1885-2014: Herstal Group celebrates 125 years of activity!

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It all started back in 1889 with a talented team of entrepreneurs. Today, the Herstal Group people still share the same culture of innovation, quality and customer excellence as from the very start.

On the eve of the Group’s 125th anniversary, the Herstal Group and its people look forward to continuing this tradition.

Headquartered in Herstal − a suburb of the city of Liége, the heart itself of the Belgian gunmaking land − the Herstal Group is today one of the world's most advanced and dynamic realities engaged in the manufacturing of civilian, law enforcement and military firearms, ammunitions, and accessories.

Tracing its origins back to a company − the Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre − whose core business also once included the manufacture of cycles and motor vehicles, the corporate structure survived the rocky years of the world wars and lived on to set the industry benchmark in civilian and military gunmaking which everybody acknowledged it to be.

Herstal Group celebrates 125 years
The main gate of the Fabrique Nationale factory, in the Herstal suburb of the Belgian town of Liége: behind these walls is one of the world's most dynamic and technologically advanced gunmaking company
Herstal Group celebrates 125 years
The Fabrique Nationale is where everyting started from in 1889: guns, cycles and vehicles were its core business
Herstal Group celebrates 125 years
All throughout the 20th Century, the Herstal Group has been setting the standards by which all other military and civilian firearms are judged
Herstal Group celebrates 125 years
Still today, military operators know that the Herstal Group products are state-of-the-art, performant, and reliable
Herstal Group celebrates 125 years
Today, countless Police and Government officers rely on Herstal Group products to protect public safety worldwide

Some of the finest guns ever made rolled out of what today are the Herstal Group lines − think of the Browning and FN's own perfectly crafted hunting rifles and shotguns − and so did some of the world's best service and defense firearms in history, from the Gp35 9mm "Browning High-Power" semi-automatic pistol to the FN FAL rifle, FN MAG and Browning M2 machineguns, and much more.

Definitely the most prominent industrial establishment of its homeland, Belgium, the Herstal Group went on to conquer global markets with a mix of reliability, solidity, and confidence.

Today, the Herstal Group owns and operates four brands with manufacturing facilities in several Countries: FN Herstal and FNH-USA; Browning Arms Company; Winchester Firearms and Winchester Ammunition; and Miroku.

Operating out of Belgium, the United States of America, Japan and many other Countries, each of these brands enjoys a well-established and respected position in its field, be it hunting or sports shooting, personal and property protection, military or law enforcement.

125 years of designing, manufacturing and commercializing top-quality products that represent the very best in technical innovation and know-how is a hard task to undertake, but the Herstal Group soldiers on with one goal in mind: exceeding the ever-evolving expectations of customers and partners.

The Herstal Group has released a special logo to commemorate its 125th jubilee and support the events that will take place during 2014. This logo symbolizes a 125 year long history and pays tribute to those talented people who have contributed to the success of the Group over the years. It also represents a future being built together. Designed around the Herstal Group’s existing logo, the anniversary logo shows the two parts forming the ellipse in a forceful movement; the first takes its roots in tradition while the second leads the way forward.

The company has a lot of interesting surprises being prepared behind the secretive curtains of its plants worldwide − exciting new products in all its fields of activity that are certain to meet the needs and tastes of all the civilian shooters and professional operators that today rely on FN, Browning, Winchester and all other Herstal Group brand products for their daily activities. We at ALL4SHOOTERS.COM thus look eagerly forward to see what the Herstal Group will bring new to our world in the months and years to come, as it pursues its relentless drive to progress and excellence.

Herstal Group celebrates 125 years
The Browning brand offers some of the most highly successful hunting, sports shooting, and defensive guns currently available on the global market
Herstal Group celebrates 125 years
Other controlled brands -- such as Winchester and Miroku -- also offer quality products, well fit to the high standards of the Herstal Group
Herstal Group celebrates 125 years
The new Herstal Group logo has a deep meaning in its ellipse: the roots deeply planted in the company tradition lead the way ahead to the future