2013 New Catalog from Davide Pedersoli

As Pierangelo Pedersoli underlined in his short introduction, the “Mission Statement” of the company  has always been to “recreate history by offering products of superior quality and with prestige finishes, which will maintain their value over time. This “mission” is embraced by the third generation of the Pedersoli family, and always focused on continuous research to offer new models and working to open new international markets.

Going through the pages of the catalogue that once more will make it a precious reference; you will admire the range of choices for your technical and operational needs. A new opportunity to make all those dreams come true.

The new format, the new graphic lay-out and indexing based on the guns type contribute to readability making it pleasant to go through the pages, a precious catalogue to keep in one’s library.

The image on the cover represents the synthesis of Pedersoli’s production, invoking the sensation of opening a door to world gun history and, researching up to the middle of the XVIII century, so as to perceive the spirit and enjoying the historical details and the personages.

The beginning of the catalog is dedicated to metallic cartridge guns. Sharps, Springfield Trapdoor, Rolling Block, High Wall, Pump Action and Lever Action, as well as the Kodiak express, these need no further introduction. The various different models are really appreciated among shooters and hunters, representing one of the strengths of Pedersoli. The 86/71 Lever Action rifles in the Classic, Boarbuster and Wildbuster versions are the most recent new products.

In this section of the catalog are shown some features for each gun type evidencing particular scroll engravings with gold silhouettes, inlay’s made by burin or niello-work; the silhouettes refer to some of the most emblematic wild fauna of the African continent, or to Western iconography styles of the native American Indians. These are examples of “Custom Editions”, allowing the possibility for all keen customers wishing to own a unique and extraordinary item of their desire, engraved following their wished designs.

The catalogue continues with fifty pages dedicated to muzzle loading guns, starting with pistols.

Highlights include the new “Extra Deluxe Boutet” and the “Mamelouk” pistols. Among the rifles, looking over the desirable items, we find the new Tryon Deluxe with maple stock, the Baker style back action Side by Side shotgun with single trigger, the new Kodiak Express with 24¼” (615mm) barrel and the Silver Line Civil War models, now completed with the revered US Model 1863, better known as the “Zouave rifle”.

The technical features of each gun are listed in charts that for muzzle loading guns include the suggested bullet size and mould recommendations.

The last pages of the catalogue are dedicated to accessories. Here it is possible to find a wide range of items designed for loading, cleaning and maintenance of muzzle loading guns. The latest equipment which has had great success is the Turbo Gun Cleaner, very much appreciated for cleaning of the black powder fouling residues for quick and easy use due to the efficiency of steam at high temperature and pressure. Among the new products is the new carrying case 551/8” (1400mm) long, an excellent choice for most long barrel rifles.

The accessories chapter also includes also a specific range of equipments dedicated to precision target shooting, such as Creedmoor sights, professional front sights and, to assemble the scope, the new Picatinny/Weaver base with integrated rear sight for the Lever Action models. New also is the Zouave double ring front sight that can also be mounted on the US 1841 Mississippi rifle.

We have the solutions for almost any shooting need!