IWA Live Talks: the current topic of "long range hunting and shooting" on August 26, 2021, plus background information

As in the second part of the IWA Live Talks, the third Live Talk will continue in a technical and practical way – specifically with the topic of "Long Range Hunting and Shooting". On August 26, 2021, from 4:00-5:00 pm,
everything will revolve around an area of shooting that is currently in full swing. The many new releases in the field of rifles, optics and accessories designed for long-range shooting alone are proof of this. Just like the increasing spread of calibers for long distances. One example is the relatively new 6.5 Creedmoor caliber.

For the Live Talk at the end of August 2021, IWA has once again been able to attract a top-class speaker from the industry: Nic Kytlica, the "Shooting Sports Marketing Manager" from US optics manufacturer Leupold + Stevens, will talk about how technical advances have simplified long-range shooting, how it is becoming more popular and widespread in Europe, and what accessories shooters need for long-range. Like all past events, this talk will be interactive. So after the lecturer's talk all participants are invited for questions and discussions. As before, this event will be held in English.

This is how you can be part of the IWA Live Talk on long range hunting and shooting on August 26, 2021

Participation in the IWA Live Talks is free of charge. The format will take place via Zoom. To attend, simply fill out the form on the IWA webpages and you will be invited via email. Attending online does not require downloading any software! 

Links to the video versions of all IWA Live Talks 2021

If you missed this live event or any of the past ones, you can also watch the video version at any time on IWA's YouTube channel or the show's website.

Here you will find the chronology of the IWA Live Talks 2021, which are part of the communication of the show. Keywords: Road to IWA 2022.

This was the previous IWA Live Talk in July 2021:
The second edition of the digital talk format IWA Live Talks took place on July 29, 2021 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. The topic of the expert talk was "Let's speak about the trend topic: barrel lengths". This is an explosive topic that is being hotly debated among sport shooters and especially hunters. In concrete terms, the focus was on the question of what influence barrel length has on ballistics and hunting practice. It is also a question of which barrel length is the right one.
The experts were Ralph Wilhelm on "Barrel length and its influence on internal, external and terminal ballistics for tactical and hunting applications" and Jens Tigges on "Effect of barrel lengths in hunting practice". Wilhelm is a firearms expert for handguns and ammunition, and Tigges is managing director of Outdoor Marketing International GmbH. Following the talk, both speakers were available for questions and an exchange of ideas.

The Live Talks format is part of the "Road to IWA 2022". all4shooters.com has compiled all the background information for you.

IWA Live Talks: the background to the digital format

Two years without the IWA OutdoorClassics have left their mark. Both for the trade show organizer and in the industry. Everyone involved is now looking forward to the next edition of the IWA from March 3-6, 2022. But after a 2-year break, such an important industry trade show needs to be well prepared.

That is why the next event in the lead-up to IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 in Nuremberg will start on Thursday, June 24, 2021: the IWA Live Talks. These will then take place periodically, always on the last Thursday of each month. The aim of the digital event is not only to prepare the ground for the trade fair event in 2022, but also to ensure professional exchange for the industry and all interested parties until then. Because only those who remain in the conversation and understand and implement the interest of the industry will be an established component in communication and sales in the long term.

Rebecca Schönfelder, Exhibition Director IWA OutdoorClassics, NürnbergMesse, says: “After the success of the IWA Studio Edition, I am very pleased to be able to keep up the momentum in the form of the IWA Live Talks. The new digital format gives exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to actively engage in dialogue, so they can continue sharing knowledge at other times during the year. Each new IWA Live Talk will cover a different theme, generating a sense of anticipation for IWA OutdoorClassics 2022. I can hardly wait until the real thing is happening again.”

This is what the IWA Live Talks will offer from the end of June 2021 – 1st date: June 24

The core of the Live Talks will be technical and current topics of the shooting sports, hunting and outdoor community. In detail, industry experts will talk about trend and special topics in short presentations and then seek exchange and networking with the participants. The online talks are aimed specifically at specialist, wholesale and retail dealers. However, the organizers also point out that all interested parties from the industry can participate. This also opens the way for all fans of all4shooters.com and all4hunters.com to participate in the talks live. The event is technically set up as a Zoom format. Zoom is an easy-to-use, free video conferencing format with chat function. It works easily and reliably on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. To participate, you need to register for free on the IWA website, there is a special form there. The language of the IWA Live Talks is English!

These speakers will participate in the first IWA Live Talks

For the launch, there will be a "sponsored edition" of the new IWA format: on June 24, 2021, Jan Hüffmeier, Managing Director of agency GT Outdoors, will speak "about the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic on the marketing strategies of companies in the hunting industry and possible responses to these influencing factors".The value of digital platforms in the current environment will also be discussed.

In the second edition of the series, which will follow 4 weeks later, the selection of optics and barrel lengths for long guns will be discussed. For this purpose, IWA was able to win over the experts Ralph Wilhelm (journalist and industry expert) and Jens Tigges (Outdoor Marketing International GmbH).

Resuming the shows: plans for HUBANA 2021 and IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 – What's next?

As the IWA event management also announced, planning for HUBANA 2021 and IWA 2022 as in-person events is in full swing. Thus, the resumption of the trade fair business in Germany is scheduled for September 1, 2021. Perfectly timed, because the HUBANA – Hunting Experience Days at Schloss Lembeck, will take place from September 10-12, 2021.

In addition, the Bavarian state government had also already set the course for a resumption of trade shows. Against this background, a comeback of the IWA for 2022 seems very realistic.

As usual, all4shooters.com will of course provide you with the latest info on the trade shows, the road ahead and also the other Live Talks. The next IWA Live Talk will follow on Thursday, July 29, 2021. We will provide more details before it continues and hope you enjoy watching part 1. Please remember: you must register beforehand.

For more information on the "Road to IWA 2022" and the leading trade fair itself please visit the IWA OutdoorClassics website.

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