Krieghoff adds a 34” version to its K-80 Parcours family of shotguns readers already know the Krieghoff K-80 Parcours, a nimble 12 gauge premium over/under competition shotgun with 3“ chambers. Now Krieghoff introduces the 34” version: as explained in the press release, “The new Krieghoff K-80 34” Parcours O/U competition shotgun takes aim at the longer target presentations thrown in Sporting Clays and FITASC. Built on the proven K-80 frame, the 34” Parcours features an extended sighting plane for a distinct and accurate sight picture.”

Krieghoff K-80 shotgun with satin grey finish 
The K-80 top lever. Finish is satin grey.

The gun is well-balanced and light-weight to facilitate a smoother and more deliberate swing. “As target presentations in Sporting Clays evolve with greater technical difficulty at greater distances, we at Krieghoff saw the need to put the 34” Parcours in our shooters’ hands”, says Alex Diehl, COO of Krieghoff International. “The level of expertise and the evolution of shooting techniques among competitors shooting the course today is impressive. Our goal with the 34” Parcours is to help certain shooters that benefit from a longer sighting plane to elevate their game even more. 

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours, a reliable family

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours family of shotgun
Besides the new 34” version, the K-80 Parcours series also includes the following barrel lengths: 71, 76 or 81 cm.

The new addition to the K-80 Parcours family shares the same details of its siblings, i.e. a case hardened, nickel plated steel receiver with satin grey finish, a single selective mechanical trigger, adjustable for finger length (trigger pull: approximately 3-3/4 lb) and a top tang push button safety. Furniture is fine-checkered select Turkish walnut with satin epoxy finish

It's worth noting that the standard K-80 34” Parcours configuration features a true right or left hand stock. Add to this an attractive scroll engraving and fixed choke barrel (M/IM) with soldered rib, and above all  Krieghoff’s trademark reliability. The result will be a real “target crusher”. 

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