrodite line of over-and-unders that Fausti has been developing for several years to ensure dedicated features. Particular attention to weight balance, stock proportions and grips designed for hands of different sizes, low weight so as not to fatigue the body or weaken concentration: all fundamental details that make the Fausti Aphrodite line of over-and-under shotguns particularly appreciated by American female hunters and shooters. Yet another confirmation came from the SHOT Show where attention was not lacking around these recognizable guns, also thanks to the choice of engravings dedicated to the Goddess symbol of femininity.

The stylized portrait of the deity can be found in the receiver bottom, while along the rounded surfaces of the side plates the deep-laser themes of ornamental patterns and English scroll are well executed, with gold inlays. The receiver machined from solid steel billet has an old silver or color case hardened finish. Trigger is single selective with automatic case ejection.  The Aphrodite over-and-under is offered by Fausti in 12-20-28-.410 gauges in both classic hunting and sporting versions. Barrels are available in lengths that can satisfy enthusiasts in various hunting and shooting disciplines, varying from a minimum length of 63.5 cm up to 76 cm with fixed chokes or internal interchangeable chokes. Long forcing cones and internal barrel geometries reduce recoil and ensure good ballistic performance. A not insignificant detail is the Monte Carlo-style stock, that with its profile facilitates the female shooting setting. Stock length and recoil pads, as well as aesthetic details can vary and be made to measure and on request to obtain a gun expressly customized to one's body and personal shooting style. Of this on-demand attention to detail Fausti has made its motto: I'll be your gun. 

Optics at SHOT Show 2023

Leupold: New Mark 5HD 2-10x30 riflescope for semi-automatic and bolt-actiom rifles

The new Leupold Mark 5HD 2-10x30 is originally designed for military use, but is also suitable for sport shooting and hunting.

Leupold presented its new Mark 5HD 2-10x30 in Las Vegas this year. This is an extremely compact tactical riflescope weighing only 680 g with a 5x zoom factor. The new Leupold Mark 5HD 2-10x30 uses an illuminated and MIL-based TMR reticle in the first focal plane. The field of view is 3.2 m at maximum magnification and 16.1 m at minimum magnification at 100 yds (91.44 m). 

The maximum elevation adjustment range is 480 cm at 100 m, the effective 300 cm andit is 230 cm at 100 m distance in  windage. The new riflescope features Leupold's proven ZeroStop and ZeroLock, the former creates a clear backstop when returning the dial back to zero and the latter ensuring that the adjustment turrets can't dial unintentionally. In addition, the new Mark 5HD 2-10x30 is also compatible with Leupold's established Custom Dial System (CDS). The cover for the battery compartment of the reticle illumination, which can be adjusted in seven settings, is attached to the left turret in a "lose-proof" manner. In addition to the brightness control, the parallax adjustment, which extends from 15 m to infinity, is also located on the turret. In addition to tactical users, the new Leupold Mark 5HD 2-10x30 is certainly interesting for 3-gun and IPSC shooters, as well as for hunters, especially in conjunction with attachments. You can find out more in our video.

Accessories at SHOT Show 2023

Maniago Knifemakers TPF Defense, Terzuola's design

The Maniago Knifemakers booth at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

At the SHOT Show the presence of Italian sport knife companies is now a long tradition, with a particular focus on Maniago companies. And it was at the Maniago Knifemakers booth that we photographed one of the models contributing to this ambitious project, which aims to bring together the best of industrial production from Italy with designs from the best international knifemakers. Born in 1944 in Brooklyn, Bob Terzuola spent an adventurous life, first as a Peace Corps volunteer in Panama in the mid-1960s, then as a gem hunter in South America. In 1981 he joined the American knifemakers' guild and since that day has divided his time between custom knives, collaborations with the largest international companies (Spiderco, CRKT, Microtech, and Italy's Fox, just to name a few), and a highly regarded teaching career. Bob Terzuola is credited with the creation of the Tactical Folder concept, that is a folding knife for defensive and offensive use intended for the military and special corps. This time his design concerns a fixed-blade knife intended for self-defense. 

MKM's TPF Defense knife was designed by Bob Terzuola, one of the sacred monsters of modern knifemaking.

The TPF Defense is derived from Terzuola's legendary CQB Model, which has been revamped and now features compact dimensions with full tang construction. The acronym stands for Terzuola Pocket Fixed and alludes to the fact that the knife can also be carried in a pocket thanks to the attractive leather sheath with magnetic clip. Alternatively, a Kydex sheath can be purchased separately. The TPF Defense is made from CPM Magnacut steel, a newly created alloy that promises exceptional edge retention. The handles will be available in different materials such as wood, fat carbon, micarta and G10. MKM claims that this knife will be the first of a full-fledged family. It will be interesting to closely follow the development of this model signed by one of the fathers of the modern tactical knife.

MAK: new MAKtrigger M two-stage match trigger 

MAKtrigger M
The new MAKtrigger M two-stage match trigger can be mounted very easily on semi-automatic rifles of the AR15 type.

MAK AG is launching its own rifle replacement trigger in the spring. The MAKtrigger M (for "Match") was shown to us in Las Vegas, but more info (and of course a test trigger) will follow after the IWA in early March in Nuremberg. The key data: it can be used as a "drop in" without installation problems and is an adjustable two-stage trigger with (in the version shown) curved trigger blade. We are already curious...

In addition to mounts, the German manufacturer MAK is best known for its mounts and excellent optics.

Novelties in a pack of four at Nextorch 

Flahslight manufacturer Nextorch has directly brought four new products to SHOT Show 2023: two from the TA series and twio from the E series. The company is now expanding the TA series with the small TA20 and the large TA30C MAX flashlights. The latter has recently been introduced in the TA30C variant without MAX. It is the improved successor of THE tactical flashlight Nextorch TA30. This model was already available in a MAX variant. The TA30C MAX now brings 3,000 true ANSI lumens. The familiar features of the smaller brother remain. These include, for example, the optional and clearly defined turbo and strobe mode with just one button press, as well as the operating concept for continuous light with the rotary wheel on the back. In accordance with the larger dimensions, a 21700 battery now powers the lamp (in the smaller model it is an 18650).

New products from small to large from Nextorch at SHOT Show 2023: TA20, E51C, E52C and the TA30 MAX.

Despite its small dimensions, the small TA20 cannot hide the fact that it belongs to the TA line. The lamp weighs only 89 grams and the dimensions are 100x30x23 millimeters. Perfect for everyday carry or as a back-up lamp. It brings an output of maximum 1,000 lumens and uses a type 16340 battery (alternatively: CR123A) for power supply. Also different from the siblings of the series, the operating concept has changed. The mode dial is now located on the crown of the lamp, no longer in the rear. Here, the user now has the choice between "Off", "Tactical" and "Duty". The push button at the rear end remains, of course.

Also new are the two slim EDC lamps E52C and E51C. The larger of the two models is the E52C. It provides a maximum of 3,000 ANSI lumens, while the smaller E51C has to be content with 1,000 ANSI lumens. What's special about the flashlights is not only their slim design, but also the features: for constant readiness, the 21700 or 18650 batteries can be charged via a hidden USB port on the lamp's housing. This makes it the ideal companion in the car, for example, where the lamp can always be stored fully charged.

Like all flashlights from the manufacturer Nextorch, the new models are all particularly robustly built: the have IPX-8 waterproof rating. All also have a safe drop height of 2 meters. Prices are not yet known to us at this time.

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