Cartridge portrait: GECO HEXAGON, the ideal match cartridges for pistols and revolvers in four calibers

Match revolver IPSC
GECO HEXAGON in 9mm Luger – the new packaging
Luis Erhardt
Luis Erhardt is a young but already very successful IPSC pistol shooter in the GECO team.

As far as equipment is concerned, sport shooting not only depends on excellent and smoothly functioning firearms, but also on the ammunition that shoots accurately. Although the 9mm Luger and .45 ACP pistol cartridges may have military origins (and are still used by the military and in law enforcement), both calibers have also been at the forefront of large-caliber competition shooting for decades. Likewise, the two most popular revolver cartridges in .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum have a firm fan base. And all four are also capable of producing tight groupings and performing reliably and evenly even in fast shot strings in action shooting.

Ambitious shooters also consult the "groups" that can be achieved from clamping the gun in a rest to assess shooting performance. Equally important, however, is the feel when shooting from freehand (usually two-handed in IPSC): recoil should be even and not too rough so that the shooter can still judge the sight adjustment "through the fire" and correct it if necessary.

Competition aces with eight- instead of six-round cylinders in .357 Magnum: In front, a Smith & Wesson 627 revolver, behind it a tuned specimen from the S&W Performance Centre with an attached compensator.

For years, GECO's HEXAGON handgun ammo line has been a classic in terms of popularity and reliability (although the two are closely linked). The name Hexagon (Greek for hexagon) comes from the characteristic six stabilization grooves that characterise each bullet. In this cartridge portrait, we want to list the key specs of the four currently available loads and name the factors why it is worth using high-quality ammunition in the large-caliber sports sector and using the notorious and at best somewhat cheaper "bulk packs" for training at best. Let's be honest: who wants to save money at the wrong end and lose a competition because of an ammunition mishap?

The components of the GECO HEXAGON cartridge (here in sectional view)

The GECO HEXAGON in .44 Magnum with 19.4 g bullet (300 grs), immediately recognisable by the six grooves in the bullet's circumference, which also correspond to the name HEXAGON.

1. Advantageous aerodynamic shape
The almost closed tip is aerodynamically advantageous as it ensures a longer trajectory with less reduction in velocity.
2. Six stabilisation grooves

The six long grooves create what is referred to as the golf ball effect. This means that the air vortex created by the rotation around the longitudinal axis provides additional stablisation of the projectile in flight.
3. Optimised centee of gravity
The center of gravity is shifted to the rear, contributing to the improvement of accuracy.
4. Improved barrel guidance
The long cylindrical projectile section achieves better barrel guidance.
5. High accuracy casing
With even wall thickness and optimised concentricity.
6. High-performance powder
For consistent velocity development and reduced burn-off temperature.
7. Closed bullet base

For shooting without lead emissions.
8. NATO-approved SINTOX primers

For ignition free of heavy metals.

VIDEO: GECO HEXAGON – You can rely on these competition cartridges

GECO HEXAGON ballistic data in 4 calibers

Bullet type and weight
v0 / E0v10 / E10v25 / E25
v50 / E50
9 mm Luger
JHP 8 g / 124 gr350 / 490
341 / 465
328 / 430
311 / 387
.45 Auto (ACP)
JHP 13 g / 200 gr261 / 441
260 / 437
258 / 431
254 / 418
.357 Magnum
JHP 11.7 g / 180 gr340 / 676
323 / 610
309 / 558
286 / 479
.44 Remington Magnum

JHP 19.4 g / 300 gr

277 / 744
275 / 734
270 / 707
267 / 692
(The links in the table lead to individual data webpages)

The manufacturer has a separate website for the four calibers of the GECO HEXAGON.

The HEXAGON bullets are also available separately for reloaders, only in 9 mm /.357 calibers with 11.7 g / 180 gr weight.

As always with ammunition, the retail price decreases with the quantity ordered. Please ask your specialised dealer!

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