SHOT Show 2022 / Product news from the first day of the world's largest gun show

The SHOT Show has begun! has a team on site and reports on the latest news of the gun industry from Las Vegas. What was there to discover in terms of new guns, scopes, binoculars and equipment on the first day of the show? You can find it out here! Our article will be updated continuously.

Video: all the highlights and new products from SHOT Show 2022

New handguns from SHOT Show 2022

KelTec P15 pistol, the “lightest, thinnest double-stack 9mm on the market”

The new KelTec P15  weighs only 14 oz/396 g and is 0.875”/22 mm wide. But magazine capacity is 15 or 12 rounds.

The “lightest, thinnest double-stack 9mm on the market”: to honor the company's 30th anniversary, new for 2022 KelTec introduces the P15 pistol in 9mm caliber. The gun weighs only 14 oz/396 g, is 0.875”/22 mm wide and boasts a 15+1 magazine capacity. At just 5”/127 mm tall, 7.4”/188 mm long the overall footprint is quite small too, especially considering that the barrel is still 4”/101.6 mm long. KelTec's first 9mm striker-fired pistol features hi-viz sights. Barrel is  4”/101.6 mm long.

KelTec invented subcompact, polymer handguns,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Derek Kellgren, “so we wanted our first 9 mm striker-fired pistol to be worthy of the company George Kellgren founded 31 years ago.”

The KelTec P15 is a striker-fired, polymer framed pistol designed for concealed carry. It comes with two magazines, one for a patent pending capacity of 15 rounds, and the other for 12 rounds for better concealment. A tritium and fiber optic front sight coupled with a fully adjustable tritium two-dot rear make up the hi-viz sights. Safety and magazine release are ambidextrous, while the “gator” grip texture allows better purchase and handling. The slide features front and rear serrations. Trigger pull weight is declared being 5 lb/2,268 g. MSRP for the KelTec P15 is $425 – the new pistol will be available in Q2 of 2022.

Heckler & Koch SFP (VP)9 series extended by an OR variant

The well-known manufacturer Heckler & Koch has added a new model to its SFP 9 pistol series. In the USA, the gun comes under the designation VP9. The new model is the OR (Optics Ready) variant of the SK – the SK is the subcompact pistol of the series.

The new KelTec P15 weighs only 14 oz/396 g and is 0.875”/22 mm wide
The well-known manufacturer Heckler & Koch has added a new model to its SFP 9 pistol series

In addition to the cut for the mounting an optic such as a Micro Red Dot Sight (MRDS), the new pistol comes with several other features: HK ships the gun from the factory with a 10-round and a 13-round magazine. However, an extended magazine is now also available, which increases the capacity of the gun to 15 rounds. The magazines of the full-size variants also work in the SK versions of the pistol. One innovation on the pistol itself is a thickening, called "wings", that HK has added to the rear end of the slide behind the back serrations. This is intended to make the small pistol easier to cock. For a "carry pistol", especially for possible stress situations, a useful addition.

The usual adapter plates from Heckler & Koch are also used for this OR pistol. So a wide range of optics can fit on the new HK SFP9 SK OR. In the U.S., the pistol comes at an MSRP of $899. No prices are yet known for the European market.

GLOCK: slimline pistols 48 and 43X as MOS

At the GLOCK booth: The G43X MOS (in hand) and the G48 MOS (below center).

For some time now, many pistols from the GLOCK catalog have also been available as MOS variants. MOS stands for Modular Optic System and refers to the Austrian manufacturer's gun that are prepared for the attachment of an optic. This is now available for the popular slimline 48 and 43X pistols that have been on the market for some time. The G48 comes as a compact pistol with the dimensions of a G19, but just significantly thinner. The G43X, on the other hand, is a subcompact pistol.

With the ability to accommodate optics, GLOCK has also added front slide serrations to both pistols. This is to provide better grip at the front of the gun and is particularly important for pistols fitted with a red dot, as it prevents unnecessary manipulation (such as when cycling the slide) of the optics. The availability and prices of the new pistols are not yet known to the editorial team.

The new G48 MOS and 43X MOS can also be seen in the Facebook video.

