Test: Krieghoff Semprio for driven hunts in caliber .30-06 Springfield

The test rifle: Krieghoff Semprio in .30-06 with Blaze Orange stock

The stock is made of wood with a soft touch rubber coating and high visibility coloring.

Our Krieghoff Semprio test rifle presented itself visually striking thanks to its Blaze Orange furniture with a kind of Realtree pattern. The soft-touch rubber coating on the fore-end and stock was very pleasant. This offers the best possible grip even in the most adverse hunting conditions. The buttstock features a straight comb with no cheek piece. In itself, the stock seemed narrow. The rear part ended with a 15 mm-thick Wegu black rubber recoil pad. In the lower part of the stock was the QD swivel attachment point. In the stalking version, you can also have it with a sling swivel mount in the middle of the buttstock. A kind of fish scale checkering is cut into the pistol grip for a better purchase. The grip shape fits well in the palm of the hand. From this position, the cocking device of the repeater can be easily reached with the thumb.

The mechanics of the Krieghoff Semprio

The manual combi-cocking device is the of core the Krieghoff Semprio rifle.

The receiver features a matt black anodized finish. The distance from the pistol grip to the trigger guard underneath the receiver is quite long and the single stage trigger is very crisp with a pull of about 2.75 lb / 1250 g. Factory-installed, a set trigger. In the fore-end is the second QD-attachment. The barrel is matt black with a hard coating. The tested Semprio had a 14x1 muzzle thread and was chambered in .30-06 Springfield. As with all guns of this type, Krieghoff relies on a manual combi-cocking device. This system does not require a separate safety device, as the gun is carried completely uncocked and is only cocked immediately before shooting and thus made ready for firing. 

The Semprio barrel has a diameter of 15.5 mm and a a 14x1 muzzle thread.
The combi-cocking device can be easily reached with the thumb.
The magazine is removable and can also be loaded without removing it from the gun.

The device is pressed forward with the thumb in the direction of the barrel. To uncock the rifle, you simply have to push the cocking device all the way forward and let it slide back. With a little practice, this process can be carried out totally quietly. The loading of the gun can be accomplished by pushing the cartridges through the ejection port into the magazine as well as by conventionally reloading the magazine. Since the latter is internal, the gun must first be fully opened. To do this, push the cocking device from the uncocked position to the right and slightly forward. Now the barrel assembly can be slided forward. Then pull back the magazine locking lever, which is located in the middle of the front edge of the magazine in the fore-end. Now the magazine can be released. If you want to chamber the first cartridge from the magazine, it is similar to operating conventional pump-action guns. 

By pushing the entire front assembly of the rifle forward, you reveal the internal system with seven locking lugs.

The unique in-line repeating system of the Krieghoff Semprio works by pushing the entire front assembly of the rifle forward.  The internal system with seven locking lugs is released and a cartridge from the magazine can be picked up. When the front assembly is pushed back, the system is locked again. To fire, it is then necessary to push the cocking device forward. In front of and behind the ejection port are the dovetail grooves for the Krieghoff tip-off scope mounting system. The mounting base fits into two pre-punched grooves and is locked in position by two small levers. When the rifle scope is being mounted, make sure that a small click sound is heard when the levers are pressed down to ensure that the scope is securely fastened.

Turning this lever the two main parts of the Semprio coma apart.

There’s no way to quietly operate the in-line repeating action. But it doesn't have to be, because the Semprio is offered as an all-round gun, but its mainly intended for driven hunts. The special advantage of the in-line action lies in the fact that the repeating operation occurs in a linear motion. The shooter doesn't have to change the grip for the next shot – he can stay on the target and carry out a smooth movement to fire a follow-up round. The advantage over a semi-automatic is the number of cartridges that can be loaded.

On social hunts, the Semprio can be carried in the Safe-to-Carry position. Here everyone can see that the breech is open and the gun is not ready to fire. The Krieghoff Semprio can also be defined as a take-down rifle, since the shooter does not need any tools to split it into two parts. The packing size of the Krieghoff is about 32” / 82 cm. Particularly practical and a visual delicacy is the rifle's matching hardcase. Here, the front and rear assemblies each have a dedicated compartment with Velcro fasteners for securing. Furthermore, the case offers storage space for the riflescope as well as for other necessary small things. Tidied up and safely stowed, the rifle can be transported with no problems.

