CIP: Information on cartridges online

The CIP panels contain all the relevant dimensions for cartridge, cartridge bearings, track profile and gas pressure

The CIP-tables contain all relevant informations on cartridges for pistols, revolvers and rifles that are standardized by CIP. This includes the exact measures of the cartridge case, the chamber, the profile of the barrel and the maximum pressure.

The CIP-conditions are of major importance for proof houses and reloaders. For example they give informations about the case length (L3) and the maximum OAL of the cartridge (L6).

Until now the CIP-tables were ony available for an inner circle of interested parties as paper publication or in digital format (PDF) on CD. CIP recently decided to publish them on their page ( so they are now available worldwide.

The Commission Internationale Permanente (CIP) is an international institution that provides standardized rules for proofing of weapons and ammunition for the participating countries, and each country accept  the proof marks of the other countries.

At the moment, 14 states participate, including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Spain and Italy.

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Commission Internationale Permanente 

(C.I.P.) pour l'épreuve des armes à feu portatives