Krieghoff: the history of the German hunting and sporting guns manufacturer – The current assortment

If the viewer looks at Krieghoff's website, he/she will find a broad portfolio of different weapons for hunters and sport shooters. The company lists a total of twelve models for hunters, while sportsmen can choose from three shotgun models. For the hunter, the range extends from shotguns to combination guns and rifles. All firearms in the Krieghoff range are break-barrel guns, with one exception: the Krieghoff Semprio. In our overview of the manufacturer's current range, it is best to start with this innovative special case.

An innovative in-line repeater: the Krieghoff Semprio rifle

The Semprio is the only repeating rifle in Krieghoff's catalog. It comes with the innovative in-line repeating system.

The Semprio is based on the so-called in-line system (we tested the Semprio here). As futuristic and innovative to date, it is not a new concept. The manufacturer from Ulm in Baden-Württemberg already presented the system as such at the IWA 2007. But that doesn't matter, because it is still up-to-date: ever since repeating rifles have existed, companies and tinkerers have been working on optimizing the action for a quick follow-up shot. And with the present solution, Krieghoff probably comes pretty close to absolute perfection. The system turns out like this: when cycling, the shooter moves forward the entire front part of the rifle. This process releases the internal locking system, which features a seven-lug bolt, and a new cartridge can be loaded into the chamber. If everything is now pushed back into its original position, the Semprio is loaded. All that remains to be done to fire the shot is to operate the manual cocking device by pressing on the slide. The rifle will probably be used primarily for driven hunts. The "safe-to-carry" position is all the more practical here. In this position, it is obvious that the rifle is not ready to fire. Nevertheless, the Semprio cuts a fine figure on any hunt, because Krieghoff offers it in an almost infinite number of configuration options. So many, in fact, that an entire manufacturer's catalog is dedicated to the Semprio alone. You can browse through it conveniently online.

The Krieghoff Semprio comes in .223 Rem., .243 Win., 6.5x55 SE, .270 Win., 7x64, .30-06, 8x57IS and 9.3x62 calibers, with other caliber variations available upon request. 

Break-action guns at Krieghoff: shotguns, rifles and combination guns 

But the core of the product catalog at Krieghoff is made up by break-action guns. To get you started, here is an overview of the numerous technical options.

We start with break-action guns with exclusively smoothbore barrels. That is, the side-by-side (1) and the over-and-under shotgun (2). Krieghoff also focuses on these classics with the K-80 and K-20 models. While the 80 represents the classic in 12 gauge, the K-20 comes in the smaller 20 gauge. For the hunter, both models are also available as a Sporting variant and as a Victoria variant for female hunters. In the field of side-by-side shotguns, Krieghoff offers the luxurious Essencia with sidelocks.

The Krieghoff K-20 Victoria. An elegant shotgun in 20 gauge for the huntress.

The Essencia is also available with single rifled barrel (9) and as a double rifle (3). The same applies to the Classic model. In addition, there is the Hubertus, which is available exclusively as a single-shot break-action rifle.

Bergstutzen: here a Krieghoff Ultra.

Let's continue with the combination guns. But what is a combination gun anyway? It can best be defined as a firearm from which different calibers or gauges can be fired with the aid of different barrels. Krieghoff offers a wide range of combination firearms. For example, the Bergstutzen (4). Its technical feature is that it combines two different rifle calibers. It goes by the name of Krieghoff Ultra and is also available as an over-and-under rifle/shotgun combination, as well as a over-and-under double rifle. Related to it are the rifle/shotgun (5) as well as the over-and-under rifle/shotgun combination (6). Krieghoff offers the former in the Classic model and the latter in the Ultra.

The drilling: Krieghoff Optima and Trumpf

The situation is similar with the classic drilling (7). This is also still very often seen, especially in raised hide hunting. Today, it often features two smoothbore barrels and a rifled barrel. Krieghoff offers this classic triplet in both series Optima and Trumpf. Somewhat less common is the double rifle drilling, with two rifled barrels in the same caliber and one smoothbore barrel (8). Krieghoff also offers this variant in the form of Optima and Trumpf models.

Just as with the Semprio bolt action rifle, all break-action rifles are available in a wide range of standard calibers/gauges, while many others are available upon request from Krieghoff.

The Krieghoff Optima drilling, here in the classic version with two smoothbore barrels and one rifled barrel.
Model at Krieghoff
1.Side-by-side shotgun
3.Side-by-side double rifle
5.Rifle-shotgun combination
6.Over and under rifle/shotgun combination
8.Double box triplet
9.Single shot rifle 

In the fourth part of this series, we already tested various Krieghoff models in practice.

Here you can find the first, second, and third part of the Krieghoff history. This concludes our series focusing on Krieghoff.

For more information about the manufacturer's firearms please visit the Krieghoff's website.

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