High-Speed Video on all4shooters.com

In our new video we're very pleased to showcase a brief preview of various handguns, semiautomatic rifles and shotguns in slow motion actual live fire. You will be able to have a fascinating insight into what happens to the firearm and the shooter in painstaking detail. Case ejection, firearm behavior, recoil and the shooter response to it, barrel flex, muzzle flip and more, much much more! 

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In order of appearance, these are the various firearms that appear in the video.

Each firearm may appear more than once during the video:

  • TANFOGLIO Limited 9mm; 
  • BERETTA 98FS 9mm; 
  • Romanian AKM 7.62 x 39 AKM 7.62x39 with FAB tactical accessories and Aimpoint M2 scope;
  • BUSHMASTER M4 5.56 mm with Vltor monolithic upper receiver and Aimpoint M4s scope;
  • SIG-MANURHIN STG 540 5.56 mm;
  • SAN SWISSARMS 551 5.56 mm with EOTech XPS3 scope;
  • FRANCHI SPAS 12, 12/70 gauge;
  • AKM 7.62 x 39 in Standard configuration.

All footage was exclusively shot by the all4shooters.com video team at end of April 2013 in a shooting range in Rome. Our thanks to the team: Bruno Circi, Sandro Circi, Franco Palamaro, Dario and Danilo Pitotti and the rest of the staff.