Smith & Wesson: new CSX and second generation M&P

Shooting legend Jerry Miculek presents the new Smith & Wesson CSX to Michael Paa.

U.S. manufacturer Smith & Wesson has just moved to Maryville, Tennessee, and is already back in full force. Small and compact remains trendy for pistols, but currently many manufacturers are adding handy all-metal models to their lineup again. The Smith & Wesson CSX in 9mm Luger is a rugged, micro-compact all-metal hammer-fired pistol, with 3.1”/79 mm barrel and an amazing 10+1 capacity with a short magazine or 12+1 cartridges with the regular-length magazine, a crisp and light single-action trigger and superior ergonomics. It will be offered in the U.S. at $609.

The M&P M2.0 series is the second generation of polymer handguns from S&W. The nine new models feature an improved trigger, enhanced grip texture and interchangeable palmswell grip inserts to accomodate a variety of users. The low barrel axis and optimal 18-degree grip angle provide a natural aiming point and reduce muzzle rise for faster aim recovery. Also new to M&P models is the 10mm 2.0: the long-dead 10mm Auto cartridge comes to Smith & Wesson in a new form.

There is more about the new Smith & Wesson products in the video on Facebook.

New long guns from SHOT Show 2022

Pedersoli Boarbuster Shadow in .45/70 caliber, evolution continues

The Pedersoli Boarbuster Shadow lever-action rifle
The Pedersoli Boarbuster Shadow lever-action rifle has a polymer stock with adjustable cheek rest, optimized for use with an optic, which is mounted on an off-center Picatinny rail on the action.

The Pedersoli Boarbuster family expands with the Shadow version in .45/70 caliber, a lever-action rifle designed for hunters who prefer to use scopes or red dot sights. The most evident aesthetic feature of the Shadow is in fact the newly designed stock, conceived to allow the best possible alignment between the shooter's eye and the scope reticle. Made of polymer, the stock of the Shadow has a raised 1-cm comb and a cheek rest that can be height and laterally adjusted. The pistol grip has also been modified by making it slightly less pronounced, in order to ensure a smoother and more natural movement of the arm during the loading phase. The design of the cocking lever itself has also been improved in order to accentuate its ergonomics and ease of operation. Finally, the fore-end has been slightly oversized to provide a firmer grip on the rifle even when wearing winter gloves. 

On the left side of the steel receiver there are two drilled and tapped holes that can accommodate a special Picatinny rail developed by Pedersoli, which allows the mounting of optics in an off-center position. In this way the spent cartridge cases does not interfere with the scope during ejection. For those who prefer iron sights, the Boarbuster Shadow provides a height- and drift-adjustable aperture sight that can be mounted directly on the receiver. The ramp mounted front sight features a high-visibility fiber optic rod.
The Pedersoli Boarbuster Shadow has a 19”/483 mm long, 6-groove broach rifled PMG (Pedersoli Match Grade) barrel. During our shooting tests on the range, which we will publish in a few days here on, we were able to achieve from the Shadow a really excellent performance for a lever-action gun. The muzzle is threaded so that accessories such as muzzle brakes or sound suppressors can be attached.
The overall length of the Pedersoli Boarbuster Shadow is 37.4”/950 mm, while the weight is 7.71 lb/3.5 kg. List price is 1544 euro – but this can vary in different countries due to VAT and import duties.

Browning X-Bolt Speed Long Range OVIX rifle

The new Browning X-Bolt Speed Long Range OVIX 
The new Browning X-Bolt Speed Long Range OVIX comes with a camouflaged stock as well as a Cerakote finish.

Built on the well-proven X-Bolt short or long action, depending on the caliber, the new Browning OVIX Speed Long Range rifle features a heavy, fully fluted barrel optimized for long range hunting and sport shooting. The Speed Long Range is fitted with a composite stock with proprietary OVIX camouflage that features a wide color palette including gray, light gray, sand, light sand and dark green. The buttstock provides the shooter the comfort of an Inflex recoil pad and an adjustable cheek rest. The barrel, on the other hand, has a smoked bronze Cerakote finish and a mirror-polished chamber, while the threaded muzzle with 5/8"-24 pitch allows the mounting of suppressors and the Browning Recoil Hawg muzzle brake. The Feather Trigger three-lever assembly can be adjusted from 3 to 5 pounds (1360-2270 grams) and ensures no creep or overtravel.

