Coltellerie FOX “Desert Fox”

During our visit to Coltellerie Fox booth we had the opportunity to handle and evaluate the “Desert Fox” folder, awarded as the “Most Innovative Imported Design” at Atlanta Blade Show 2015. Desert Fox was designed by Boris Manasherov, Krav Maga and close combat instructor of Israeli armed forces. 

It is an elegant yes very efficient folding knife  with 95 mm Björkmans Twist Damasteel stainless steel damascus blade. Blade is also available in M690 stainless steel. Handle is anodized titanium or G10. 

Desert Fox was designed as a survival tool for desertic environment, its blade profile is inspired by traditional knives of inhabitants of the desert areas, that have in common a curved blade with streamlined tip, fit for cutting dry materials.

Handle shape is accurately designed to allow a firm grip even with wet or greasy hands or wearing tactical gloves.

Despite being designed with the main goal of reliability, Desert Fox is quite elegant and will surely be a best seller in the next years.

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