GECO IPSC Masters 2022: final report of the IPSC Level III match. Exclusive video, the GECO-team and all results

“Unload and Show Clear” was the motto for the participants of the GECO IPSC Masters 2022. In the end, the shooters fired more than 115,000 rounds. A mammoth task for the shooters, the material as well as the officials. From the very start of the competition, the fight was fierce - but nevertheless sportingly fair - as fractions of a second often decide about victory or defeat in the top field.

If you want to aim high in IPSC shooting, you have to be able to shoot as clean as a whistle even with a weak hand. Co-author of this article and Walther team shooter Marijan Loch shows how it's done with his PDP.

The complex stages of the GECO IPSC Masters 2022

If you now consider that during the so-called walkthrough (inspection of the stage by the shooters before the actual run) only 4 minutes are available to find the optimal run or target sequence, it becomes clear that IPSC is about much more than just shooting skills. Rather, one must be able to work out the optimal solution for oneself within the shortest possible time and then also implement it when it matters. 

Nearly all competitors in the Revolver Division shoot their maximum 8-shot revolvers exclusively in double-action mode. Sascha Back's competition revolver therefore no longer even has a hammer spur.

Stages always carry the risk that you're not optimally aligned with the next target when you change sides, that you have to reposition yourself, and that you lose valuable time as a result. 

If you then compete like Sascha Back in the Revolver Division with a maximum cylinder capacity of 8 rounds and have to plan for countless reloads, the whole thing borders on brain jogging. Especially since you should also have a back-up plan handy in case you reload in favor of a better hit yield and suddenly the original plan doesn't quite work out anymore.

The winners of the GECO IPSC Masters 2022

GECO team shooter and later winner of the Classic Division György Batki from Hungary. Lucky coincidence: the moment of the shot release could be captured by the camera.

In the Open Division, a tiny margin of 0.63% separated the top three, with Swiss shooter Remo Schraner entering the ring in the expected duel between Andreas Pfeiffer and GECO team shooter Luis Ehrhardt. In the end, however, Ehrhardt was able to hold his own once again and take the victory in the Open Division. Second was Andreas Pfeiffer (99.80%), followed by Schraner with 99.37%.

Luis Erhardt of the GECO IPSC Team relies on a compact red dot sight from Noblex. Thanks to the short design, the ejection port remains completely free, which reliably prevents interference.

In the Classic Division, Patrick Kummer and György Batki fought it out for the coveted golden Presidents Medal, with Kummer ultimately losing out to Batki with his clean – yet fast – shooting style. Sascha Back, who has recently turned his attention more towards IPSC Rifle and has been German Champion twice this year (Rifle & PCC), did not really get going with his revolver. First his times were a bit off the pace and on the last stage he had bad luck. As a result, he had to admit defeat to Tom Kronawitter in the overall standings. A victory in the Seniors Category sweetened the weekend for Back.

In the Standard Division, our prediction also proved to be correct, as the Swiss Gregory Midgley won, beating the Belgian Saudemont and his compatriot Wiprächtiger to the other podium places. And also in the Production Division with the largest number of participants, the Portuguese Miguel Ramos won again, as predicted. The 2nd and 3rd places went to Alexander Fleischer and Stefan Rumpler, respectively, and thus to their home countries. Finally, we come to the two newest divisions, which are still in the testing phase: the Production Optics and Production Optics Light Division, both of which differ only in the maximum gun weight of 1,000 grams prescribed in the Light Division. The former Division was won by Frankonia Top Shot team shooter Nils Nothnagel, while victory in the Production Optics Light Division went to our editor and Walther team shooter Marijan Loch.

A full awards table at the award ceremony of the GECO IPSC Masters 2022.

At a glance: the winners of the GECO IPSC Masters 2022 - the most important results in all divisions

The TOP 3 of the GECO IPSC Masters 2022 Iron Sight Divisions

Classic Division  
Production Division
Revolver DivisionStandard Division
1.György Batki (HUN)Miguel Ramos (POR)Tom Kronawitter (GER)Gregory Midgley (SUI)
2.Patrick Kummer (GER) 96,38%Alexander Fleischer (GER) 92,45%Sascha Back (GER) 83,77%Tom Saudemont (BEL) 96,89%
3.Arno Graner (GER) 82,70%
Stefan Rumpler (GER) 84,37%
Eric Cornelissen (NED) 80,18%Christian Wiprächtiger (SUI) 89,41%

The TOP 3 of the GECO IPSC Masters 2022 Optics Divisions

Open DivisionProduction Optics Division
Production Optics Light Division
1.Luis Ehrhardt (GER)Nils Nothnagel (GER)Marijan Loch (GER)
2.Andreas Pfeiffer (GER) 99,80%Hasanas Wijitpatima (THA) 98,03%Andreas Dauphin (GER) 93,86%
3.Remo Schraner (SUI) 99,37%
Dylan Keppel (NED) 97,19%
Benjamin Brändle (GER) 92,71%

More images from the GECO IPSC Masters 2022

All further results – including all Categories, Stages and Regions – can be found at

Save the date: The date for the next GECO IPSC Masters is already fixed. So get your calendar out and mark the weekend from 21 to 23 July, .2023, because as an IPSC enthusiast you really don't want to miss this match. 

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