Krieghoff Semprio: technical data

Model: Krieghoff Semprio in .30-06 caliber
Price:  3755 euro (RRP)
Caliber: .30-06 Springfield; also available in .223 Rem, .243 Win, 6.5x55SE, 6.5x57, .270 Win., 7x64, .308 Win; 8x57JS, 9.3x62; .22-250 REM, 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag., .375 Ruger 
Weight: 6.8 lb /  3100 g
Barrel length: 21.6” / 55 cm
Trigger: single stage trigger with set trigger
Barrel diameter: 0,61” / 15.5 mm
Twist rate: 24.4 cm
Magazine capacity: 4 + 1 rounds 
Rifling profile: grooves and lands
Material: wood, metal
Safety: manual 

In-line repeater with riflescope mounting base, anodized barrel and receiver, Blaze Orange finish, Soft Touch rubber coating, Wegu rubber butt plate, QD swivel attachments

With the Krieghoff Semprio on the shooting range

For our test on the shooting range we mounted a Delta Titanium 4-24x50 HD scope on the Semprio.

The Krieghoff in-line repeater was tested with a Delta Titanium 4-24x50 HD scope. The weight of the optic was 21.8 oz / 620 g (23.1 oz / 655 g with inner rail). The scope has a total length of about 13.2” / 335 mm with Reticle 60 in the second image plane. The illuminated dot is infinitely adjustable for intensity. It is especially bright and can be used during the day with wonderful results. The large zoom range offers uncompromising versatility for driven hunts, stalking or hide hunting. After shooting, the upper turret can be zeroed with a Torx T20 key. The scope has no zero stop. The ASV can be used to optimize elevation for shooting at longer ranges. 

Among the cartridges tested in the Semprio, the Norma Bondstrike with a 180-grains bullets.

For the test, factory cartridges and hand-loaded cartridges were fired with the Krieghoff Semprio, from 150 grains Remington ammo to 180 grains H-jacket bullets from RWS . The choice of ammunition was made mainly in order to fire hunting ammunition with a hunting rifle and also to test whether the barrel might react differently to different types of ammunition. For factory cartridges, the lead-free RWS Evo Green with HIT bullet was the best. The Sellier & Bellot ammunition grouping was not evaluated. The shots were distributed over the whole target and therefore not meaningful. That's why this type fell out of the test. So three hand-loaded test loads with 5 shots each passed through the barrel. For the powder, the RS 52 was used, together with Federal GM210 primers and RWS brass.

Video: Krieghoff Semprio with Delta Titanium 4-24x50 HD scope

Test conclusion: this is what Krieghoff Semprio achieves on driven hunts

The Semprio gives a lot of pleasure on driven hunts. The worldwide unique in-line repeating system by Krieghoff enables the hunter to fire quick second shots and to be ready to fire again immediately without having to drop the rifle or change grip. The handling is simple and pleasant. Krieghoff serves the upper price segment with the Semprio. The rifle is visually and haptically particularly valuable thanks to the way the individual components are manufactured. Both the rubber coating for the driven hunt variant as well as the receiver and the internal parts are robust and solid. The metal magazine, in contrast to many other plastic magazines currently in use, is a great pleasure. The single stage trigger is crisp and does not creep. If someone should wish a little more fineness, this is fulfilled with the factory-installed set trigger. Operating the manual cocking device requires hardly any force, but a rather long thumb. Alternatively, it can be pushed with thumb and index finger. Due to its design, quiet repeating is not possible, which is not necessary when using the rifle on driven or movement hunts. The cocking device, on the other hand, can be operated totally quietly. For the Krieghoff Semprio you have to spend about 3755 euro (including scope mount). The money is a very good investment for hunters, dog handlers and trackers who are enthusiastic about movement hunts.

More information about all variants and available calibers of the Krieghoff Semprio is available on the manufacturer's websitse .

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