Daniel Defense: “Build your DDM4”

Daniel Defense announced last September 20th the launch of the brand new “Build Your DDM4” section on the Company website. This announcement comes after months of extensive planning and development that allowed the company to establish and put On-line a system that will provide its customers with a totally new experience on its own.

Integrated into the existing Daniel Defense web site, the “Build Your DDM4” section will allow the customers of one of Americaʼs premiere and most appreciated AR-15 builders to fully customize the weapon they desire in any configuration made possible by the extensive catalogue of parts and accessories manufactured and offered by Daniel Defense.

«The new “Build Your DDM4” feature on the Daniel Defense corporate web site is a valuable tool aimed at customers who envision a different configuration than currently offered on our premium firearms», exclaimed Jay Duncan, VP of Sales & Marketing for Daniel Defense when the project was first announced. «We’re excited to deploy this platform and witness first-hand the customer’s reaction to this option. We feel there’s nothing else available in the marketplace geared toward giving the gun enthusiast this amount of flexibility as they customize a firearm».

Consumers will now have the option to customize either a complete weapon or upper receiver group. Three different caliber options are available: 5,56x45mm-NATO, 6,8x43mm-SPC Remington and .300-AAC “Blackout” (7.62x35mm). Those opting to build a complete rifle may choose the lower receiver equipped with the Geissele® Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) Trigger, an upgrade from the standard trigger offered on Daniel Defense rifles. Paired with Cold Hammer Forged barrels, one of Daniel Defense’s rail systems like the Omega X or RIS II, and one of the new Daniel Defense Muzzle Devices, the “Build Your DDM4” section of DanielDefense.com is guaranteed to suit gun enthusiasts longing for a build based on their specifications.

Furthermore, once customizing is finished, the customer will be able (where legally permitted) to order his/her dream gun directly through the Daniel Defense On-Line store, check out a detailed parts summary, download a custom wallpaper with the build specs of said gun and save it as a PDF, E-Mail the specs of said build to anybody or show it off on Social Media networks.

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"Build your DDM4"