Ammo Encyclopedia 4th Edition

4th Edition Ammo Encyclopedia
A page from the Ammo Encyclopedia 4th Edition

Due to the unexpected early sellout of the previous edition, Blue Book Publications, Inc. is getting this edition developed as soon as possible.

The new 4th Edition Ammo Encyclopedia has been expanded to 972 pages and includes extensive ballistic charts for most popular rimfire and centerfire cartridges. The ammunition industry’s newest cartridges have also been added, and many sections have been updated with additional information, charts, and images.

If you are a shooter, hunter, or even an ammunition collector, this newest 4th Edition will provide you with the most up-to-date information, facts, and ballistic charts ensuring you will make the right ammunition choices for your particular needs. Without question, this latest edition of the Ammo Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive book ever published on the wide variety of both new and older ammunition!

The new Ammo Encyclopedia is also available online, as well as on CD-ROM! All of the information in this book can be found on our website: