Fox Monkey Thumper, a quasi Karambit knife for everyone

In 2021 Fox knives from Maniago, Italy, will introduce some fixed blade models designed by Ken Vehikite, owner of Black Rock Knives, a small US company based in the state of Indiana specializing in handcrafted production of interesting fixed blade knives.

One of the first products of this collaboration is the Monkey Thumper, a knife with a remarkable design and name: in American slang, this name is used to describe an exceptionally effective sidearm.

The Fox Monkey Thumper is essentially a Karambit, a knife originating in Southeast Asia characterized by a curved, claw-like short blade and a ring placed on the tail of the handle, in which to insert the pinky finger of the strong hand, essentially to avoid losing the knife in tall grass or the dark waters of the rice paddy fields. The ring also allows the user to rotate the knife very quickly around the fingers, to achieve an impressive "rotating blade" effect.  After watching a couple youtube videos, it’s easy to realize that the original Karambit is a very specialized knife: in the hands of a trained fighter it can inflict mortal wounds, but like all tools built for a specific task, it is not very flexible or versatile

The Black version of the Fox Monkey Thumper
The Fox Monkey Thumper comes with a sheath featuring quick release loops.

Monkey Thumper: less combat, more flexibility

The Fox Monkey Thumper forgoes the classic claw blade of the Indonesian knife to adopt a modified Bowie-type profile. Ken Vehikite himself tells us about the spirit of this interesting hybrid: "In my opinion the Monkey Thumper satisfies two needs I have in a knife: to be useful and to be attractive. The Monkey Thumper offers some of the tactical feel of a Karambit, with the more practical blade shape."

The Monkey Thumper is a "full tang" made of N690Co stainless steel with a modified Bowie-type, 3.54”/90mm long and 0.157”/4mm thick blade. The total length of the Monkey Thumper is 8.46”/215 mm and it weighs 5.8 oz/165 grams. The handle is built with a pair of small scales mounted to the tang with a pair of torx screws; on the tail of the handle we find the classic Karambit ring, which has been given a diamond profile, so that it can be used as a butt striking edge in case of need.

Surely the Skinner-type blade allows a broad increase of possible uses of the Monkey Thumper, as it makes it interesting also for hunting carry, in which the safety provided by the finger ring can be a definite advantage during game dressing.

The standard Fox Monkey Thumper has a black finished blade and G10 scales of the same color, while the OD version has the blade with a fine stonewashed finish and Micarta Olive Drab scales. Both versions are sold with a sheath featuring quick release loops. MSRP is 175 euro for the OD version and 184 for the black one.

Fox Monkey Thumper specs and price

Coltellerie FOX, Maniago (PN)
Monkey Thumper
Designer:Ken Vehikite, Black Roc Knives
Hybrid fixed blade Karambit
Full tang
N690Co steel
Blade Length: 
3.54”/90 mm
Overall Length:  0.157”/215 mm
Blade Thickness: 
0.157”/4 mm
Blade Finish: 
Stonewashed/black coating
Micarta OD/G10 black scales
Price (MSRP): 
175 euro OD version, 184 euro black version

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