Cartridge portrait: GECO TARGET LINE, accurate HP and FMJ rifle cartridges for training and competition shooting

Centerfire sporting rifle shooting has experienced a real boom in recent years. Whether long range at long distances, action-packed PRS (Precision Rifle Series), IPSC Rifle or other dynamic long gun competitions, there is a great demand for suitable cartridges. On the one hand, these should hit accurately without producing unnecessarily strong recoil or fouling the sporting rifle too much and thus causing malfunctions. On the other hand, the hobby (which is what it is for most shooters) must also remain affordable. You therefore need ammo with a good price-performance ratio, which is also purchased by sport shooters for the significantly higher number of shots fired.

GECO has three lines of rifle cartridges for sporting purposes in its catalog: the GECO TARGET HP with hollow point bullet (left) especially for longer ranges, the GECO TARGET FMJ with full metal jacket bullet for sporting use in semi-automatic rifles. The two TARGET lines are complemented by the GECO DTX (right) as an inexpensive full metal jacket training cartridge with good accuracy, but favourable for larger numbers of shots.

Just as the GECO brand has been the hallmark of good hunting cartridges for over 130 years (see company portrait at, sports shooters have long been convinced that the red cardboard boxes contain first-class "food" for their rifles, pistols and revolvers. Today we are focussing exclusively on GECO rifle cartridges for shooting sports, starting with the GECO TARGET HP and the GECO TARGET FMJ.

GECO TARGET FMJ: the competition cartridge for action shooters, not only at the 2024 IPSC World Championships in Finland

The GECO TARGET FMJ in .308 Winchester, with 147-gr (9.5-g) full metal jacket bullet .
World Shoot III, the official title of the IPSC Rifle World Championship, will take place from 4 to 9 August 2024 in Oulu/Finland (click on the image to go to the World Championship website with all the information).

This cartridge was specially designed for fast shooting in dynamic sporting competitions, so it is no wonder that the GECO TARGET FMJ in .308 Winchester and .223 Remington calibers will be the official match ammunition at the IPSC Rifle World Championship (Rifle World Shoot III), which will be held in Oulu, Finland, at the beginning of August 2024 (click here for the World Championship website). GECO will also act as a match sponsor there. The GECO TARGET FMJ is also the ideal choice for all other shooters with semi-automatic rifles who want to rely on the function of their firearm in every match. The features of this full metal jacket cartridge:

  • Particularly suitable for semi-automatic firearms with high rates of fire
  • Low barrel fouling thanks to the tombac jacket of the FMJ bullet
  • Best accuracy for dynamic IPSC disciplines
  • For shooters with high training intensity
  • Cost-effective thanks to 50-pack unit
Sporting shooting with semi-automatic rifles: the rifle must fit perfectly for the necessary quick firing strings. Aiming is done with the red dot sight or the telescopic sight, often with both, attached to a special mount. The cartridge? GECO TARGET FMJ, the full metal jacket ammunition for competitions.

The GECO TARGET FMJ is currently available in the following calibers:

  • GECO TARGET FMJ 4.6x30 40 grs (2.6 g)
  • GECO TARGET FMJ .223 Remington 55 grs (3.6 g)
  • GECO TARGET FMJ .223 Remington 63 grs (4.1 g)
  • GECO TARGET FMJ 7.62x39 mm 124 grs (8.0 g)
  • GECO TARGET FMJ .308 Winchester 147 grs (9.5 g)

(Click here for the overview page of the GECO TARGET FMJ – there you will also find all ballistic data in detail.)

GECO TARGET HP: the cartridge with hollow-point bullet that is particularly impressive at long range

The GECO TARGET HP in 6.5 Creedmoor with a 130-gr (8.4 g) HPBT bullet (Hollow Point, Boat Tail). Since IWA 2024, two new loads have been added, .223 Remington and .300 Winchester Magnum.
Aiming (and hitting) at one kilometre or further: the equipment must be perfectly matched to meet the requirements of long-range shooting. The GECO TARGT HP is an important factor.

100 meters to the target is by no means the end of the story: both in precise single shots and in dynamic competitions such as PRS, sport shooters sometimes aim at 1,000 meters, which places special demands on the rifle, the scope and, of course, the ammo used. The GECO TARGET HP is ideal for this:

  • Precisely manufactured hollow-point bullet for outstanding precision
  • Balanced load for pleasant shooting experience
  • Specially designed for the shooting range and long-range shooting
  • Pack of 50 for optimal value for money

The GECO TARGET HP has been available in the following calibers since IWA 2024:

  • NEW: GECO TARGET HP .223 Remington 52 grs (3.4 g)
  • GECO TARGET HP 6.5x55 SE 130 grs (8.4 g)
  • GECO TARGET HP 6.5 Creedmoor 130 grs (8.4 g)
  • GECO TARGET HP .308 Winchester 168 grs (10.9 g)
  • NEW: GECO TARGET HP .300 WinMag 190 grs (12.3 g)

(click here for the GECO TARGET HP overview page – all ballistic data is also available here in detail.)

And for training: GECO DTX, the ammunition line for high training shot numbers at moderate costs

Unfortunately, if you shoot a lot, you have to reload from time to time: GECO team shooter Sascha Back filling the magazines with the GECO DTX.
Affordable, yet reliable training ammunition thanks to GECO quality: the GECO DTX is available in three rifle loads.

GECO also provides this cartridge as ideal training ammunition in .223 Remington for the Rifle World Shoot III, the IPSC Rifle World Championship in Finland: the GECO DTX with full metal jacket bullets complements the GECO TARGET LINE with its three popular loads:

  • GECO DTX .223 Remington 55 grs (3.6 g)
  • GECO DTX .308 Winchester 108 grs (7.0 g)
  • GECO DTX .308 Winchester 168 grs (10.9 g)

Here you will find the loadings and all ballistic data for the GECO DTX and here you will find the GECO website.

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