Chambered in a wide range of calibers from 6.5 Creedmor to .300 Remington Ultra Magnum and with a barrel length of 26 inches (66 cm) the X-Bolt Speed Long Range OVIX uses rotary magazines with 3 or 4-round capacity (depending on caliber) and weighs only 6 lbs 5 oz (3260 g) in the 6.5 CR caliber version. Pricing in the US ranges from $1,359 to $1,399 (about €1190 to €1230).

New optics from SHOT Show 2022

Pulsar new products: Talion XQ, Thermion XP 2 LRF PRO and Axion 2 XQ

the Pulsar Talion XQ38
Many new products from European Optronics specialist Pulsar, all Thermal Imaging optics: in the photo, the brand new compact hunting riflescope, the Pulsar Talion XQ38

The European manufacturer introduces a number of new hunting and sporting use thermal imaging optics products at the Shot in 2022, including a completely new riflescope design, the Talion XQ38. This is a compact hunting riflescope that features a proprietary mount which allows multi-point mounting on the firearm, to accommodate for accurate positioning of the optic and perfect eye relief. 

The interface is simple to use and a new tactile feature, which is especially convenient during nighttime shooting – precise focusing ring with an integrated fin lever. It allows to set correct focusing in an instant, with having to look out of the eyepiece. Battery replacement in the field is extremely fast and easy thanks to the Talion’s unique battery cover: a rapid extraction lock ensures fast and flawless battery change even in complete darkness.

the new Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro.
The proven Thermion 2 riflescope gains an integrated laser range finder module, to measure up to 800 m: here’s the new Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro.

An addition to the proven Thermion line, Pulsar release the Thermion 2 LRF XP50 PRO, a Premium thermal imaging riflescope with built-in laser rangefinder with the familiar 30mm tube housing design.  

Two models in the new Pulsar Axion 2 thermal imaging monocular line
ITwo models in the new Pulsar Axion 2 thermal imaging monocular line, the XQ35 LRF version with laser range finder and the standard XQ35, pictured here.

The single optical channel LRF module is integrated in the front objective bell, somewhat increasing the overall height but adding the capability to  measure distances up to 800 meters.  Last but not least, the Axion 2 Thermal imaging monocular in two versions, the Axion 2 XQ35 and the Axion 2 LRF XQ35 with laser range finding feature.

Both Axion 2 models are built around a highly sensitive French-made Lynred thermal imaging sensor, that coupled with new image processing algorithms and added fine brightness and contrast adjustments – combined with the three available image amplification levels – offer improved image quality and extended battery life at a better price. 

There is more about the new Pulsar devices in the video on Facebook.

New ammunition from SHOT Show 2022

From Hornady the new CX monolithic copper alloy bullets

The American ammo giant is also moving toward lead-free bullets. New for 2022 are the CX (Copper Alloy eXpanding) monolithic copper-alloy expanding bullets, designed specifically for medium-size to large game hunting. 

The Hornady CX bullets are available in sixteen different loads.

The monolithic copper alloy construction of Hornady CX bullets provides devastating expansion on game tissue, with immediate terminal effect and 95% bullet weight retention. The aerodynamic heating resistant Heat Shield polymer tip contributes to the high ballistic coefficient of the bullet and protects its integrity during cartridge handling and storage. The double annular groove on the body of the Hornady CX bullet improves its aerodynamics while reducing  bearing surface and fouling.

For the moment the Hornady CX bullets are available in sixteen different loads, starting from 6mm (.243") caliber with a weight of 80 grains and a ballistic coefficient of .273 up to .375 caliber with a weight of 250 grains and a ballistic coefficient of .403.  Interesting is the choice between two bullets in 6.5 Creedmor, with weights of 120 and 130 grains and a ballistic coefficient of .428 and .489 respectively.

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