Fiocchi's new website to be launched by June 20th

An easier to consult catalogue, a deeper insight on the new hunting and rifle ammunition lines, a guided tour of the 140 years of history of the Company: these are some of the news introduced by the restyling of the Fiocchi Munizioni website. 

Hunters, sport shooters and all Internet users who will click on will find a more intuitive, surfable home-page, improved in its capabilities to guide the users towards the right Fiocchi product that will meet their needs.

And all this, thanks to a captivating graphic design, detailed and accurate technical specs sheets, well-placed videos and images that will provide easier access to the world of ammunition manufacturing − a world where Fiocchi is a global market leader.

The new website

The legendary Italian company decided to shine the spotlight on the new "Caccia" (Hunting) and "Carabina" (Rifle) product lines, launched lately to boost the already broad lineup that is already well detailed on the website. The webpages will also host an important section dedicated to the 140 years of history of the Fiocchi Munizioni companies, with pictures and other material that will allow enthusiasts to celebrate each and every achievement of the company. The Sport section will host informations on the awards and achievements reached by competitive shooters worldwide who shoot Fiocchi ammunition. The countdown is already on... June 20th,: Save the date & click on

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