Fox Knives: three aces for hunting

At the Fox Knives booth we noticed a series of knives that are so new that they are not yet in the 2019 catalog of the Maniago-based company. It is a series of fixed blade knives characterized by a very essential design, conceived by "Vox" – the pseudonym of Jesper Voxnaes, the Danish master knifemaker and designer who has been collaborating with the Italian company for some time. These fixed blade knives ideally complete the course started with the "Core" folding knives line, still designed by Vox, from which they take up the relief motif on the handle and the essential design.

Three fixed blade knives dedicated to hunters

The knives of this series are called the Fox 605, Fox 606 and Fox 607 respectively and share the same length of 8.8” / 225 mm and the 4.3” / 110 mm long, 0.15” / 4 mm thick Becut steel blade, a proprietary alloy of the German steel company Bestar which incorporates a percentage of Niobium. It is a very resistant steel, generally tempered to 57/58 HRC and particularly suitable for food contact. The first two models are essentially distinguished by the sharpening of the "utility" profile blade which can be of the Scandinavian type, that is with very low bevel angle, or with high bevel angle. A third version, again with a high bevel angle, features a skinner hook on the back and is also recognizable by the high visibility orange nylon handle. The other two knives, on the contrary, feature a black handle, and black is also the Cordura sheath designed to hold them. The blades have stone-wash finish.

These are light and well-made hunting knives, manufactured from excellent steel and very affordable, having a retail price of around 60 to 65 euro.

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